Iraq Clears Sit-in Square, a Year after Mass Protests Began

Iraqi security forces on Saturday cleared out sit-in tents from the capital's central square that has been the epicenter of the anti-government protest movement, a year after the eruption of demonstrations against corruption led to months of clashes with authorities across Iraq. More than 500 peo

Gas Pipeline Blast in Southern Iraq Kills 2, Injures 51, Police Say

At least two people were killed and 51 injured after a gas pipeline explosion in southern Iraq, police sources said on Saturday. The blast occurred on Friday night near the southern city of Samawa, 270 km (170 miles) south of Baghdad, and firefighters have managed to contain the fire after shutti

Baghdad Protesters Take Down Tents in Fear of Armed Forces

Scores of independent Iraqi protesters packed away tents they had set up in central Baghdad’s Tahrir Square a day after marking one year since a wave of anti-government protests erupted and gripped Iraq in October 2019. Activists reported on protesters fearing for their lives after groups a

Kurdish Officials Say they Foiled Attack on Diplomats in Northern Iraq

Kurdish authorities in northern Iraq said on Monday they had foiled a plan to attack foreign diplomats in their autonomous regional capital of Erbil, more than a year after the killing of a Turkish consular official there. In a statement, the Kurdistan regional government’s top security age

Iraq Protesters, Police Clash Again One Year after Uprising Started

Dozens of Iraqi protesters again clashed with security forces in Baghdad Monday, a day after a rally marked the first anniversary of the start of nationwide mass anti-government demonstrations. Police fired stun grenades and tear gas at protesters who were burning tires and hurling rocks on the s

Iraqis Rally to Relaunch Year-Old Anti-Govt Revolt

Thousands of Iraqis headed Sunday to Baghdad's iconic Tahrir Square and its high-security Green Zone to mark the first anniversary of a protest movement against the country's stagnant political class. "This is an important day, we are here to keep the movement going," student Mohamed Ali said in

8 civilians abducted, killed in Iraq

At least eight civilians were abducted and shot dead in Saladin province of Iraq, a human rights body said. “Armed groups from Hashd al-Shaabi forces abducted 25 civilians on Oct. 17, released 13 of them, killed eight, and the other four are still unheard of,” according to a written s

Kadhimi Confirms Iraq Seeks True Partnership With Germany

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi on Tuesday found great support in Berlin, the second leg of his visit to Europe. He had arrived in the German capital from Paris and will leave it to head to London. German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with Kadhimi and pledged to continue to support Baghdad

Fact-Finding Committee to Investigate Iraqi Protests

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi formed on Sunday a fact-finding committee to investigate the bloody events and the killing of demonstrators in anti-government protests that emerged across the country one year ago. More than 500 protesters were shot dead by security forces and gunmen suspe

Iraq Launches Investigation Into 'Farhatia Massacre'

The Farhatia massacre in Iraq’s Saladin Governorate, which involved the kidnapping of 12 civilians and the execution of 8 of them, is still occupying Iraqi's attention, whether on social media or through the reactions of political forces and parties. In this regard, Iraqi Prime Minister Mus

Tensions Rise between Kurds, PMF in Baghdad

Officials at the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) headed by Masoud Barzani accused Iran-aligned groups within the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) of storming and torching their party offices in central Baghdad on Saturday. Hundreds of Iraqi police officers and riot control units present in the

Barzani Condemns Torching of Kurdish Party Offices in Baghdad

Kurdish President Nechirvan Barzani condemned on Saturday the torching of the main Kurdish party's headquarters in Baghdad after Iraq's longtime former foreign minister Hoshyar Zebari criticized the Popular Mobilization Forces. Supporters of PMF, an Iraqi paramilitary network dominated by I

Schools Reopen in Iraqi Kurdistan Region Despite COVID-19 Outbreak

The Supreme Committee to confront the coronavirus in Iraq's Kurdistan region convened on Wednesday to assess the overall health situation and the spread of COVID-19 in the area, during which it decided on a set of measures to resume the academic year. Following the meeting, the spokesman for Kurd

Baghdad, Erbil Achieve Security, Military Understandings

Baghdad and Erbil on Tuesday took a step towards resolving their differences about disputed areas and agreed to coordinate anti-ISIS security operations in them. The Iraqi Joint Operations Command announced establishing centers for coordination between Baghdad and Erbil to facilitate the staging

Erbil, Baghdad Poised to Settle Kirkuk Status after Sinjar

After Baghdad and Erbil arrived at an agreement for establishing a joint administration for the disputed Sinjar district in northern Iraq, it looks like the federal government of Iraq and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) will make a similar arrangement for Kirkuk. This was discussed by Ira

Iraqi Militias Agree 'Conditional Ceasefire' to Halt US Attacks

An array of Iran-backed Iraqi militia groups have agreed to suspend rocket attacks on US forces on condition that Iraq’s government presents a timetable for a withdrawal of American troops, one of the groups said on Sunday. “The factions have presented a conditional ceasefire,”

Iraq expels Hezbollah Brigades from Baghdad airport

Intelligence sources yesterday reported that the Iraqi government had officially expelled the Kataib Hezbollah (Hezbollah Brigades) from Baghdad airport and closed all its offices in the capital. The Hezbollah Brigades are part of the Iranian-backed Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF), which Washin

Iraqis Exchange Accusations over Karbala Clashes

Shiite forces and popular movement protesters in Iraq have exchanged accusations against the backdrop of violence witnessed during the Shiite Arbaeen pilgrimage season in the city of Karbala. Video footage shot in Karbala showed security servicemen using force to disband a group of Iraqi youth wh