Egypt, UAE start 3 joint military exercise

The armed forces of Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) today launched a joint military exercise, said a military spokesman, Anadolu Agency reports. Units from the special forces of the two countries are taking part in the Zayed 3 exercise in the Gulf state, according to colonel Ta

Egyptian and Italian navies carry out training in the Mediterranean

Egyptian and Italian naval forces have recently carried out transient naval training in the Mediterranean. The Egyptian frigate Al-Galala and the Italian frigate ITS Carlo Margottini took part in the training exercises after their visit to the port of Alexandria. The training is the first of its

Japan, US and France hold military drill

Dozens of Japanese, American and French troops landed amid pouring rain from a CH-47 transport helicopter onto a grassy field at a training area in southern Japan, part of Saturday’s joint scenario of defending a remote island from an enemy invasion. The three nations’ first joint dri

Saudi Arabia: Iran must be prevented from obtaining nuclear weapons

The international community must take measure to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned on Wednesday. Iran’s increase of uranium enrichment to 60 percent cannot be considered as part of a peaceful program, the ministry said in a

North Korea tests missiles in first challenge to Biden administration

North Korea test-fired missiles days after a visit to the region by top defence and diplomatic leaders, the White House said on Tuesday, in Pyongyang's first overt challenge to the administration of US President Joe Biden. But administration officials, speaking anonymously, downplayed the missile

Iran releases footage of Revolutionary Guards ‘missile city’ base

Iran released images and film footage on Monday of what it said was a new Revolutionary Guards base armed with cruise and ballistic missiles and “electronic warfare” equipment.A report on state TV described the base as a “missile city” and showed rows of what looked like mi

Lobbying firm to push for Turkey’s return to F-35 fighter jet program

ANKARA: A lobbying firm has been hired to push for Turkey’s reintegration into the US F-35 fighter jet program after being booted out of it for buying a Russian air defense system. Ankara-based SSTEK is owned by the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB), which is tasked with governing

Biden administration approves $197m arms sale to Egypt

The US State Department on Tuesday approved an arms sale to Egypt valued at about $200 million, the first weapons sale under the Biden administration. The notification of approval said the sale included rolling airframe missiles and related equipment for an estimated cost of $197m. Egypt had req

Newspaper: Russia is armed with the longest submarine in the world

The Russian Defense Ministry is preparing to acquire the "Belgorod" nuclear submarine, which is the longest submarine in the world, according to the Russian newspaper "Izvestia", reported Saturday. The newspaper pointed out that the submarine "Belgorod" (Project 09852), which has a length of 180

Iran’s army test fires short-range ‘smart’ missile

TEHRAN: Iran’s army test fired a sophisticated short-range missile on Sunday, state media reported.The report by the official IRNA news agency quoted the chief of the army’s ground forces, Gen. Kioumars Heidari, as saying that the missile’s range was 300 kilometers, or 186 miles.

UAE signs $23bn deal to buy F-35 jets, drones from US

The UAE has completed the signing of a $23 billion deal with the US to buy defense equipment and up to 50 American F-35 fighter aircraft.In a statement on its website, the Emirati embassy in Washington said: “The United Arab Emirates finalized letters of agreement (LOAs) with the US gov

US B-52 bombers fly over Middle East amid Iran tensions

US B-52H Stratofortress bombers flew over the Middle East on Sunday in a show of military strength amid heightened tensions with Iran. The “presence patrol” mission took place a a day after two Iranian ballistic missiles reportedly landed within 100 miles of a US aircraft carrier stri

Russian military police get new armored vehicles

Russian media announced that the country's military police will receive new armored transport vehicles this year. A source in the Russian Military Administration told Izvestia newspaper that the Russian Military Police forces will this year receive armored "Patrol" transport vehicles built on Kam

Iran holds large-scale drone military exercise

The Iranian military has today carried out its second day of large-scale drills showcasing a wide array of domestically-manufactured unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Yesterday speaking about the first drone combat exercise in the Semnan province, Brigadier General Kiumars Heidari said: "A large v

Israel’s defense minister favors buying one more F-35 squadron for now

Israel’s defense minister said on Monday that he wants the country to buy a third squadron of stealth F-35 warplanes from the US, and that he hoped a deal could be clinched before President Donald Trump steps down on Jan. 20.Israel has been in talks with Washington on how to preserve its mil

The completion of the modernization of a batch of Russian "MiG-31" fighters

The Russian "MiG" company, as a branch of the Russian State Corporation "Rostec", has completed the modernization process of the first batch of MiG-31 fighters. This was reported by the company’s press office and said that the Sokol factory, as a branch of the MiG, had completed the general

Russia's "Sarmat" ICBM is ready for combat rotations

The Russian Strategic Missile Forces arsenal will be equipped with a new modern missile, the "Sarmat" (R-28) missile. The new missile is supposed to start performing its combat rotation by 2022 in one of the regiments belonging to the formation of fixed platforms for strategic missiles in the Uju

The Russian army is equipped with advanced radars

Sources in the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that units of the country's army recently received a set of modern radars capable of detecting various types of air targets at long distances. According to the information available, units of the Russian army in the Rostov region recently recei