The Rock Shared His Pre-Workout Meal and People Can't Stop Looking at This Cooking Mistake

The Rock is known for his envy-inducing Sunday cheat meals. Recently, he opted to share a video of his Sunday pre-workout meal rather than the usual sushi platters and pancake stacks. "That’s a good 5:30 a.m. sunrise sound. Music to my ears. Enjoy your Sunday, my friends #buffalo #preworkout

Oh Good, Looks Like They’ve Found Coronavirus in Semen Now

As if you weren’t already concerned about the novel coronavirus being everywhere—on your doorknob, in the air at the grocery store, on the face mask you keep futzing with—a research letter in JAMA Network Open this week explains that researchers found the presence of the virus in s

Men are much more likely to die from coronavirus - but why?

It has been well publicised that Covid-19 discriminates by age and by underlying health conditions. But it has become increasingly apparent that it also discriminates by sex, with the latest UK data from the Office for National Statistics revealing that men are almost twice as likely to die from th

The Easy Bit review – how men get to grips with IVF

Tom Webb’s documentary about men’s experiences of fertility treatment is a well-intentioned film on a valid subject – but I found it flawed, over-reliant on six talking heads, almost to the exclusion of any other explanatory style. Webb speaks to six men whose partners are undergoi

Watch Dr. Pimple Popper's Best Pilar Cyst Pops of the Past Year

These gnarly lumps and bumps are the best of the best. In a new YouTube video, Dr. Pimple Popper—aka, dermatologist and TLC host Dr. Sandra Lee, MD—names her five top pilar cyst pops of 2019. And, boy, are they good ones. All of the clips featured have a little something special, making

Pregnancy Symptoms in Men Are Real—and They Have a Name

As a proud yet unprepared father-to-be, in March 2016 I took a Baby Handling 101 class. Somewhere between lessons on swaddling and burping, suddenly my vision became distorted, and I couldn't see the instructor. He and my sight disappeared. Ten days later my only child, Nicholas, was born. Suddenly

Here's why the coronavirus may be killing more men than women.

A recent study of nearly 140 coronavirus patients at a Wuhan University hospital offers one of the broadest pictures of how the virus operates in humans so far. The researchers found that the virus was most likely to affect older men with preexisting health problems. More than 54% of the patients i

Government Orders Shutdown Of Gyms And Indoor Sporting Venues

As the number of cases of COVID-19 in Australia increase health authorities are asking the community to practice social distancing and strict hygiene in a bid to slow the spread of the infection.As of 12pm on Monday March 23 all non-essential services will be closed and these include registered and

The Faces of Attempted Suicide

For many friends, relatives and partners of those who have taken their own life, suicide is a question of why. Yet they will never get to hear the answer. Were there signs? Cries for help? Could more have been done? A phone call, a text, a simple 'How are you doing?', perhaps. Could this have made t

What This Guy Learned Doing Yoga Every Morning for 30 Days

When YouTuber Chase Barron decided to challenge his body by practicing yoga for 30 days, he didn't know exactly what he might be getting himself into. He did 15 to 30 minutes each day after building a routine by researching the history of yoga and its origins and attending yoga classes to create his

Less than a third of men can spot signs of most common cancer, poll shows

Less than a third of men say they can spot the warning symptoms of prostate cancer, which recently became the UK’s third biggest cancer killer, polling by YouGov reveals. Prostate is the most common cancer in men, and even though men aged over 50 are most at risk the data shows only one-third

Testicular cancer: 'Kinder' chemotherapy is 'just as effective'

Testicular cancer can be treated successfully with fewer rounds of toxic chemotherapy drugs, doctors say. A study on 246 patients, reported in the journal European Urology, showed a single cycle of chemo was just as effective as the standard two cycles. But the "shorter, kinder and cheaper" approa

Men in west London have highest male life expectancy in EU

 Men from west London, one of the wealthiest areas of the UK, have the longest life expectancy of males in Europe, with a newborn baby expected to live to the age of 82, according to statistics published to mark International Men’s Day. The data from the EU department Eurostat suggests t

The New Way to Know if You Drink Too Much

BY JOY MANNING There's a new way to think about how much you drink, and whether that amount is working for you or not. “Some people think that everything’s OK as long as alcohol isn’t affecting relationships or finances, and that isn’t necessarily true,” says research

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