The 11 Best Deals from Nike's Extra 40% Off Sale Today

A person can never have too many workout clothes. Nowadays, most of us have traded in your button-downs, jeans, and dress shoes for T-shirts, sweatpants, and sneakers. (After all, comfort trumps everything these days.) If you want to add some more performance gear to your wardrobe, look no further.

Virtual Men's Hair Tutorials to Help You Master Your Quarantine Cut

Many of us are now grappling with going on two months of stay at home orders, but even those who aren’t able to stay home find themselves dealing with non-essential business closures, including barber shops. As their hair continues to grow, men all over the world are taking matters into their

buzzcuts become the coronavirus craze du jour

With salons closed due to physical distancing guidelines, many men have resorted to cutting their hair at home. And instead of opting for a short back and sides, male celebrities have decided to just shave all their hair off. Riz Ahmed, the Rogue One and Four Lions actor, has labelled it the #staya

Nike's Air Max 90 FlyEase Sneakers Have a Cool Collapsable Heel

Slip-on sneakers remind me of the seventh grade and remind me nothing of streetwear. Well, they did at least. Until this week, when I saw Nike’s new Air Max 90 FlyEase shoe that is cool and fun and looks nothing like the slip-on sneakers that come to mind from middle school. That’s the

Prada works commuter chic at Milan men's fashion week

On the third day of Milan men’s fashion week, the concept of the working man emerged as a theme in the newest collection from Prada. The brand, which skipped Milan last season to show instead in Shanghai, showcased a collection which focused on formality and tailoring but with Miuccia Prada&r

Miles Teller Knows That Everyone Needs a Grateful Dead T-Shirt

There are a few fits in the world that are absolutely foolproof: the suit and tie, the tuxedo, the leather jacket and literally anything. They make components like pants and shirts work together like classical elements, creating an alchemy of earth, fire, wind, and water that merges into what we cal

The Ashford hair boom: how does one market town support 28 hair salons?

Ashford in Kent made the news this week when someone counted the number of hairdressers in the town: 28, eight of which are huddled together on a 200-metre stretch of the high street. That is an awful lot of stylists for a place with a population of only 75,000. It raises the question: is this marke

Ghost of stylist Judy Blame haunts Dior Men's collection

The late influential stylist and accessories designer Judy Blame was the surprise inspiration for Dior Men’s collection, which showed on Friday during Paris Fashion Week. The ghost of Blame, who defined the late 80s London scene through his work in i-D magazine and The Face, haunted the autum

The Best Medium-Length Hairstyles For Men 2020

For a long time, medium-length haircuts were the hinterland of the hair world, rarely seen beyond guys attempting to turn a ballsy buzz into a seventies shag. But the rise of hairstyles such as the pompadour has seen them go from awkward in-between stage to bona fide style move straight out of the g

best men's winter boots: Chelsea, chukka and hiking styles for the colder months

  It shouldn’t take a sensational weather story to make you realise things are going to get colder, wetter, and darker from now on – just like every other British winter.But rather than conform to stereotypes, and complain about the weather to anyone who’ll listen, why not

best men's scarves that keep you warm and look good

The trusty scarf was used to indicate a soldier’s rank in the Chinese military way back when.Yet the type of scarf you wear nowadays is more likely to indicate just how cold it is outside. Transition from slick, lightweight scarves in autumn to thick woolly knitted numbers in the winter