Check Point Research detects privacy flaw on Qualcomm's mobile station modems

Check Point Research (CPR) has identified a security flaw in the Qualcomm chip of the mobile station modems (MSM) used in cellular communication for over 40 percent of phones worldwide. If exploited, a hacker could use the vulnerability to infect Android OS with unseen, malicious code, thereby pro

Airtags from Apple: Do they actually make life easier?

When you're a parent, it's easy to lose things: your keys, your wallet, or Buttons.   The Buttons in this case doesn't refer to fasteners for our clothes, but a stuffed bunny that's become a treasure in my household. On occasion, bedtimes have been postponed because Buttons is missing, req

Facebook fights influence-for-hire campaigns

Facebook said Thursday that it had taken down nine deceptive online campaigns as marketing firms make a business of using fake accounts to sway opinions.   The campaigns aimed posts or comments at people in Azerbaijan, Central African Republic, Mexico, Palestine, Peru, and Ukraine, accordin

Four years later, Samsung stops updating the Galaxy S8

Samsung's Galaxy S8 and S8 devices won't be getting any more updates going forward — owners have to make do with the current state of their software if they plan to keep using theirs. As noticed by DroidLife, the old flagship devices are no longer included in the list of

Verizon to sell Yahoo, AOL for $5 bn to private equity firm

Verizon announced Monday it was selling faded internet stars Yahoo and AOL to a private equity firm for $5 billion, ending the online media ambitions of the telecoms giant.   The deal with Apollo Global Management also includes the entire Verizon Media unit, including the advertising tech o

Vivo announces an advanced phone with unique features

Vivo unveiled the latest smartphones, which included a distinctive phone with unique technologies. Among the most prominent devices that came in the new Vivo range was the V21e phone, which got software that helps the user use the screen to show shots from the front and back cameras at the same t

iPhone users: Do this today!

That said, it's unlikely to be the last iOS 14 update. An update of the size and scale of iOS 14.5 is likely to bring with it bugs that will take a few updates to crush.   So, should you update, or wait for the inevitable iOS 14.5.1 to land in a few weeks? My advice: Update. Update now. Up

Microsoft fixes Windows automatic apps rearrangement issue

Historically, many users of Microsoft Windows desktop devices have encountered the frustrating issue of letting their device go to sleep and then returning later to find some or all of their apps rearranged. Now, Microsoft seeks to mitigate this annoying glitch.   The company has moved to f

Facebook shows growth as privacy feud with Apple escalates

Facebook grew its users and revenue in the first quarter, but the social media giant reiterated that a new privacy update Apple released this week could hinder its ads business.  "We continue to expect increased ad targeting headwinds in 2021 from regulatory and platform changes, n

Twitter launches Ramadan-themed audio conversations

This year, more than 10 million tweets were monitored about Ramadan in the 30 days leading up to the holy month. Building on this interest, Twitter launched جمعات_رمضان# (Ramadan Gatherings), a series of live audio conversations focused on reflections around topics that arise during the month, as

Sony uses AI to customize the video game playing experience

A recently published patent has revealed that the entertainment company Sony has managed to program artificial intelligence to help users customize their video game characters. This new AI program learns based on traits personal to each user, gathered from the player's gaming profile.   Thi

Samsung Unit Considers Developing $673 Mln Solar Plants in Texas

A unit of Samsung C&T Corp is considering developing solar power plants worth $673 million in the US state of Texas, aiming to sell the electricity generated starting December 2023, documents reviewed by Reuters showed. The plants will be located in Milam county, the documents showed, less th

YouTube adds more video quality settings to its mobile apps

YouTube is rolling out an update for its iOS and Android apps that expands the number of video quality options at your disposal. The "higher picture quality" setting will make videos look as sharp as possible. However, it'll soak up more data than other options. On the flipside, the "data sav

Hibernation and Trash features abound for the upcoming Android 12

Among other features, the new Android version 12 will both automatically set unused apps to idle mode to provide more space as well as support a trash bin for deleted files.   So far, revealed code changes have shown this upcoming ability to remove temporary files linked to unused applicati

Apple powers up iPads after pandemic-fueled surge

Apple on Tuesday unveiled a new lineup of powered-up iPads including some with 5G connectivity, responding to surging interest in tablets and home-based work and play during the pandemic.   The California tech giant also introduced a redesigned suite of iMac computers with a sleeker look an

Facebook to reportedly launch new social audio products

Facebook is reportedly set to launch a number of new ‘social audio’ products, including its own application to rival the popular app Clubhouse, as it taps into rising demand for audio-based social media products amid the pandemic. The company is expected to unveil an audio-chat platfo

DJI unveils its new "flying camera"

Micro-drone industry giant DJI has unveiled its new drone for photography enthusiasts. DJI Air 2S comes as a modified model for the Mavic Air 2's drone, but it is equipped with a 20-megapixel camera capable of handling Hyperlight and HDR technologies. The camera can document shots with accurac

Twitter outage continues for some users, problem appears to be global

Having problems with Twitter? You're not alone. After a Friday night tweet in which it acknowledged that "tweets may not be loading for some of you," Twitter Support followed up on Saturday, saying that it's "fixing an issue with our servers to get things back to normal soon." Down Dete