As Merkel exits, Germans debate famed budget discipline

When Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government smashed its debt taboo and opened the money taps to help the German economy weather the pandemic crisis, it vowed to return to fiscal rigour as soon as possible.But as the post-Merkel era beckons, voters may have other ideas.In the closing stretch b

Party goes wrong as over 60 infected with COVID-19 in Germany

Over 63 people tested positive for COVID-19 after attending a dance party in the western German city of Munster, local media reported Tuesday. Authorities were surprised at the high number of infections as only vaccinated or recovered people – both widely believed to have immunity against t

Protesters condemn police violence at rallies against IAA

Activists protesting against the IAA Mobility car show in Germany's Munich slam the police for their conduct during the rallies surrounding the event. Protesters on the last day of the show spoke of "police violence" and "repression" during rallies, reporting that some of the demonstrat

Germany will not tolerate anti-migrant hatred: President Steinmeier

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said his country will not tolerate xenophobia and hatred targeting migrants, as Europe deals with a surge in anti-migrant rhetoric. Steinmeier made his remarks during a ceremony at the Bellevue Palace marking the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Germ

Merkel's conservative bloc falls to record low ahead of German vote

Support for Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative bloc has fallen to an all-time low of 19%, a Forsa poll showed on Tuesday, less than three weeks before a German election, while the center-left Social Democrats (SPD) extended their lead to six points, thanks to the relative popul

Former Merkel adviser, envoy to China dies 2 weeks into the job

Former foreign policy adviser to Chancellor Angela Merkel and Germany's ambassador to China, Jan Hecker, has died suddenly aged 54, less than two weeks after taking up his post. Hecker had presented his credentials at China's Foreign Ministry Aug. 24, the embassy in Beijing told Reuters by social

Germany passes 4M COVID-19 cases mark since start of pandemic

Germany has surpassed the 4-million mark for total coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic, the Robert Koch Institute said Sunday. A grand total of 4,005,641 infections have been reported, though the number is thought to be higher as many infections were not recorded. The total death to

Thousands protest in Germany's Berlin against far-right politics

Thousands gathered in the German capital Berlin Saturday to support "an open and harmonious society," condemning far-right politics in the country. A broad alliance of trade unions, political parties and associations collectively calling themselves "Unteilbar" ("Indivisible") marched through the

German intelligence warns MPs over cyberattacks ahead of Sept. election

Security officials have warned lawmakers in the Bundestag of renewed cyberattacks coming from foreign intelligence services in the run up to Germany's parliamentary elections on Sept. 26. The Social Democrat and the Christian Democrat parliamentary groups both passed on the warning, which wa

WHO pandemic early warning hub inaugurated in Berlin

Apandemic early warning system was inaugurated by World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin on Wednesday. The center aims to prepare the world for future pandemics through the collection and analysis of larg

German election campaign heats up as Merkel’s conservatives slide

The campaign over who will replace German Chancellor Angela Merkel heated up on Sunday after a new opinion poll showed the center-left Social Democrats (SPD) opening up a bigger lead over Merkel’s conservatives.Support for the SPD rose two points from last week to 24 percent, their highest r

The Latest: Thousands in Berlin protest coronavirus measures

Thousands turned out in Berlin on Saturday to protest the government’s coronavirus measures, despite bans against several planned gatherings. Police banned nine planned demonstrations for Saturday, including one from the Stuttgart-based Querdenker movement, the most visible anti-lockdown mo

Merkel says Germany may need to rescue 10,000 people from Afghanistan

Germany must urgently evacuate up to 10,000 people from Afghanistan for whom it has responsibility, Chancellor Angela Merkel told party colleagues, warning that the fallout from the conflict will last for a very long time.The remarks, made at a closed-door meeting of her Christian Democrat pa

Germany to offer COVID-19 shots for all kids over 12

Germany will start offering coronavirus vaccinations for all children and teenagers aged 12 and older, top health officials said Monday.German Health Minister Jens Spahn said after a meeting with the 16 German state health ministers that “we keep our promise: everybody who wants can get vacc

Germany to require tests for all unvaccinated travelers

 Anyone entering Germany from abroad will have to take a Covid-19 test unless they are fully vaccinated or have recovered from the disease, according to new rules signed off by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cabinet Friday.“From August 1, all people entering Germany will be obliged to

Germany announces the vaccination of 50% of its population against the Corona virus

The German Minister of Health, Jens Young, announced that more than half of the country's population had received two components of the vaccines against the Corona virus. "The more people who are vaccinated now, the safer the coming fall and winter will be," the Minister of Health said on his Twi

Blast in Germany industrial park kills one, four others missing

An explosion in a German industrial park on Tuesday killed one person and left four others missing, setting off a fierce blaze and sending a pall of smoke over the western city of Leverkusen.Emergency services took three hours to extinguish the fire at the Chempark site, home to chemicals companie

Merkel pledges rapid financial assistance to those affected by German floods

German Chancellor Angela Merkel promised quick financial aid after visiting one of the regions worst hit by record floods that killed at least 157 people over the past days. "We are with you," Merkel told residents of the small town of Adenau in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate, describin