How to install perfume at home?

The consistency of a fragrance is one of the main factors in choosing a perfume over others, as the longer the fragrance remains on your body and the scent continues to envelop you, the greater its value and the greater the pleasure you get from spraying it. Therefore, perfumers resort to relying

International perfumes favored by women

  Women attach special importance to perfumes, as they are well known to be the main complement to their look and elegance. As it is known, the scents of sandalwood, oud, musk and amber are preferred by many, so they tend to perfumes that focus mainly on these tones, which increase their charm

know Sue Scandal by Jean Paul Gaultier

Sue Scandal by Jean Paul Gaultier is one of the best, luxurious and most attractive perfumes, and below you get to know this attractive fragrance. The bottle The bottle has a rounded texture in the middle, with longitudinal ribbons ending in a slender neck; The cap takes the form of two bent leg

Luxurious perfumes

Do you want to abandon your current perfume and replace it with a luxurious fragrance from modern perfumes? Especially since winter perfumes are not very appropriate now, as the warm weather needs luxurious and refreshing perfumes at the same time. Based on that, we will present you with the most

Elegant winter women's fragrances that are timeless

Most of the winter perfumes are distinguished by their warm and refined notes that provide women with a luxurious scent that lasts for hours. In this article, we offer you a wonderful collection of the most beautiful and finest winter women's perfumes that suit different times, so you can choose a

Top tips for getting the most out of your perfume

Buying perfumes can be very difficult, in light of the large options in women's perfumes, in addition to the fact that many factors often affect the scent of the perfume, such as how it is preserved. In this article, we provide you with the most important tips to make the most of your perfume, and

8 refreshing women's fragrances

  For all young women who love the world of striking perfumes and its new and exciting notes that fill your time with more femininity, freshness and attractiveness; Below we offer you a selection of elegant and luxurious women's perfumes from the most famous brands. To pick out your new perf

Stay fresh during summer with 5 Arabian-inspired beauty brands

It is fairly common knowledge that some of the best beauty secrets have been passed on through generations and never more so than in the Middle East. From the region’s love affair with fragrance to beauty practices such as the wearing of eyeliner, that originated with Queen Cleopatra, the Mid