How to lengthen hair for men

Some men grow their hair thickly, and this is due to genetic reasons, and others find that their hair grows slower, as normal hair grows 1.25 cm per month, so men are looking for a way to grow hair; Being part of the attractiveness of men .. In the following report, we monitor the methods of lengt

The best shampoo for hair loss

The problem of hair loss worries men and women as well as children, as it does not depend on a certain age or group, but hair loss may affect any person at any time, and the fall has many different causes. It is really a very inconvenience, no one of us wants to look at a comb or a hairbrush, and

Hairstyle reflects the features of your personality

A recent study of psychology revealed a relationship between the way hair is styled and reveals many aspects of its owner. The study indicated that men with long hair are characterized by a creative and creative personality, while men with very short hair have intelligence, distance and attractiv

Russian doctor talks about types of baldness that can not be cured

The well-known Russian doctor and journalist, Alexander Miasnikov, spoke about baldness cases that could not be cured. In an interview he gave to the Russian TV channel "Russia - 1". He said, "There is no effective treatment against the genetic tendency to weaken and lose hair, indicating that th

COVID-19 kills men’s fashion buzz in Milan

MILAN: A year after the last COVID-free catwalk shows in Milan, men’s fashion week begins on Friday, but without the buzz of its traditional audience of buyers, bloggers, celebrities and media.   As the pandemic continues to upend Italy’s crucial luxury sector nearly 12 months a

How to master the gray suit

The gray suit is the perfect unconventional alternative to its black counterpart, which gives you a distinctive elegant look suitable for both day and night. The gray suit topped in its various shades, from light to dark and shiny metallic, the most famous and finest men's fashion groups, and the

Men's fashion 2021 AD combines elegance and sophistication.

Brunello Cucinelli introduced her new men's collection for Spring / Summer 2021, which is distinguished by its elegance, adding a sophisticated touch, achieving the perfect balance between understated elegance and new inspiration. The new collection was distinguished by the harmony of colors, enh

First Arab Men’s Fashion Week set for Dubai

The Dubai-based Arab Fashion Council has announced its first-ever Men’s Fashion Week will take place from Jan. 28-30.    Presented by Arab Fashion Week in partnership with Facebook, the event will take place twice a year, in January and June. As part of a strategic partnership b

Make your coarse beard into a smooth one

You can give your beard a lot of attraction without giving up your masculine look, but the shaggy and soft hair impedes many people from achieving the desired results. Causes of rough beard Adequate diet, lack of proper care, or dry beard hair. How to get rid of coarse beard Wash your beard wi

How do you choose the right mustache shape for your face?

The flowery mustache attracts a large class of women to the prevailing belief that men with mustaches are strong, mature figures capable of taking responsibility, and many countries attach great importance to raising a mustache as it is seen as a sign of masculinity and self-esteem. Mustache and

The most effective way to combat hair loss

Hair loss is one of the biggest concerns that men suffer, especially after they reach the age of thirty, at this particular age stage the possibility of hair loss increases, and the journey to search for a fast and effective treatment that helps them preserve the remaining hair on their scalp, and

Ways to get rid of annoying beard dandruff

Dandruff is one of the common cosmetic problems that negatively affect the appearance of men. What are its causes and how can it be eliminated? Causes of beard dandruff - Stress. Dry skin. Pollution. - Using products not suitable for the nature of the skin or beard. - All these factors sprea

Benefits of using a skin serum

Skin serum is considered as the magic wand that hides skin wrinkles, fading with it ten years of age, and the face restores the radiance and radiance of youth, so the man’s skin care routine mainly depends on using the best types of serums to resist aging, moisturize the skin and reduce its

Shoes inspired by Porsche cars

The company of the popular Puma brand launched a line of luxury sneakers entirely inspired by the modern 911 Turbo cars named Porsche Design x Puma Icons of Fast; Initial price of US $ 150. The group included 8 shoes of different colors, but the strange thing is the distinctive marketing method a

Why shouldn't you wash jeans in a washing machine?

Levis CEO Chip Berg said there is no need to machine wash jeans, except in rare cases. Berg indicated that he does not wash his jeans in the washing machine, but cleans them and removes any stains on them by using a toothbrush. Levis president advised those who prefer to wear jeans, after puttin

A successful experience in treating baldness for men and women

There are many advertisements for products and methods to prevent hair loss or treat baldness, and as much as it may seem strange or painful in some means or methods, there is no decline in the demand to try these products or treatments. Even hair transplants, which involve taking individual foll

Simple tricks to hide belly sagging with your clothes

Belly sagging, known as "rumen", is a problem that disturbs men and spoils their elegance. If you are suffering from it, we will offer you simple clothing tricks to hide the protruding abdomen, according to the "menshealth" and "complex" website: - Wearing dark colors: Dark colors are best suited

Beard intensification, mustache germination, and treatment of chin voids .. The best natural oils and mixtures

The beard is one of the most important features of men's beauty and adornment, and therefore it receives great care, and the presence of voids in it, its irregularity or its lack of density raises many concerns, and there are many things that cause chin spaces or spots in the beard, in this articl