Creed by Aventus is for anyone looking for elegance

Lovers of dramatic life can find their way in the wonderful Aventus perfumes, being one of the best men's perfumes that are characterized by a sense of success and strength, and men are given an impression of a life of war, peace and romance as well, which is the same life that Emperor Napoleon li

CK One Shock … the most popular fragrance of all

The fragrance "CK One Shock" by Calvin Klein, with an amazing citrus scent, is considered the most popular fragrance ever. This perfume dazzles everyone who uses it because of its attractive oriental fragrance, and it was invented by N Gottlieb and IEF, and the price of the 200 ml package of it i

Bleu De Chanel Eau De Perfum

This perfume is characterized by its unexpected smell, its boldness and the overcoming of fresh citrus, and it is characterized by its smell acceptable to most of those who smell it, and although it has some repetition with the scents of other perfumes, this fragrance was produced in 2014 and desi

Attractive men's perfumes for women

Most men are looking for the best men's perfume that is characterized by the attractive aroma that gives luxury and elegance to manhood, and therefore there are many brands, and each of them tries to provide the best men's perfume, and we try here to present a group of names for distinctive men's

Versace Eros

Absolutely it is a very perfect men's fragrance for hot summer days especially in the Arab region; Thanks to the freshness it gives to men thanks to its most wonderful blend of high-quality Italian lemon and fresh mint oils, as well as apple and vanilla extracts that represent alongside cedar wood

Noir Extreme by Tom Ford

The bold man loves this perfume and prepares it the best men's perfume, it gives you a feeling of boldness, it suits the daring man who loves beauty and sees it in everyone around him, and the Noir Extreme by Tom Ford perfume comes with a mixture of warm citrusy plant leaves. So when you inhale t

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle is a fragrance for a distinguished man

An irresistible refreshing fragrance with a wonderful set of scents, as it consists of some woody flowers with notes of jasmine, rose and orange blossom, which makes it a more classic fragrance.

Issey Miyake Eau de Parfum for an attractive scent

Watery woody fragrance highlights the scent of yuzu, which is a type of Japanese citrus. It was launched in the year 1994 and since then has become one of the most popular perfumes due to its elegant scent. The main idea on which the fragrance is based is "yin and yan", meaning everyone between w

Aramis 900 for men

The first Aramis 900 fragrance was introduced in 1973, but Herbal Cologne was first introduced in 2009. It can be said that Aramis perfumes in general suit the older age groups, but we chose this fragrance because it suits all tastes. The top notes of the fragrance contain woody notes, sandalwood

Lavender … a healthy men's fragrance extracted from natural

Lavender or lavender is one of the most famous types of aromatic plants, as there are more than 20 different types of it, and they are spread in several regions, and they differ according to the appropriate climatic and agricultural conditions for each of these types. Lavender has been used since

Vera Wang for Men

This fragrance was Vera Wang's first experience in the world of men's perfumes after she had released several collections of women's perfumes. It has touches of masculinity and bursts of freshness, traits that closely resemble Will Smith, wherever he is a breath of fresh air with his vitality and

The Montblanc Explorer from Montblanc

It is a funky fragrance that combines aromatic notes of wood and leather. At the top of the fragrance, the scent of Italian bergamot reveals the bright, upbeat and energetic side of the fragrance. Combine with hardened French sage, as well as pink pepper to create a distinctive dialogue. Then ve

Features of Gucci Guilty Black

Gucci Guilty Black also has several versions. The latest release was during the current year, which is "Gucci Black Home Eau de Parfum". Top notes are rose, hot red pepper, balsamic vinegar and salt. The heart of the fragrance contains orange blossom, orange blossom and lavender, and the base cons

Bay Creed is the favorite for kings

The issue of choosing a good perfume that suits your taste may be a difficult task in front of you, and you need to make some effort to get what you want, it is necessary that you choose a perfume that shows the sophistication that you enjoy, and it also does not have to be offbeat and permeable t

Boss The Scent Absolute For Him from Hugo Boss

An attractive, bold and unexpected fragrance with a spicy ginger flavor that meets with the revitalizing middle (heart) notes of Mondia root and Maninka fruits, while strongly emphasizing the masculine and coarse character of vetiver noticeably in the base of the fragrance.

Musk stick from Narciso Rodriguez

It is a precious and powerful fragrance at the same time. The deep notes of musk are enriched with consistent accords rich in the scents of woods - oud and incense - and softened by a delicate, floral accord. The spicy notes of black pepper and basil give it a whiff of freshness. This fragrance b

Calvin Klein Euphoria Men

The name of the perfume means ecstasy and it is a very distinctive perfume from Calvin Klein. Its opening aroma is unique and it is ginger and sodashi, the smell of rain and pepper, while the heart of the fragrance is of cedar leaves, black basil and teak, while the base is from the scent of suede

Byredo Peplio perfume is one of the best men's perfumes

It may sound strange, but in fact, this perfume is on the top 10 list of attractive perfumes for men 2021. It was a scented candle in the beginning; The French manufacturer developed the candle into a strong and long-acting men's fragrance, thanks to the mastery of blending extremely harmonious e