US military says Russia deployed ‘fourth generation’ fighter jets to Libya

The US military Tuesday accused Russia of deploying “fourth generation” fighter planes to conflict-stricken Libya to support the Libyan National Army (LNA) in its offensive on the capital, Tripoli. US Africa Command (AFRICOM) said the Russian military aircraft arrived in Libya recently

ATTACK! China's New Type 055 Destroyers Are Firing Land Attack Missiles

Here's What You Need To Remember: Beijing has avoided the military entanglements that have snared Washington and Moscow. But if it ever does choose to send the most forceful of signals, a warship armed with land-attack cruise missiles would be a powerful tool.China says its newest destroyer is capab

Russian volunteers search for fallen World War II soldiers

Crouching over the sun-drenched soil, Alfred Abayev picks up a charred fragment of a Soviet warplane downed in a World War II battle with advancing Nazi forces. “You can see it was burning,” he says, pointing at the weathered trace of a red star. Abayev and members of his search team r

US marines revamp amid China’s growing threat

When it comes to strategic priorities, what a difference a few years make. In 2013, then-US Pacific Command boss Admiral Samuel Locklear said his biggest worry was climate change. Though he may have believed it, mentioning China was risky in those days – as US Navy Pacific Fleet intelligence

Trump 'Authorized' the Navy To Take Out Iranian Gunboats—How Would He Do It?

(Washington, D.C.) Interceptor missiles, attack drones, deck-mounted guns, electronic warfare weapons and even lasers could quickly be called upon by U.S. Navy commanders to destroy Iranian forces in the Persian Gulf --- should provocations, hostile actions or attacks require a lethal U.S. response.

Robot drone swarms could take the place of nukes

ByMATT AIZAWA, TOKYO With Donald Trump’s North Korea denuclearization policy seen as a failure and his loyalty to allies seriously questioned, there’s talk that South Korea and Japan might go nuclear in self-defense. But in fact, nukes are obsolete. Swarms are the new deterrent that can

Indian Government Justifies Higher Cost of Locally-Developed Su-30s\

Disagreeing with the opposition's interpretation of an audit report that found that Su-30 fighter jets supplied to the Indian Air Force by the local firm HAL are costlier that those supplied by the Russian OEM, the India government has clarified that the version being locally manufactured have been

18 Million Casualties per Hour: US Analysts Paint Grim Prospects of All-Out US-Russia Nuclear War

Moscow has repeatedly cautioned the US against deploying short and medium-range missiles near Russia’s borders in the wake of Washington's withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty. American researchers at Princeton University have presented the results of their model

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