Ashraf Ghani: Afghanistan will not collapse after US pulls out

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Sunday rejected any military parallels with the US wars in Vietnam and Afghanistan, dismissing concerns that his country would face imminent collapse after American forces are withdrawn. Mr Ghani said it was time Afghanistan won back its sovereignty after 20 years

US may briefly raise number of troops in Afghanistan to assist withdrawal

The US will likely increase its troop presence in Afghanistan temporarily over the coming weeks and months in order to fulfill President Joe Biden’s order to safely withdraw all forces from the country by September 11, the Pentagon said on Friday. Pentagon chief spokesman John Kirby decline

Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani undergoes successful prostate operation

Afghanistan's President Ashraf Ghani successfully underwent a prostate operation at Kabul's Daud Khan Military Hospital. "I would like to thank all the doctors and nurses of this hospital for successfully completing my operation," he wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.   The procedure comes

Afghan talks in Turkey destined for deadlock, says envoy

Afghanistan peace talks scheduled to take place in Turkey this month were likely to end in deadlock, Javid Ahmad, Afghanistan’s ambassador to the UAE, said on Monday. Addressing a US think tank, Mr Ahmad said that talks between his government and the Taliban would not deliver results b

Afghan leader proposes road map to peace in three phases

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani will propose a three-phase peace roadmap for Afghanistan during a proposed meeting in Turkey, seeking an agreement with the Taliban and a ceasefire before elections, a document seen by Reuters shows. Washington is pushing for a conference to be hosted by Turkey, with

US envoy to Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad meets Taliban before Istanbul conference

The US special representative for Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, held talks in Qatar this week with leaders from the Taliban and the Afghan government to try to speed up peace negotiations. US State Department spokesman Ned Price on Thursday said Mr Khalilzad stayed in Doha for more tal

Afghan officials: 3 women working in polio drive killed

Afghanistan: Attackers on Tuesday gunned down three women working to administer the polio vaccine in eastern Afghanistan, officials said, a day after authorities launched a new campaign against the crippling children’s disease.The women were killed in two separate attacks in Jalalabad, the c

Biden does not expect US troops to stay in Afghanistan to 2022

  US President Joe Biden addressed the war in Afghanistan, “stiff competition” with China, and North Korea in his hour-long first press conference. Mr Biden committed to withdrawing from Afghanistan, America’s longest war, but not to the May 1 deadline that his pr

Taliban slam Afghan president’s proposal for new election

The Taliban on Wednesday rejected a proposal by Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to hold elections later this year, after months of peace talks between the two warring sides have made little progress.Although he hasn’t made details public, Ghani will announce the election plan at a stakeholder

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani sacks interior minister amid spate of attacks

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has dismissed Masoud Andarabi as interior minister, after a spate of attacks against the country's security forces. Mr Ghani on Friday appointed former Helmand governor Hayatullah Hayat as Acting Interior Minister, the National Security Counc

Afghan government, Taliban agree to accelerate peace talks after Moscow summit

The Afghan government and the Taliban have agreed to accelerate peace talks after Russia hosted an international conference aimed at reviving a stalled peace process, the RIA news agency reported on Friday, citing a senior Afghan official.The move comes after Russia, the United States, China and P

UN chief hires Afghanistan envoy amid diplomatic push

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Wednesday announced the appointment of a personal envoy to Afghanistan amid renewed diplomatic efforts to cut a peace deal and end decades of violence in the country. IThe UN said French diplomat Jean Arnault would lead efforts to advance peace talks betwe

Car bomb kills at least 7, injures 53 in Afghan Herat province

A powerful car bomb near a police station on Friday night killed at least seven people and wounded more than 50 others in Afghanistan’s western Herat province, officials said.Herat Governor Sayed Abdul Wahid Qatali said several women and children were among the dead.He added that at least 53

Afghan Buddha in virtual return on anniversary of destruction by Taliban

Twenty years after being blasted out of Afghanistan's rugged central highlands, one of the country's famed Buddha statues made a brief virtual return on Tuesday night, as a three-dimensional projection filled the alcove that hosted the statue for centuries. The projection topped off a day commemo

Taliban leaders, US envoy meet in Doha

Washington’s special envoy to Afghanistan met with the Taliban in Qatar, the insurgents said Saturday, as efforts intensify to revive a peace process faced with mounting violence and a US troop withdrawal deadline.The envoy, Zalmay Khalilzad, held talks earlier this week with Afgha

Female doctor killed in eastern Afghanistan after murder of media workers

Afghanistan: A female doctor was killed in a bomb blast in the eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad in what appeared to be another targeted hit, officials said Thursday, just days after three women media workers were gunned down in the area.Journalists, religious scholars, activists and judges have al

Three female media workers shot dead in Afghanistan

Three women who worked at a local television station in Afghanistan’s eastern city of Jalalabad were shot dead on Tuesday afternoon while on their way home from work. A fourth woman was critically injured. The women, all in their early twenties, held positions in the dubbing department at E

US Afghanistan peace envoy travels to meet Taliban representatives amid surge in violence

The US special envoy to Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad held discussions on Monday with a senior Afghan official in Kabul over ways to accelerate the peace process, before heading to Qatar, where negotiations with Taliban representatives are ongoing. Mr Khalilzad's arrival marks the first time he ha