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Incirlik: Time for the U.S. Military to Leave

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stopped in Cyprus on September 12 amidst heightened tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean while on his way to the Middle East. Shortly before Pompeo arrived, the Cypriot National Guard began a week-long exercise with the U.S. Navy. Senator Ron Johnson, meanwhile, has

US officials to ban TikTok, WeChat downloads from Sunday

WASHINGTON: US officials on Friday ordered a ban on downloads of the popular Chinese-owned mobile applications WeChat and TikTok from Sunday, saying they threaten national security.   Read More: Parents warned that it had fallen into the hands of their children ... "Tik Tok" is racing

U.S. investors set to own majority stake in TikTok Global -source

U.S. investors, including Oracle Corp ORCL.N, are set to hold at least a 60% stake in TikTok, a person briefed on the matter told Reuters.  The U.S. Treasury submitted a revised term sheet to ByteDance late Wednesday to address national security concerns that was agreed to by the Chines

UAE buys Egypt journalists’ silence on normalisation deal

Members of the Journalists’ Syndicate in Egypt have ignored the issue of the normalisation deals between the UAE, Bahrain and Israel, New Khaleej reported on Wednesday. This is, apparently, because the UAE has paid the union’s members not to cover the deals. Moreover, the un

Egyptian YouTubers could face jail time for 'blackface' prank on daughter

Egyptian YouTubers Ahmad Hassan and his wife Zeinab could face a possible jail term, according to a child expert, after a prank video showed them scaring heir infant daughter and laughing as she cried.  Dr. Sahar Al-Sunbati, undersecretary of the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood

Politico: The Trump campaign is using Russian warplanes to call on the American people to support the military

In a propaganda in support of the US military published by Donald Trump's campaign, it found only Russian aircraft to invite Americans to love and support their armed forces. And it appears as Politco magazine is one of the many mistakes the campaign is making in an attempt to secure a second vic

TikTok Rejects Microsoft Buyout Offer

US tech giant Microsoft said Sunday its offer to buy TikTok was rejected, leaving Oracle as the sole remaining bidder ahead of a looming deadline for the Chinese-owned video app to sell or shut down its US operations. The Wall Street Journal and New York Times reported that Oracle had won the bid

Facebook removes posts linking Oregon wildfires to activist groups

Facebook has started removing false claims that the deadly wildfires in Oregon were started by various left-wing and right-wing groups, a spokesman for the social media company said on Saturday, after the rumors left state officials inundated with queries for information. Since early this week, s

China will release five Indian nationals detained at border: Global Times

China will release five Indian nationals it detained earlier this month in a region bordering Tibet, state-back tabloid Global Times reported on Saturday, citing unnamed sources. The five were Indian intelligence agents dressed as hunters, the paper said, disputing claims that they had been kidna

Facebook most common platform for anti-Palestinian racism in Israel

Facebook, as well as several Israeli mass media outlets, is the most common media platform used to deliver anti-Palestinian racism and incitement, a specialist report has concluded. A quantitative report conducted in August by the Arab Centre for Media Freedom, Development and Research

The Independent: Trump plans to blow up a "surprise" in October

The British Independent newspaper said that US President Donald Trump and his electoral team are seeking to set off a "surprise" next October, in order to repeat the same conditions that contributed to his victory in the 2016 presidential elections. The newspaper reported that veteran employees o

A Hebrew newspaper reveals the main player in reaching the normalization agreement between the UAE and Israel

A Hebrew newspaper revealed the main player in reaching the normalization agreement between Israel and the UAE. The Hebrew newspaper "Israel Hayom", on Thursday 10 September 2020, quoted the former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, how he contributed greatly to the achievement of the Israeli-Em

Parents warned that it had fallen into the hands of their children ... "Tik Tok" is racing against time to remove a suicide clip

The TikTok app tries to Removing graphic videos from the app showing a man shooting himself with a gun, and blocking the accounts of people who re-upload the clip.TikTok tries to remove graphic videos on the app that show a man shooting himself with a gun, and block the accounts of people who re-u

The New York Times: Corona vaccine ... a heated battle between spies

The American New York Times said that a fierce intelligence war is currently raging, at a time when China and Russia have intensified their efforts to steal the scientific research carried out by US institutions and companies to discover a vaccine for the emerging corona virus (Covid-19). The new

Snap releases its first-ever B2B marketing campaign

The developer of US multimedia messaging app Snapchat has launched its first-ever business-to-business (B2B) marketing campaign. The initiative aims to shed light on how Snapchatters are driving new ways to use technology while at the same time changing culture for the better in the Middle East.

Facebook Bans Indian Ruling Party Politician for Policy Violation

Facebook Inc. has banned a member of India’s ruling party for violating its policies covering violence and hate, as Mark Zuckerberg’s company finds itself caught in a debate over how it handles political content in its biggest market. The company said on Thursday it had banned politic

Facebook Partners With Two More Companies Ahead of FTC Hearing on Data Portability

Facebook Inc said on Thursday its users can transfer photos and videos stored on its servers to two new tech platforms - its latest move to address antitrust concerns by giving users an option to easily leave the company's services. The social media company's new partners are cloud storage firms

Israeli journalists speak of ‘historic trip’ to Abu Dhabi

History was made after Israel’s first official delegation landed in Abu Dhabi on Monday, weeks after the two sides signed a peace treaty signaling a move toward cooperation and prosperity, with journalists on the trip telling Arab News about their experience. The landmark direct flight by I

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