Just an hour away from New York City lies the wild Hudson Valley

A few months ago, my fiancé and I took a look at our honeymoon fund — returned to us after all our flights and hotels for a once-in-a-lifetime tour round southeast Asia were cancelled in the wake of the pandemic — and wondered if we should do someth

Mud-brick palace is Yemen's latest heritage site facing disaster

Yemen's Seiyun Palace, one of the world's largest mud-brick structures, has become the war-torn country's latest heritage site facing the risk of collapse as heavy rains and years of neglect take their toll. The deterioration of the bright white building, reminiscent of a giant sandcastle with ro

Petra in Jordan tops Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel List

Petra in Jordan has topped a new list of travel destinations. The historic city was named the number one place to visit in Lonely Planet’s latest Ultimate Travel List, a book ranking 500 travel experiences all around the world. Petra was commended for its “eternal

Saudi Arabia Al-Ahsa Oasis added to Guinness World Records

Saudi Arabia’s Al-Ahsa Oasis has been admitted to the Guinness World Records as the world’s largest self-contained oasis. The site, located in the kingdom’s Eastern Province, consists of over 2.5 million palm trees extending over 85.4 kilometres and is watered by 280 artesian sp

Gothenburg prides itself on being the world’s most sustainable city

The Swedes have a knack for the good life. Their general contentment sees them consistently placed in the world’s top 10 happiest citizens; they are the inventors of allemansratten, otherwise known as everyone’s right to roam free among nature; and even the daily ritual of tuckin

5 cities that were ranked the most beautiful in the world in 2020

Holiday Sarthey ranked in its recently published list of the 5 most beautiful cities in the world through several criteria announced on its official website. Among the factors of preference were natural beauty and technological development that helps highlight nature, in addition to the popularit

Indian cities ... history forgot, tourism found

They are built, then they flourish ... before they become forgotten; This has been the fate of many cities since ancient times. Few names have remained immortal through legend or literature, while others remain completely hidden until chance leads to the discovery of these mysterious capitals and

4 charming German cities you must visit

Germany is one of the most important tourist countries in the world, especially since it has all the ingredients that attract tourists, including ancient history, ancient buildings, picturesque landscapes, and restaurants that offer delicious food. However, there are some cities that tourists do n

Five of the world's most bike-friendly cities as Dubai prepares to improve bicycle infrastructure

Bicycle might not be the first mode of transport that springs to mind when trying to navigate your way around Dubai, but that is all about to change.As part of the objectives of Dubai Vision 2021, the emirate is set to introduce new road safety laws and infrastructure to become cycle-friendly.Shei

Havana, the 'Paris of the Caribbean,' Gets its own Eiffel Tower

Havana was once dubbed the “Paris of the Caribbean” for its beautiful architecture, vibrant arts scene, and flourishing nightlife. Now it even has its own Eiffel Tower. The illuminated four-meter (13-ft) high replica by Cuban blacksmith Jorge Enrique Salgado lights up a corner of the

A rare winter wonderland blanketed Tasmania, and residents couldn't get enough

A rare event this week kept residents in northern Tasmania, Australia, up all night: snowflakes falling. Kiani Chippendale, 26, said she'd never seen snow in the city of Launceston. "We stayed up all night, too excited to sleep!" she said. "Very rare. It's never snowed here in the city that

Al-Muftaha village in Saudi Arabia’s Abha region, dates back to 260 years

The village of Al-Muftaha in central Abha has become one of the most significant historical and tourist attractions in the city, especially after the rehabilitation of its beautiful heritage buildings, theater and tourism services.The village is a beautiful little quarter around a mosque daubed wi

Capri: The epitome of la dolce vita

Capri was Roman emperors’ favorite destination for a spiritual holiday retreat. Since the 1950s, this dream island with turquoise waters only 10 km away from Naples, in southern Italy, has been the epitome of la dolce vita (a life of pleasure and luxury). From aristocrats and intellectuals to

Fewer will attend camp this summer; some camps won’t survive

Camp Winnebago was founded during the Spanish Flu and weathered all manner of health scares from polio to the swine flu over a century. It wasn’t about to let the coronavirus stop the fun. But things will be different this summer at this camp and others that buck the trend and welcome childre

Ancient Petra a ghost town as pandemic hits Jordan tourism

For over two millennia the ancient city of Petra has towered majestically over the Jordanian desert. Today its famed rose-red temples hewn into the rockface lie empty and silent.As the novel coronavirus spread around the world, Jordanian authorities imposed a lockdown, and the last tourists left on

FROM THE FIELD: Nature ‘strongest ally’ to building sustainable planet

Nature is humankind’s ‘strongest ally’ to help build a sustainable planet, according to a Malaysian biodiversity expert, whose organization is supported by the UN Development Programme, (UNDP).Tan Sri Datuk Amar Wilson Baya Dandot told UNDP how indigenous communities in Malaysia ca

Brits rush to beaches as lockdown eases

Sunbathers in the UK are enjoying their newfound freedom even without social distancing, as the country has eased lockdown measures after more than seven weeks of restrictions, according to media reports. Hundreds of people rushed to the beaches and parks across England as the country basked in the

Why is this city so tolerant?

Dressed in a Union Civil War junior officer’s frock coat with epaulets and a purple-felt top hat displaying an array of long feathers in red, green, yellow and blue, Joseph Amster leads a group of eight – men, women and teenagers – across Powell Street near San Francisco’s Un

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