Grammar schools hit with complaints over plans to prioritise poorer children, watchdog says

Grammar schools are facing complaints over their plans to give greater priority to poorer children, the school admissions watchdog has said. More than two in five of all new complaints to the schools adjudicator in the last year were about grammar schools, according to the regulator’s annual

Students say they don't understand university offer-making. This must change

Education is a great leveller, a route for people from disadvantaged backgrounds to improve their lives. We know graduates tend do better and earn more in full-time employment. More 18-year-olds from disadvantaged backgrounds are going to university than ever before, but they remain three times les

This school could change the way we think about buildings in Bangladesh. The secret? It floats

Imagine buying a plot of land on which you hope to build a school, only to visit one day and find that plot of land under three metres of water. You’d probably be furious with whoever it was that sold you the land and then try never to think about your expensive mistake again. Razia Alam took

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