Items that will surprise you with an expiration date

Sometimes we deal with items in our daily life, as if they will last forever, do not have an expiration date, and are easy to replace when they are broken or stop performing their purpose; But it is not only food products that expire, all the things around us have an expiration date, and it is bet

The key to happiness with friends or family?

A recent study revealed that a person is happier while with friends than with family, after 400 volunteers indicated that they enjoyed twice as much with friends compared to a life partner or children. According to the research data, spending time with a life partner scored the lowest levels of e

Groom dies, 111 guests test positive for COVID-19 after wedding in India

A groom in India who was suffering from suspected COVID-19 symptoms before he got married died two days after his wedding ceremony, while 111 of his guests tested positive for the novel coronavirus. The man, 26, had been admitted and discharged from hospital before his wedding on June 15

Abu Dhabi to impose fines on people dumping face masks, gloves

People found dropping surgical facemasks and gloves in Abu Dhabi face a fine of $272 and six traffic points, state news agency WAM reported citing Abu Dhabi Police.The Police said dumping rubbish poses environmental risks and affect the community as a whole.The UAE recorded 540 new coronavirus cases

4 strategies to stay sane during the coronavirus pandemic

With no end date in sight for the coronavirus pandemic, the whole world seems to be in flux. Plans have been cancelled, entire industries are on hold, and the development of a vaccine is still uncertain. All this disruption has “pierced our illusion of certainty and control,” warned US

'It feels irresponsible to have a second child and yet I want one. How do I grapple with this?

When I was pregnant with my son in 2018 I felt so worried about what his life would look like. I also felt guilty and selfish. What right did I have to bring new life into a dying world? My family thought I was being melodramatic and, while I do think they were right to a certain extent, I can&rsquo

With mosques closed, NYC Muslims find new ways to observe Ramadan

Hani Hajir has cooked his entire life. Watching his customers eat at the halal restaurant he owns in Brooklyn is what brings him joy. But the current coronavirus pandemic lockdown has robbed him of this simple pleasure for more than a month. He closed shop on March 30, less than two weeks after New


The Muslim holy month of Ramadan commemorates the first revelation of the Quran to the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Over the course of the month of Ramadan – the ninth month of the Islamic calendar – Muslims fast from dawn until sunset, forgoing any food or drink until their nighttime meal

Open call for design innovations amid coronavirus pandemic

From disrupting health care and travel to forcing the global community to self-distance and work from home and challenge present day models of health services and human behaviour, the novel coronavirus has changed life as we know it. Bleak as it may be right now, we need to respond with inspiration

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