Ideas for coordinating gray in clothes

Gray represents an unconventional alternative to black, which reflects the elegance and dignity of the wearer, and fits perfectly with both casual and classic looks. Gray pants go perfectly with a dark green and red t-shirt or T-shirt for a warm look; Black and white for a distinct look; In the c

What should men wear for fall?

Young people love these models and wear them a lot because of their ease of wearing and the variety of their designs and different shapes, the black and gray color in the safety of shoes is the appropriate color for people with a full body and the elderly, while young people prefer to wear the lig

7 tips for men to take care of their skin

The issue of cleaning a man’s face and taking care of his skin is no longer the preserve of women, as those days have passed by forever, and any man today can take care of his healthy and clean skin. Facial cleaning for menFrom a few everyday habits to just a few simple products, we'll give

For an irresistible look .. Here is an album of the best men's haircuts 2020

Just days and the year 2020 comes upon us, and we start a new year, and men in the world seek to get the best new haircuts for men in the new year, and groups of haircuts are spread among men and young men, some of which last for several years and disappear, and some of them are new. And a man is

Men's coat styles and details

In the world of men's fashion, it is true that haircuts are changing at a slow, not accelerated pace at all, compared to women's fashion. Rather, this principle does not mean that men's clothing is not subject to designer scissors modifications. If we make a simple comparison between the coats tha

How to wear a flamboyant silk shirt

Recently, I’ve become obsessed with the label Casablanca and lusting after its ornate, painterly shirts. They’re rather like something you’d find in the party scene of a cult film: dense with shape and colour, like a canvas you can wear. I think I’m attracted to them becaus

Top 5 ways to remove excess body hair

For many decades, the concept of hair removal was limited to shaving the beard only. However, at the present time, interest in removing body hair has spread widely among men, and there are many methods, including waxes, lasers, hair removal creams, and others. Ways to remove excess hair from the

Smart tricks to choose the right clothes without trying them

After many countries relaxed the precautionary measures taken to prevent corona, some have the ability to shop and buy new clothes; However, many stores refuse to experiment with clothes, especially with the spread of the epidemic, which puts customers in a great dilemma. Fashion experts presente

How to coordinate the choice of shirt

Your choice of the shirt that you wear with the suit will become more important when you decide not to wear a tie, the more casual or fashionable the shirt you wear, the better it will be. It is advisable to wear a classic oxford shirt, or a shirt with a limited number of buttons, or made of color

Men's hair dye method

It is preferred if it is your first experience of dyeing your hair, go to the barber shop to complete this task to get an attractive look free from errors, but if you want to do it at home yourself, you must follow this simple method to ensure a satisfactory result - Prepare the necessary materia

The best grand of sneakers for men

  There was a time not so very long ago when attending a special event in a pair of sneakers was a surefire way to flag yourself to your shiny-shoed peers as a sartorial pariah. However, attitudes have shifted in unforeseen ways and what was once the scruffy outlier is now the footwear gold st

What shoes to wear it with every style of trousers

If you’re wondering why you don’t see more men wearing puffer jackets to the beach or putting sriracha sauce on their ice cream, the answer is simple. Some things simply should not and do not and go together.The same goes for shoes and trousers. Sure, you’re probably well aware t

This 50-Year-Old Singaporean Photographer Stunned The World With The Body Of A 20-Year-Old

Meet Chuando Tan, the Singaporean photographer who will make you wonder just what the hell you’re doing wrong in life. Because believe it or not, Tan is actually 50 years old. Yes. That’s right. Five zero. And he seems to be getting younger every day. His friends call him CD and thi

TOGA VIRILIS FW20 Goes All Out on '50s Tailoring, Western Embellishments and Shimmer

After TOGA unveiled its collaboration with SUICOKE earlier this month, the brand’s clothing division TOGA VIRILIS has now showcased its Fall/Winter 2020 collection.The Tokyo-based, Yasuko Furuta-helmed label presents plenty of standout looks for this upcoming season, with lots of pieces adop

EDEN Power Corp FW20 Studies the Style of Mushrooms

    Eco-conscious label EDEN Power Corp‘s latest cold weather offering, “Mycelium Research & Development,” draws from its namesake organism to deliver a collection of ethically-crafted workwear silhouettes ideal for hunters and gatherers. The mushroom-inspired offer

Valentino Takes Haute Couture to the Circus in Rome Show

Italian luxury group Valentino had models suspended from swings in flowing white gowns against a pitch-black background in a circus-inspired haute couture show, live-streamed from Rome on Tuesday. After being forced to cancel events, close shops and halt manufacturing during lockdowns triggered b

The 10 Best Hair Dyes for Men to Use at Home, According to Experts

So you’ve decided to dye your hair. Rock on! There is literally nothing like hair dye in its ability to transform your look. And we’re not just talking about David Bowie red (or Frank Ocean green or Maluma pink, for that matter). Dying your hair can camouflage grays if you’re not t

Tyrese Gibson Doesn't Want to Spend Money on Name Brands

Tyrese Gibson has a lot going on—and not just with his bold, bright style. He’s got the ninth installment of Fast & Furious (and his sixth in the saga) on the way, now planned for a 2021 release. He’s dipping into the Marvel universe, costarring in Morbius, the upcoming comic-b