US Condemns Turkey over Test of Russian S400 System

The United States on Friday condemned Turkey after it reportedly carried out its first test of a highly advanced Russian air defense system in defiance of US warnings. The Turkish army conducted the test firing of the S400 missile defense system in the northern province of Sinop by the Blac

1st Saudi License to Manufacture Mechanical Components of ‘Eurofighter Typhoon’

The Saudi Advanced Technologies Company (Wahaj) has obtained a quality license, from BAE Systems, as the first Saudi company to manufacture mechanical components of the combat aircraft Eurofighter Typhoon in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. President of Wahaj Ayman Al-Hazmi said that obtaining this l

Saudi Arabia Launches HSI32 Speed Interceptor Boat System

The Saudi Ministry of Defense and the General Authority for Military Industries (GAMI) announced on Wednesday the launch of the first locally-manufactured HSI32 speed interceptor boats as well as the commissioning of the first Floating Dock. The Saudi local manufacturing of interceptors came in l

Israel will oppose any US F-35 sale to Qatar, Israeli cabinet minister says

 Israel will oppose any US sale of F-35 warplanes to Qatar, Israel’s intelligence minister said on Sunday, citing a need to maintain Israeli military superiority in the region.Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen made the comments on Israeli Army Radio when asked about a Reuters report that

Turkish F-16s kept in Azerbaijan as ‘deterrent’ against Armenia

Turkey has been keeping at least two F-16 fighter jets in Azerbaijan over the past few months to act as a deterrent against attacks by Armenian forces. According to a report in the New York Times yesterday, the two jets have been at Ganja International Airport in Azerbaijan’s seco

Turkey tests the controversial S-400 defense system next week. What then?

 The visit of NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg coinciding with the emergence of footage showing the transit the Russian-made S-400 missile defense system through the Black Sea city of Samsun on Tuesday points to the tension between Turkey’s defense priorities and the security of the transatl

Iran Unveils New Naval Ballistic Missile

Iran's Revolutionary Guards on Sunday unveiled a new naval ballistic missile with a potential range of over 700 kilometers, local media reported. The missile, dubbed "Zolfaghar Basir", is the naval variant of the surface-to-surface Zolfaghar ballistic missile, according to Tasnim news agency. It

US: UAE will not get F-35 jets for up to 7 years, despite Israel peace deal

US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, said that the United Arab Emirates, which has recently signed a historic US-sponsored peace deal with Israel, would not receive American F-35 stealth fighter jets for six or seven years. “The Emiratis have been trying to get the F-35 for six or seven

Egypt prepares to receive its 4th German submarine in 2021

The Egyptian Navy is preparing to receive the fourth and final Type 209/1400mod submarine (S44) from Germany in 2021, the New Khaleej reported yesterday. German reports said, according to the news site, that the Egyptian army had received special training on how to submerge the vessel i

Romania Receives US Patriot Missiles to Bolster Defenses

The Romanian army received its first shipment of US Raytheon Patriot surface-to-air missiles on Thursday to boost its defenses. “Romania has just become a safer nation by hosting these Patriot missiles on its territory. Romanian citizens are now better protected,” Prime Minister Ludov

UAE could get F-35 jets in side agreement to Israel peace deal

The United States is eyeing the sale of stealthy F-35 fighter jets to the United Arab Emirates in a side agreement to the UAE’s overtures to Israel, an industry insider who was part of the dialogue with government officials said on Wednesday, Reuters reports. A sale, which could r

Crucial UK military review confused and incoherent, say MPs

The British government has been accused of a confused approach to the defence review it hailed as the most important since the end of the Cold War, a damning report has said. The UK parliamentary Defence Committee has released a critical report published today stating that to date the Integrated

Israel, US Successfully Test 'Arrow 2' Missile Defense System

Israel said Thursday it conducted a successful test of the country’s advanced missile defense system against long-range ballistic attacks. Defense Minister Benny Gantz said the successful flight test of the Arrow-2 interceptor was part of a technological effort that "ensures that we will al

Watch AI-controlled virtual fighters take on an Air Force pilot on August 18th

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, DARPA will no longer hold an in-person event for its third and final AlphaDogfight Trial that’s scheduled to take place from August 18th to the 20th. It’ll be held virtually instead, and both participants and viewers alike can watch online as artificial

'Danger zone' Russian village is evacuated 'due to tests of Putin's new hypersonic missile' - a year after seven people were killed in explosion linked to the Zircon weapon

A Russian military village in the country's far north has been evacuated due to tests of Vladimir Putin's new hypersonic missile, Russian news reports have claimed. Some 500 locals in Nyonoksa were told they were living in a 'danger zone' and were advised to leave their homes for a 36-hour period d

Turkey tested Russian-made S-400 air defense systems on US-made jets: Reports

Turkey tested Russian-made S-400 air defense systems on US-made F-16 fighter jets in November, Russia’s news agency TASS reported, citing an unnamed source. Fighter Jets World, a military aviation website that tracks news about fighter jets, reportedly published a video from 2019 by Turkey&rs

Pakistan army says Indian spy drone shot down in Kashmir

 Pakistan’s military on Sunday said it shot down a small Indian spy drone that flew hundreds of meters into Pakistani-administered Kashmir, the ninth such downing of an Indian drone this year.The military statement said the drone was shot down in the Hot Spring border village of Kashmir,

Egypt’s El-Sisi orders army to be ready for missions abroad amid tensions over Libya

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi on Saturday ordered his army to be ready to carry out any mission inside or outside the country amid tensions over regional rival Turkey’s intervention in neighboring Libya.He also warned forces loyal to the internationally recognized Government of Natio

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