Discover the wonders of Egypt’s Saqqara tomb in new Netflix documentary

A new Netflix documentary will provide a deep dive into an Egyptian archaeological treasure. Arriving on the streaming platform on Wednesday, October 28, Secrets of the Saqqara Tomb follows a team of Egyptian researchers as they discover the resting place of Egyptian priest Wahtye,

Environmental film ‘Kiss the Ground’ offers hope in the face of despair

It is no secret that our planet is under tremendous stress and it is imperative that all of us pause and ponder how we have ruined our Earth — and, indeed, how we can attempt to undo some of that damage. An extremely enlightening documentary, “Kiss the Ground,” directed by the ac

Palestinian film 'Gaza Mon Amour' wins Netpac award at Tiff

Gaza Mon Amour by Palestinian twin brothers Arab and Tarzan Nasser has won the Netpac award at the 2020 Toronto International Film Festival. The film, which world premiered at the Venice International Film Festival earlier this month, stars Palestinians Hiam Abbas and Salim Daw. Inspired by

Attenborough in warning to humanity with new extinction documentary

Renowned TV naturalist David Attenborough, in a new documentary, gives his starkest warning yet for humanity to safeguard species from mass extinction for the sake of our own survival. His one-hour film "Extinction: The Facts", airing Sunday on the BBC in Britain, does not hold back in portraying

Syria Border Documentary at Venice Lays Bare 'Victims of History'

Waves of soldiers marching in double time open the new documentary by Gianfranco Rosi at the Venice film festival, but the Italian filmmaker's aim is not to depict war, but those caught in the crossfire. Whether mothers mourning sons killed in prison, children drawing in crayon the horrors they'v

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