Canada’s Trudeau to remain in power but with minority government

OTTAWA- Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will remain in power but with a minority government that will require the support of a smaller left-leaning party, official results showed on Monday after a hard-fought battle in which he was dogged by scandals.The Liberals had won or were leading in 15

Justin Trudeau wears protective vest after unspecified threat

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau donned a bulletproof vest for an election campaign rally on Saturday, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. cited sources saying a security threat had been received.Pictures taken at the event in the Ontario city of Mississauga outside Toronto showed Mr Trudeau

Photo Shows Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Dressed Up in Brownface

BY ANNA PURNA KAMBHAMPATY , MADELEINE CARLISLE AND MELISSA CHAN   Justin Trudeau, Canada’s prime minister, wore brownface makeup to a party at the private school where he was teaching in the spring of 2001. TIME has obtained a photograph of the incident. The photograph has not been pre

PM Justin Trudeau calls Canadian general election for 21 October

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called a federal election for 21 October. Opinion polls are indicating it will be a tough race for Mr Trudeau, who is seeking a second term in office. The campaign is expected to focus on issues of affordability, the economy and climate issues. The prime