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S.Korean Watchdog Fines Facebook $6.1 Mln

A South Korean agency for protecting personal information on Wednesday fined Facebook Inc 6.7 billion won ($6.06 million) and sought a criminal investigation for providing users' personal information to other operators without consent. The country's Personal Information Protection Commission, lau

Saudi Arabia pardons convicts sentenced with 'discretionary flogging'

Saudi Okaz newspaper said the pardon includes rulings issued prior to the Supreme Court's decision to end "flogging" as a form of punishment. Last May, the Saudi Minister of Justice and Chairman of the Supreme Judiciary Council Sheikh Walid Al-Samaani issued a circular to all courts across the ki

Israel: Gantz mulls pushing bill to dissolve Knesset

Benny Gantz has told heads of branches of his Blue and White party that Israel is heading for elections, public broadcaster Kan reported yesterday. Haaretz also reported Eitan Ginzburg, chairman of the Knesset bloc of Gantz's party, saying that they are putting forward a bill to di

Hebrew Newspaper: A settlement that allows visitors from the UAE and Bahrain to enter Al-Aqsa Mosque

"Israel Today" newspaper said that a settlement had been reached regarding the entry of visitors from the Emirates and Bahrain to Al-Aqsa Mosque without being insulted or expelled by the Palestinians, as happened in previous times. The newspaper added that representatives of the UAE, Bahrain, Jor

The New Yorker: The nephew of the North Korean leader of the CIA

The New Yorker magazine said that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) provides guard and protection for Kim Han Sol, the son of Kim Jong Nam, the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, after his father was assassinated in Malaysia in 2005. 2017. The American magazine added that Han Se

Charleston weighs wall as seas rise and storms strengthen

The rise of online hate speech is a disturbing, growing trend in countries around the world, with serious psychological consequences and the potential to impact, and even contribute to, real-world violence. Citizen-generated counter speech may help discourage hateful online rhetoric, but it has be

Twitter: We will hand over the official accounts to the president-elect on the day of the inauguration

Twitter announced that it will hand over the official account of the President of the United States of America to the administration of President-elect Joe Biden, on the day of the inauguration, January 20. Company spokesman Nick Basilio told CNN that the matter applies to several accounts, inclu

Vietnam threatens to shut down Facebook over censorship requests

Vietnam has threatened to shut down Facebook in the country if it does not bow to government pressure to censor more local political content on its platform, a senior official at the US social media giant said. Facebook complied with a government request in April to significantly increase its cen

Lebanese newspaper: Removing unlicensed dangerous materials from Beirut Port

The Lebanese Al-Akhbar newspaper said that a German company disposed of containers containing hazardous materials in the Beirut port, which did not hold a license from any European country, despite its formulation of a contract and clauses with the signature of the port administration. The newspa

The Washington Post: After fleeing to Sudan, Ethiopians from Tigrayans tell stories of brutal killings

From the temporary shelters in refugee camps in Gedaref, Sudan, across the border with Ethiopia, a Washington Post report recounts refugee accounts of what they saw as they fled the worsening conflict in the northern Tigray region of Ethiopia. "They are killing people madly," said Zamzam McConnen

'It just screams terrorist,' says Ivanka Trump about Arabic script on necklace

Ivanka Trump once berated her self-proclaimed former best friend, Lysandra Ohrstrom, for wearing a necklace inscribed with her name in Arabic. "It just screams, 'terrorist'," the so-called "First Daughter" is reported to have said. Ohrstrom says that her relationship with US President Donald Trum

Twitter Suspends Account of Iranian Oil Minister for Violating its Rules

Twitter has suspended the account of Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh because it violated the website’s rules against impersonation, the company said, according to Bloomberg. An official at Iran’s oil ministry, who asked not to be named because they’re not authorized t

Israel: Netanyahu heard calling rival Bennett 'little dog'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was heard calling his right-wing rival Naftali Bennett "little dog" in recordings dating back to 2018, local media revealed on Saturday. The recording was aired by Israeli TV Channel 13, which said it would air more recordings today. According to&nb

Middle East Eye: Biden's winning means the end of an era for Netanyahu

The British "Middle East Eye" website published an analytical article by journalist and writer "Myron Rapoport", in which it sheds light on the implications of Democrat Joe Biden's victory in the presidency of the United States on the political reality of the Israeli occupation, especially with re

Al-Ghadrian: Biden opposed killing "bin Laden" and this is what he did with Obama after the operation

Former US President Barack Obama revealed that Joe Biden, his deputy, when an American force carried out the killing of Osama bin Laden, the leader of the terrorist "Al Qaeda" organization in Pakistan in 2011, advised him to wait and not carry out the operation. According to the British newspaper

Twitter Says Flagged 300,000 'Misleading' Election Tweets

Twitter labeled 300,000 tweets related to the US presidential election as "potentially misleading" in the two weeks surrounding the vote, making up 0.2 percent of election-related posts, the company said Thursday. The social network said the labels were issued between October 27 and November 11,

The Times: The American Corona vaccine will be 7 times more expensive than the British Oxford vaccine

The "Times" newspaper said that the emerging coronavirus vaccine developed by the American company Pfizer will be 7 times more expensive than the Oxford University vaccine. It quoted British officials as believing that the Oxford vaccine will overcome the logistical challenges and complexities re

TikTok Files Last-minute Petition Against Trump Order

TikTok asked a Washington court Tuesday to stop an order from US President Donald Trump's administration from taking effect this week as the White House seeks to ban the Chinese-owned app in the United States. Chinese company ByteDance is facing a Thursday deadline to restructure ownership of the

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