Building an Ergonomic Home Office: How to Fix Your WFH Posture

There's plenty to love about working from home. You can cook something during your lunch break, instead of shelling out for a salad. You can ditch the repeat trips to the water fountain. The din of the open plan gives way to blessed silence. (Or, uh, construction.) But what WFH life giveth, it also

Out of school, Arab pupils turn to internet and TV

Either on television as in Libya or on tablets in the IT-savvy Gulf monarchies, in the time of novel coronavirus millions of schoolchildren around the Arab world are now learning lessons at home. Governments across the region have shuttered schools forcing pupils to stay away in a bid to combat the

How Med Students Can Stay Safe From Coronavirus

MEDICAL SCHOOL IS demanding regardless of the circumstances, but now is an especially challenging time to be studying medicine. The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has sparked public fear, and it's understandable for a medical student to feel anxiety – especially if he or she is in clinical rota

Educate children in their mother tongue, urges UN rights expert

According to Fernand de Varennes, this is not only necessary for inclusive, quality education but also to respect the human rights of all children. The Special Rapporteur said that: “Education in a minority’s mother tongue, combined with quality teaching of the official language, is mor

Grammar schools hit with complaints over plans to prioritise poorer children, watchdog says

Grammar schools are facing complaints over their plans to give greater priority to poorer children, the school admissions watchdog has said. More than two in five of all new complaints to the schools adjudicator in the last year were about grammar schools, according to the regulator’s annual

Students say they don't understand university offer-making. This must change

Education is a great leveller, a route for people from disadvantaged backgrounds to improve their lives. We know graduates tend do better and earn more in full-time employment. More 18-year-olds from disadvantaged backgrounds are going to university than ever before, but they remain three times les

This school could change the way we think about buildings in Bangladesh. The secret? It floats

Imagine buying a plot of land on which you hope to build a school, only to visit one day and find that plot of land under three metres of water. You’d probably be furious with whoever it was that sold you the land and then try never to think about your expensive mistake again. Razia Alam took

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