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A hygienic smartwatch from Withings .. recognizes the most dangerous symptoms

Withings announced the launch of its new ScanWatch hybrid smart watch, which provides many health functions with high accuracy, such as identifying sleep apnea syndrome, through a new update that will be launched at the end of this year. The French company stated that the new smart watch includes

Smart tricks to choose the right clothes without trying them

After many countries relaxed the precautionary measures taken to prevent corona, some have the ability to shop and buy new clothes; However, many stores refuse to experiment with clothes, especially with the spread of the epidemic, which puts customers in a great dilemma. Fashion experts presente

Foods that help to build the muscles

One of the common mistakes that burning calories helps in losing weight, because the body needs basic calories to recover and build muscle faster, so the process of building muscle is the process by which the size of the main muscles shown in the body is increased, and in this article we know five

Fundraising record, knighthood, now a book: UK veteran Moore ponders what's next

He turned 100, raised nearly 40 million pounds for Britain’s health service and was knighted by the queen. But for Captain Tom Moore, the achievements of 2020 aren’t over: he has written an autobiography and plans more charity work. The World War Two veteran became a national hero for

More than just a friend ... 7 signs that your colleague is in love with you

Have you ever wondered if your best friend loves you as more than just a friend? If you think you have feelings without being sure, this article may help you confirm. Here are 7 subtle signs that your best friend is a secret fan of you, according to The Good Men Project. 1- Everyone thinks that

An affordable drink that eliminates "snoring"

Snoring causes many health problems, and it mainly occurs due to increased mucus secretions in the nasal passages and throat, which reduces the smooth flow of air. According to "healthy-holistic-living", which is concerned with news of medicine and health, there is a simple yet effective solution

For men only ... 10 tips to make your fragrance last as long as possible

Men and women have been scented for thousands of years, and the fragrance improves the first impression that a man leaves and even increases his confidence, so here are 10 tips for the fragrance to last as long as possible instead of spraying the scent continuously and cumbersome to the monthly bu

How to get over 'career fear'

Making big life decisions isn’t easy, but it’s something we all have to do from time to time. Whether it’s moving to a new company or a different role or changing careers completely, knowing whether you’re doing the right thing can seem impossible. From your finances to th

Ahmed Eid Al Muhairi ... "A Colleague of Einstein"

The Emirati scientist, Dr. Ahmed Eid Al Muhairi, is one of the most prominent international scientists in the field of theoretical physics research, due to his multiple scientific contributions and various research, which dealt with a range of phenomena, the most important of which is black holes

How do you avoid answering personal questions?

How do you respond when someone asks you a personal question? If I were like the majority, you would hesitate and think, "Why are you asking me this question?" Then you might try hard to find the appropriate response? Whether the question is from a friend, family member, or someone else, curious

How to coordinate the choice of shirt

Your choice of the shirt that you wear with the suit will become more important when you decide not to wear a tie, the more casual or fashionable the shirt you wear, the better it will be. It is advisable to wear a classic oxford shirt, or a shirt with a limited number of buttons, or made of color

A quick home exercise to get rid of shoulder pain.

Most of us spend a long time in front of the office, whether for work or study, and we are in a forward bending position, especially when we use laptops or computers, which makes us more vulnerable to shoulder pain and problems. And to completely eliminate shoulder pain, we show you steps to do a

Are there vitamins for men to conceive males?

Studies and research conducted in this topic, one of which was published at the University of Malta, found that there are two main factors that help increase the chances of reproduction, namely, how and when a couple has sex. According to the study, when a married couple has sex more than once, t

Men's hair dye method

It is preferred if it is your first experience of dyeing your hair, go to the barber shop to complete this task to get an attractive look free from errors, but if you want to do it at home yourself, you must follow this simple method to ensure a satisfactory result - Prepare the necessary materia

Which is better to marry for love or traditional marriage?

Marriage is one of the most important social institutions that a person builds and that affects all aspects of his life, so everyone seeks to find the right person. We find marital relationships that arise after a love story between the two people, while there is a traditional or arranged marriag

One Million perfume highlights

Every man seeks to be elegant with an attractive and wonderful appearance, and of course he cannot achieve this through his clothes only, but he achieves this through his perfume as well, so he is careful when choosing his perfume so that it is an attractive and strong fragrance that gives him a w

He lived a short life full of heroics and was honored by Italy after his departure

Anti-fascist Afro-Italian partisan Giorgio Marincola lived a brief but heroic life. Born September 23, 1923, in the south central coastal town of Mahaday in what was then called Italian Somaliland, he was the son of Italian military officer Joseph Marincola and a Somali woman, Aschiro Hassan. His

Rejected in an Interview? 8 Things You Can Do to Feel Better

Acceptance and rejection are part of life. We’ve all been in situations when we brutally got rejected in an interview even after putting in a lot of effort. So, if you’re upset about getting rejected in an interview, then you’re basically wasting your valuable time.Why would you

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