Dior launches exclusive Ramadan capsule collection for the Middle East

Dior has unveiled a new capsule collection dedicated to the Middle East. As part of the Dior Gold capsule, creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri revisits one of the maison’s most enduring codes. From Christian Dior’s earliest haute couture creations, such as the famed Golcon

Your new Valentino shoes … crochet sneakers

Every day, Valentino presents something new in the world of fashion, its innovative, elegant and luxurious designs that appeal to everyone. In the Mastery Tales series, we discover the timeless excellence and haute couture culture that defines the most iconic elements and symbols of Valentino. Th

New Gucci sneakers cost just $8.99 – but there's a catch

Gucci may not have been part of the recent Milan Fashion Week but that doesn’t mean it has been sitting idle. In a new move, it has just released a range of digital-only sneakers as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Eyeing the lucrative world of high-end sneakers, and keeping pace with the latest


On Tuesday, cult Brooklyn-based brand Telfar announced they had collaborated with Australian sheepskin brand UGG. The news was announced alongside a sneak peak of the upcoming collection on Instagram in a photograph of designer Telfar Clemens sprawled suggestively in front of a white Christmas tr

Latest launch of VACHERON CONSTANTIN.  

The VACHERON CONSTANTIN women's collection launched earlier this year continues to shine as a new version of the Ejri predecessor-Winding joins its innovations. This version is boldly contemporary and delightfully classic, now combining the exquisite curves of the watch with an 18 karat rose gold

The Oprah-Approved Glasses We're Shopping on Amazon

We believe in the transformative power of fashion. What we wear has a direct effect on the way we feel, and the way we feel directly affects how we do just about everything. (Hey, we’re all just trying to live our best lives.) For some, personal style is all about the shoes; for others, it&

Bridal sapphire necklaces for good luck

Sapphire stone or Topaz Blue is most popular among bridal jewelery stones due to its beauty and rarity. Our bride can choose this diamond stone for your wedding necklace to bring good luck and protect from envy. What do you think? Boucheron necklaces The Boucheron brand presented luxurious brida

Thin yellow gold chains 2020

2020 has seen the soft yellow gold chains make a strong comeback. We saw it in Chopard, Tiffany, and more. This option is the choice for the red carpet stars, and the ladies who like soft, flattering fashions. Delicate yellow gold chains touch the neck in a feminine way, instead of bulky necklaces

An Indian jeweler sets a world record with a ring encrusted with 7801 diamonds

A jeweler from Hyderabad set a world record by creating a ring encrusted with the largest number of diamonds ever, nearly 8,000 diamonds. As the founder of Hallmark Jewelers, Coty Srikanth spent much of his life surrounded by jewels, the most important of which were diamonds, which encouraged him

Chopard introduces the 'Pure Ice Cube' range!

Chopard chopard has launched a new jewelery collection, Ice Cube Pure, which is a modern collection inspired by ice cubes. Ice Cube has the same spirit, but at a different time and in a different group. They are smaller, polished or diamond-encrusted cubes stacked in successive rows. This collecti

Maintain the look of your jewelry with these 10 tips

Although jewelry is just a material, it needs care and attention to keep it sparkling and bright. If you are looking for a luxurious look, then you not only have to choose the most suitable jewelry, but also take care of it to keep it shining all the time. So, here are some tips that will tell you

Black women watches

There is no doubt that the black watch reflects a great attraction on the hand of the lady, and it gives a wonderful feeling of simplicity and elegance, because it indicates sobriety, strength and distinction. That is why many and varied models emerged from her, befitting her bold and feminine per

6 tips to keep your jewelry clean and shiny

During the summer months, especially with the high temperatures and humidity levels commonly experienced across the region, your precious jewelry can pick up a lot of dirt from sweating. Here are some tips on keeping your accessories clean.     Do not disinfect   Clea

This watch collection by Anne Klein brought to you by Titan Company is setting new standards in sustainability

When it comes to matters of sustainability, what comes to mind are the long-term effects of big industries, like automobiles or construction. But given that the planet is at a critical stage, where every bit counts, smaller industries collectively can make a great impact and bring about a positive