The Secret to Getting in Shape When You're Busy? Make Your Workouts Easier

For anyone who has trouble getting to the gym or working out as often as you’d like, I come bearing good news: Your workouts don’t have to be crazy hard, they don’t have to be long, and they certainly don’t have to take place in a fancy gym or studio. Unfortunately, thanks l

Nonagenarian Malaysian leader shares his secrets on longevity, acuity and health

Whether one admires his political tenacity or abhors his often controversial candidness, it is beyond dispute that Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad functions exceedingly well for a man of his age.At 94, the world’s oldest elected leader amazes people with his stamina and is frequently

Here's How Morning Exercise Can Improve Your Work Day

 Scientists are constantly learning more about the benefits of exercise: what kind is best, for how long you should exercise, and more. A new study, however, concluded that exercise can help various mental capabilities that could come in handy at work. The study, primarily from Australian res