Diseases that need sleep to eradicate

Sometimes the treatment of many diseases is sleep, so the patient gets adequate rest when sick, this strengthens the immune system and speeds up recovery. What diseases need sleep to eliminate: 1- flu When you have the flu, it is recommended to get a good amount of sleep and rest, because

Causes of stomach pain with gas

Head stomach pain is felt in the upper part of the abdomen, specifically in the middle or under the rib cage, and it is often not a cause for concern, as you may only feel stomach pain, but sometimes it may be associated with a group of other serious conditions, which may pose a threat to life. In

What type of sweat indicates a health risk?

The Russian doctor, Lyudmila Lapa, explained that the cold sweat accompanied by a high temperature indicates the need to see a doctor. In a televised interview, the doctor indicated that sweating refers to two things: poisoning or an increase in the internal body temperature, and the sweat may be

Can you benefit from sleep in building muscle?

Sleep works to treat muscle damage and helps them grow through the secretion of the hormone estrogen during sleep, which in turn increases muscle strength. Sleep also plays a big role in immune function and bodybuilding, and we will give some of the points in this area: Make sure that the lights

Mental stress may be causing you physical harm

You might not notice it, but stressors of stress might actually be implicitly affecting your physical health. You may think illness is to blame for some of the physical pain you experience: that throbbing headache; your frequent insomnia; or your decreased productivity at work. But stress may ac

What does the world look like for a person with dementia ?!

Cool new photos reveal how dementia can drastically change the way sufferers see their homes. The models, developed by the Canadian residential care company Amica Senior Lifestyles, are designed to help caregivers and relatives understand the challenges of living with dementia. However, the team

Smoking after eating … damages that you may not know

Some negative effects occur to the body when a person smokes a cigarette directly after completing his meal, as during that period the body works to direct large amounts of blood to the stomach to complete the process of digesting what has been eaten naturally, then transferring the nutrients to a

Removal of lower back pain through PEN technique

A minimally invasive procedure to relieve persistent agonising lower back pain has been seen to earn a 95 per cent high satisfactory rating among UAE residents and even visitors in the country for medical tourism.The procedure is called PEN, the acronym for Percutaneous Epidural Neuroplasty, said

Scientists Identify Potential New Insulin-free Diabetes Drug

A hundred years ago, scientist Frederick Banting made the discovery of the life-saving insulin drug, and won a Nobel Prize for his achievement in 1923. Since then, insulin has become the only treatment for diabetes symptoms, but not diabetes itself. Now, a research team from the Technical Univers

The discovery of a new "nasal spray" that kills the Corona virus

Canadian researchers have discovered a new nasal spray whose effectiveness reaches 99.9% in fighting the Corona virus and kills it before it reaches the lung. To enter clinical trials two weeks ago. The researchers developed the nasal spray "Sanotiz", in which nitric oxide enters its composition,

Sexual problems in men may be symptoms of a serious condition!

Researchers have found that the side effects of high cholesterol may lead to men suffering from erectile dysfunction. The higher the LDL levels, the greater the likelihood of erectile dysfunction and, in severe cases, ED. High cholesterol is more common than many people think, and it can affect

Novel way for weight loss in patients with obesity, diabetes

Researchers have found that treatment with Bimagrumab is safe and effective for treating excess adiposity and metabolic disturbances of adult patients with obesity and Type-2 diabetes. Bimagrumab is an antibody that blocks activ in type II receptors and stimulates skeletal muscle growth according

Smoking heightens COVID-19 risk: Study

A new study has found that smokers are more likely to develop COVID-19 symptoms and end up in hospital, contradicting previous research that suggested smoking reduces the risks posed by the virus. Researchers at King’s College London (KCL) analyzed data from more than 2 million people and f

Heavy feet upon waking up .. what are the reasons?

It happens that a person feels the weight of the feet from time to time after a tiring and tiring day, but feeling this feeling when waking up is not normal. The "Medicine Web" website said that a number of reasons may be behind the weight of the feet when waking up, indicating the need to see a

Certain signs reveal a sudden heart attack

More than a million people annually around the world die as a result of sudden heart attacks, as heart attacks are the first in terms of deaths in the world. There are some sure signs that contribute to uncovering the crisis and saving a person's life before it is too late, and they are: Shortne

How can your emotional state affect the pain you feel in your back!

Most back pain is caused by sitting in uncomfortable positions for too long or carrying heavy objects. However, a study revealed that your emotional state may also be a cause of your pain. Back pain can occur at any moment, and it may negatively affect an individual's life. Experts believe negati

Coronavirus infection does not damage auditory system: Study

After some reports linked Covid-19 with hearing loss, a new study has found no evidence of damage to the auditory system as a result of coronavirus infection. "The possibility of hearing loss has been debated among medical practitioners, with some reporting this symptom in recovered patients," sa

How to beat stomach acidity

Many suffer from heartburn or heartburn, which is a problem that afflicts most people, of all slices, but nutritionists assure that the problem can be solved. Nutritionists and doctors believe that the problem of acidity can be solved, by following a healthy diet with carefully selected foods, an