The highlights of the new Buds Pro wireless headphones from Samsung

Samsung took advantage of the event of reviewing its new S-class phones to unveil its new generation of advanced mini wireless speakers. According to the company, the Galaxy Buds Pro headphones carry many features compared to the Buds headphones, and the most prominent thing I got is the new desi

An expert explains why you should stop using the Facebook Messenger application

A cybersecurity expert revealed, in an article in "Forbes", published on Saturday, that we should stop using Facebook Messenger, due to the lack of adequate protection for our messages. The expert pointed out that the reaction resulting from the WhatsApp policy update that plans to start sharing

WhatsApp delays data sharing change after backlash

WhatsApp on Friday postponed a data-sharing change as users concerned about privacy fled the Facebook-owned messaging service and flocked to rivals Telegram and Signal.The smartphone app, a huge hit across the world, canceled its February 8 deadline for accepting an update to its terms concerning

OPPO announces one of the cheapest 5G phones

OPPO has decided to welcome the new year by announcing a competitor phone dedicated to working with 5G networks. The new OPPO A93 5G phone comes with an elegant structure that is resistant to moisture and dust and is protected by anti-scratches and shockproof glass. Its dimensions are (162.9 / 74

WhatsApp to delay launch of update business features after privacy backlash

 Facebook Inc’s WhatsApp is delaying an update aimed at increasing business transactions on the platform after a storm of concern from users who feared that the messaging platform was watering down its privacy policy in the process. WhatsApp users received a notification this month tha

Dell exports computers with advanced devices

Dell decided to return to compete strongly in the mobile device market, and unveiled new computers with distinctive specifications. Among the most prominent laptops that the company recently reviewed was the Latitude 9420 and Latitude 9520, which were equipped with durable and lightweight structu

Australia calls out Google for ‘experiment’ blocking some news sites

Australia urged Google on Thursday to “focus on paying for original content, not blocking it” after the Internet giant said it was running tests that limit access to domestic news content, deepening a rift between the tech giant and the government.After the Alphabet Inc. owned search e

WhatsApp growth slumps as rivals Signal, Telegram rise

Encrypted messaging apps Signal and Telegram are seeing huge upticks in downloads from Apple and Google’s app stores. Facebook-owned WhatsApp, by contrast, is seeing its growth decline following a fiasco that forced the company to clarify a privacy update it had sent to users.Mobile app anal

WhatsApp faces first legal challenge in India over privacy

WhatsApp’s updated privacy policy verges on user surveillance and threatens India’s security, a petition filed in an Indian court said on Thursday, presenting another legal challenge for the Facebook Inc. -owned messenger.California-based WhatsApp said on Jan. 4 it reserved the right t

TikTok tightens privacy features for younger users

A month after federal regulators ordered it to disclose how its practices affect children and teenagers, TikTok is tightening its privacy practices for the under-18 crowd.Starting on Wednesday, the default privacy setting for accounts with users aged 13 to 15 will be private. That means only someo

WhatsApp's new privacy policy: here's what it means for users

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy is being met with criticism as the social networking app is asking its users to share personal information with its parent company Facebook or have their accounts deactivated.   Users are being alerted of the updated privacy policy through an in-app alert

UK investigates Google's plan to revamp Chrome browser

Britain's competition watchdog said Friday it launched an investigation into Google's plan to overhaul its ad data system over worries it could leave even less room for rivals in the online ad industry.   The Competition and Markets Authority said it opened a formal investigation into Googl

PayPal backs crypto tax startup Taxbit

PayPal Holdings Inc’s venture arm has made an investment in Salt Lake City, Utah-based tech startup Taxbit, which helps consumers and businesses calculate the taxes owed on cryptocurrency holdings, the companies said on Thursday. Taxbit will use the cash injection, of an undisclosed amount,

Fake WhatsApp message goes global

Who doesn't use WhatsApp? Millions are glued to it, and have taken a fancy for it the way a duck takes to water. Even the technologically challenged or the village folk, particularly in countries such as India, know how to use it. The problem with popularity is that it brings problems in its wake

Scientists create the world's first Covid vaccine 'smart patch'

Scientists in the UK are developing the world’s first vaccine ‘smart patch’ that could allow patients to administer the dose themselves. The device, similar to a nicotine patch, is placed on the arm and breaks through the skin using tiny microneedles. It is hoped the new techno

New Biometric Fingerprint-Scanning Lock

A US start-up has invented a new fingerprint-reading doorlock using a fund of more than $30,000. The BrillLock smart lock has a simple design and few components which makes it very easy to install unlike the other smart locks currently available in the market. According to the TechHive website,

Slack kicks off 2021 with a global outage

Slack, the messaging service used by millions of people for work and school, suffered a global outage on Monday, the first day back for most people returning from the New Year’s holiday. It’s the latest tech glitch to show how disruptive technical difficulties can be when millions of

Hundreds of Google employees in United States form workers' union

Over 200 Google employees in the United States have formed a union, the elected union leaders wrote in a New York Times opinion piece on Monday. "Alphabet Workers Union" aims to ensure that employees work at a fair wage, without fear of abuse, retaliation or discrimination. Google did not immedi