Watches that combine luxury and precision

Many of the designs of watches studded with diamonds and precious stones put forward by luxury watch houses this year, will guarantee you, dear men, a luxurious innovative look. This will suit your need for official occasions that may reappear after the restrictions on movement that were imposed d

Olefone new smart watch waterproof

Ulefone launched its new smart watch GPS, which is water resistant and includes a GPS module. The package of technical equipment in the new hour includes a 1.3-inch screen and works with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels, and supports the method of use through the finger, and the Chinese company s

Introducing The Chopard Alpine Eagle XL Chrono

Chopard unveiled three new models in the Alpine Eagle collection of watches with integrated bracelet into the case, which Chopard successfully launched in 2019: two of them in large sizes, made of ethical rose gold, as well as a small watch made of the exceptional metal Lucent Steel 223A with resi

Why are watches so expensive?

Just putting a "Swiss Made" mark on a watch means that this watch was manufactured according to true Swiss quality specifications, and this makes it one of the best and most elegant watches in the world, and it can only be bought for a very large amount.What is the reason that made Swiss watches s

A hygienic smartwatch from Withings .. recognizes the most dangerous symptoms

Withings announced the launch of its new ScanWatch hybrid smart watch, which provides many health functions with high accuracy, such as identifying sleep apnea syndrome, through a new update that will be launched at the end of this year. The French company stated that the new smart watch includes

9 best men's watches you'll want to show off

You can tell a lot about a man by the watch he wears. Whether he’s into sports and is only really concerned about an easy to use stop-watch, or loves something that does it all like a smartwatch, or prefers the finer things in life and has something that’s a real investment.Before buy

A Closer Look at the Garage Italia x HUBLOT Millennial Pink Big Bang Chronograph

Our latest edition to our Closer Look series takes us to HUBLOT pink Big Bang with Garage Italia. The 42mm case is made with a satin-finished and polished “Millennial Pink” anodized aluminum and is one of the more fun and colorful watches in its price range. With an extensive backgrou

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