Steps to develop emotional relationships

Any emotional relationship, whether it is a recent affair or a long-term marital relationship, needs constant effort to strengthen it, give it flexibility, and give it continuity. Although love is the basis of any happy relationship, it is sometimes not enough, and in order to have a healthy rela

Is jealousy innate in men only?

Jealousy is an innate characteristic of a man that appears in his jealousy over his women that he may harm them, and it is a commendable quality if it appears in a moderate manner, which increases the man’s prestige and dignity, while it turns to the opposite completely when it exceeds its l

How to be an ideal parent after a divorce?

Separation and divorce can have a subordinate effect on any family, and if there are children the separation can be catastrophic, especially due to joint custody and parenting conflicts. In order to avoid any negative and destructive effects on children as a result of divorce, and to act as an id

More than just a friend ... 7 signs that your colleague is in love with you

Have you ever wondered if your best friend loves you as more than just a friend? If you think you have feelings without being sure, this article may help you confirm. Here are 7 subtle signs that your best friend is a secret fan of you, according to The Good Men Project. 1- Everyone thinks that

Which is better to marry for love or traditional marriage?

Marriage is one of the most important social institutions that a person builds and that affects all aspects of his life, so everyone seeks to find the right person. We find marital relationships that arise after a love story between the two people, while there is a traditional or arranged marriag

Why do men cry after betrayal? Regret is not always the cause

One of the most devastating things that can happen in a relationship is finding out your partner cheated on you. Learning that your sweetheart has strayed can be traumatic and painful, but it can also be confusing. When cheaters are confronted, they sometimes act in ways that are puzzling, such as

How do you reconcile with your wife?

How to reconcile with your wife after a problem, this obsession remains the most prominent thing that disturbs a man in his relationship with his wife, and because no marital relationship is complete or free of problems, we offer you, dear man, tips that help you to reconcile with the wife at the

You Should Dump Your Partner Over These 11 Relationship Deal-Breakers

No matter how smart, funny, or attractive a partner is, there are certain things you just can't look past. These “hard stops” are called relationship deal-breakers. Unlike red flags, which are warning signs that come in the beginning of a relationship, deal-breakers can come at any point

Does your partner spend a bad night because of your snoring?

Have you ever struggled to nod off when your partner is blissfully (but noisily) slumbering away next to you? According to the British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association, there are over 15 million snorers in the UK and other studies suggest that this issue will affect 50% of people during their

What’s the Secret for Making your Relationship Work When you and Your Partner are So Different?

Sylvia Smith    Marrying your opposite can be irritating. You never want to do the same things and you’re completely different social creatures. He wants to stay in and order pizza, you want to go out for drinks with friends. You want to check out a new museum opening, she wants to

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