Lebanon Blast Victims File Almost 700 Legal Complaints

The Beirut Bar Association on Wednesday handed the public prosecutor almost 700 criminal complaints from victims of the city's deadly August 4 port blast, Lebanon's National News Agency said. The explosion of a massive stockpile of ammonium nitrate in a dockside warehouse killed more than 200 peo

Lebanon Succeeds in Slowing down COVID-19 Spread

Lebanese authorities announced that they had succeeded in slowing the spread of the coronavirus in the country, due to the measures imposed over the past two weeks. The Prime Minister’s Adviser for Health Affairs, Petra Khoury, said on Sunday that the preliminary figures show that the chang

Lebanon’s Rai to Hariri: Avoid 'Secret Deals' in Forming Cabinet

Lebanon’s Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rai urged Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri on Sunday to avoid back-door deals and to quickly form a new government that will start lifting the country out of financial crisis. Veteran politician Hariri was named premier for a fourth time on Thursd

Lebanon: Abbas Ibrahim Returns from US after Contracting Coronavirus

Lebanese General Security chief Major-General Abbas Ibrahim returned to Beirut from the United States on Friday where he had tested positive for COVID-19, local media reported. Ibrahim's positive test result, announced on Monday, had delayed his return from talks in Washington and forced him to c

Lebanon’s President Steps up Rhetoric Ahead of Parliamentary Consultations

President Michel Aoun stepped up on Wednesday the rhetoric against different political parties, including Speaker Nabih Berri, ahead of the binding consultations with lawmakers to name a new prime minister. Sources said that in his televised speech, Aoun implicitly referred to obstacles that

Medicine in Lebanon Sufficient for Three Months

Lebanon’s caretaker Health Minister Hamad Hassan called on “rationalizing the distribution of medicine” and warned that the quantity of pharmaceutical drugs is sufficient for another three months. Last week, Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces foiled several attempts to smu

Lebanon: No Obstacles Hindering Designation of Hariri to Lead New Govt

The binding parliamentary consultations, which will be held at the Baabda Palace on Thursday, are expected to see the designation of former Prime Minister Saad Hariri to head the new government, as the attempts of the former Foreign Minister, MP Gebran Bassil, to hinder his nomination have failed.

Lebanon: Efforts to Ease Tension Between FPM, Hezbollah Supporters

Contacts are underway between the leaderships of the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) and Hezbollah to reduce tension between the supporters of the two groups over the border demarcation talks with Israel and the government formation. Hezbollah had expressed reservation over the delegation assigned

Lebanese Security Chief Tests Positive for COVID-19 in US

A top Lebanese security official has tested positive for COVID-19 in the United States, his department said on Monday, forcing him to delay his return from talks in Washington and to cancel scheduled meetings in Paris. Major-General Abbas Ibrahim is in good health, the directorate of General Secu

Lebanon’s Public Works Minister Tests Positive for COVID-19

Michel Najjar, the Public Works and Transport Minister in Lebanon’s caretaker government, said Sunday he was infected with the coronavirus. The minister said he would continue to carry out his duties from isolation, according to the National News Agency. Lebanon is struggling to contain an

Lebanese Judiciary Warns Against Inference In Blast Investigations

Lebanon's State Prosecutor office issued a statement on Saturday saying that following the blast that hit Beirut's port, investigations began at that time under the supervision Judge Ghassan Oueidat, who had previously issued a statement in August to explain to the public the scientific pattern an

Rai Urges Lebanese Leaders to Agree on Government

Lebanon's Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rai urged Lebanese leaders to stop delaying talks on forming a government during Sunday's mass sermon in which he blamed them for the country’s financial crisis and political deadlock. Rai was peaking a day after demonstrators marched through Beirut t

Lebanon: Hariri’s Designation Stuck in Unlikely Meeting With Bassil

A new node emerged in the designation of former Prime Minister Saad Hariri to lead the new government, with the insistence of the head of the Free Patriotic Movement MP Gebran Bassil to meet with Hariri, while the latter rejects such encounter. The former premier justified his position, saying th

Lebanon: Opponents Accuse Aoun of Empowering Bassil

Lebanese political parties were surprised at President Michel Aoun’s decision to postpone the binding parliamentary consultations, which were scheduled to be held on Thursday, especially as a quasi-agreement had been reached to designate former Prime Minister Saad Hariri to lead the ne

Lebanon: Aoun Delays Parliamentary Consultations to Resolve Christian Obstacle

Lebanese President Michel Aoun has decided to postpone the binding parliamentary consultations, which were scheduled to be held this Thursday, until Oct. 22, upon the request of some parliamentary blocs, a statement by the presidential office said. Sources told Asharq Al-Awsat that Aoun contacted

Lebanese Christian Politician Geagea Says Will Not Name Anyone for PM

Lebanese politician Samir Geagea, whose Lebanese Forces party has the second biggest Christian bloc in parliament, said on Wednesday it would not nominate anyone to be the new prime minister at official consultations to fill the post. Geagea's comments came after Sunni leader Saad al-Hariri held

Lebanon Health Minister Announces Campaign to Inspect Drug Warehouses, Pharmacies

Lebanon’s caretaker Health Minister Hamad Hassan announced Monday the beginning of an inspection campaign of pharmaceutical businesses, including drug warehouses and pharmacies. The campaign comes in light of reports about the hoarding of subsidized medicines with an aim of smuggling

Lebanon: Hariri may run for PM, if parliamentary blocs cooperate

The final decision of former Lebanese Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, to run for the post once again depends on the parliamentary blocs’ willingness to cooperate with him, a senior source in the Future Bloc said. “Hariri’s final decision to run for the post depends on the willingne

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