The best university majors for girls

After passing the high school exam and succeeding in it, students are looking forward to choosing a major suitable for their personality and ambitions, and with the difference in lifestyle, development and technology entry, there are many specializations that have a bright professional future, in

Saudi schools to start teaching philosophy and critical thinking

The ideas of Plato, the writings of John Locke and the musings of Immanuel Kant may soon be the buzz of classrooms in Saudi Arabia as schools across the kingdom begin teaching philosophy and critical thinking for the first time. In an attempt to promote freedom of thought and tolerance among stud

Sudan Postpones New School Year for 2 Weeks

The Sudanese Supreme Committee for Health Emergencies announced that the new school year will be postponed for two weeks due to the second wave of coronavirus. The committee stated, in a press statement, that it aims to ensure that the educational institutions apply health requirements and provid

Hong Kong to Close More Schools to Fight Virus

Hong Kong has suspended in-person classes for lower primary school students after the city’s top health official said the coronavirus situation in the territory was rapidly deteriorating. Classes for primary 1 to 3 students will be suspended for two weeks from Monday. The suspension comes j

G20 Sets Plans to Save Education From Pandemic Repercussions

Saudi Education Minister Dr. Hamad Bin Mohammed Al-Sheikh confirmed that the Kingdom had placed two education-related priorities on its presidency agenda for the G20 summit; early childhood education and internationalization. When the Covid-19 pandemic emerged, a third priority centered on educat

How to choose the right master's program for you?

Obtaining an advanced degree after completing a bachelor’s degree in a specialized field can be a great professional and personal achievement with many benefits. However, there are many programs to choose from that can benefit you and possibly help you land a high-paying job after graduation

Egypt to suspend education in event of COVID-19 second wave

Egypt’s education minister has warned that an expected second wave of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) could see a suspension of education in the country. But Tarek Shawky gave reassurances that should such measures be necessary alternative arrangements would be made to complete the schoo

Schools in Iraqi Kurdistan Region Suspended for 1 Month over Pandemic

The Ministry of Health in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region announced on Sunday the suspension of schools for one month after a surge in the number of coronavirus infections among students and teachers. The ministry revealed the decision following a meeting with the Supreme Committee to confront the cor

Israeli Elementary School Classes Reopen

Israel reopened elementary school classes after a six-week shutdown on Sunday as the country eases restrictions following a nationwide lockdown that began in September. First to fourth grade students will attend school four days a week, with up to 20 students in each class. Students and teachers

Fun home experiments to simplify science to your child

Scientific sites offer experiences dedicated to fun and connecting children with science, by mixing some materials, which give exciting chemical effects to attract children to understand more about science, and among those sites is the "ScienceFun" site, which is a site that contains thousands of

Most of Oman’s grade schoolers to continue remote education

Oman’s Ministry of Education said all students except for 12th graders will continue remote education, daily Times of Oman reported.“Students from the Grade 1 to Grade 11 will study through the remote learning system, except for Grade 12 students who will have to attend their schools o

Study: A safe place for students in the classroom that protects them from infection with the Corona virus

A new study recently conducted by American researchers at the University of New Mexico claimed that students who sit in the back corner of the classroom, which has long been a field for children with less qualified education, may become safer for children from infection with the emerging corona vi

Before schools ... everything you need to know about the danger of Corona on children

Magdy Badran, a member of the Egyptian Society of Allergy and Immunology, and the International Society of Infectious Diseases and Immune Disorders, said that all children are susceptible to infection with the Coronavirus Covid-19, but children are affected by it from one person to another, and no

Kenya: Children return to schools after 6 months

After spending six months inside their homes due to restrictions enforced due to COVID-19 pandemic, children walked to their schools across Kenya on Monday, except in two regions. Under strict measures, which included maintaining hygiene, sanitation and disinfection measures, children studying in

UNESCO Highlights Saudi Education Ministry’s Efforts to Confront Pandemic

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has published a report on the efforts of the Saudi Ministry of Education in confronting the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic during the second semester of the last school year. The detailed report published on its websi

Gradual return to schools in Gaza to start next week

The Palestinian Education Ministry in Gaza has started preparing for the gradual return to school which could start on 10 October. This came after more than 40 days of closures in the wake of the first COVID-19 cases in the community. Deputy Education Minister Ziyad Thabet said that hi

Universities have invested in online learning – and it can provide students with value for money

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, so does universities’ reliance on online teaching, prompting complaints from students that they are not getting full value from tuition fees. Students who have returned to campus fear that their university experience as a whole is being dimini

Thailand’s ‘Bad Students’ demand education reform

Thailand’s “Bad Student” campaigners toured Bangkok high schools in a truck on Friday in a protest cheered on by pupils to demand education reform and an end to the harassment of students and of school rules they say are outdated. The school demonstrations are part of an anti-go

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