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Opulens perfume by Mavroki

It has fresh properties that start with citrus notes such as aromatic lemon, lime, orange and a blend of herbs. The middle notes are dominated by a blend of rose flowers, jasmine, lily of the valley, melon fruit, pear and spicy fruits. At the base are musk, amber, leather, sweet vanilla and woody

Classic Cartier Santos Dumont men's watch

Cartier is one of the favorite brands of the world's biggest personalities, owned by members of the royal families and many celebrities. The luxury jewelry brand stands behind some of the hottest new watches and Santos-Dumont the classic men's watch is no exception. The watch first appeared in 1

New York Fashion Week raises the bar for emerging brands

When New York Fashion Week returned, its presentations showed the evolution of emerging menswear brands, as nearly a dozen emerging designers showcased their 2022 collections, incorporating many aspects of excellence. Emerging designers this year sought inspiration from the reality of sitting at

Japanese man claims he slept just 30 minutes a day for 12 years

Japanese Daisuke Hori has an exciting daily sleep routine, through which he managed to reduce the number of his daily sleep hours from eight hours to only 30 minutes over the past 12 years, stressing at the same time that he is in good health, according to what foreign media reported on Saturday.T

Couple get married underwater in tank with reef sharks

A couple who are avid scuba-divers have taken their passion to the next level by getting married underwater. Lisa Huggins and Christopher Jackson wed in an 864,000-litre tropical oceanarium at the Bear Grylls Adventure centre in Marston Green, Warwickshire. Among the creatures present in the tan

Roja Parfums Elysium

Roja perfumes are well known and famous and have their own place in the perfume world. This fragrance makes bergamot shine beyond description by adding notes of citrus, grapefruit and lemon in addition to musk, rose and fruit notes. The result is a very complex scent for a luxurious, distinctive a

Types of communication skills

  Communication skills are one of the most in-demand skills on the job and an indispensable key to success at work. Communication skills help you advance your career, be competitive, and succeed. We'll go over the importance of communication skills and some tips and ways you can develop them

Best Daniele Alessandrini Men's Leather Jacket

This nautical jacket from Daniele Alessandrini is a unique icon in the world of outerwear and comes in a sophisticated shade of dark blue. After you reach a certain age, wearing a leather jacket can seem like a risky move. But the sophistication and sophistication of this men's blue leather jacke

What is the most common disease?

Alzheimer's disease is one of the most common types of dementia, and it occurs due to the death of nerve cells in the brain, especially with age. The latest research on Alzheimer's showed that its most prominent symptoms are forgetfulness and loss of direction, in addition to language and cogniti

Paris Saint-Germain's formal and informal clothing by Dior

International designer Kim Jones, artistic director of men's clothing collections at "Dior", has taken the world of fashion and sports to a new level, as he designed a new collection for the "Paris Saint-Germain" team for the next two seasons. Learn about the features of these designs: This sophi

Reasons why traveling with your wife is the best

Everyone loves to travel, right? Why not, there is so much to explore and learn about this world, culture and people! While enjoying a life-changing experience; So why not take your BFF? According to, imagine having fun conversations about shopping and deals between you and your BFF, alb

Higher stress levels raise blood pressure, risk of heart attack and stroke, study finds

Is that stress pumping steadily through your veins? Even if your blood pressure is normal right now, high stress levels may put you at risk of developing hypertension within the next decade or so, a new study found. When the stress hormone cortisol continues to increase over time, you may also be

YSL L'Homme Sport your unique fragrance

This fragrance is described as combining the audacity of Yves Saint Laurent and the freshness of a sporty fragrance in a blend that exudes masculinity. L'Homme Spur is a woody fragrance that starts with a refreshing introduction of aldehyde, which has a metallic and soapy character, with Verbena f

How can you prepare the appropriate organizational guide for your company?

Companies are constantly looking for the perfect organization of work, so they need to rely on all the factors that will help to achieve this goal. Among the important tools to be taken care of, is the company's organizational guide. In this article, we will talk about everything related to prepar

About the new Pilot Automatic watch

The new Pilot Automatic “Laureus Sport for Good” Edition (Ref. IW328101) is the fifteenth edition of the Laureus Special Collection. For the first time, this version features a blue ceramic case, as well as the Laureus Blue brand dial. The dark blue color of ceramics is the result of

The Best Shirt for men

Youth blazers that suit you in the winter, as many young people prefer to wear blazers on many occasions and outings, whether while going to work, meeting your colleagues, attending a job interview, or even going out for a walk, especially as winter is approaching, in which young people need a typ

An easy recipe to prevent knee roughness

An Egyptian consultant in the treatment of joint and spine pain presented an easy recipe for preventing knee roughness. Dr. Sami Kandil said, during his meeting yesterday on "Echo of the Country" channel, that the knee needs attention from the individual over the years of life, stressing the need

? Who is Emmy Award

Ed Asner, whose Emmy Award-winning supporting role as the gruff but lovable Lou Grant on the 1970s situation comedy "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" led to his own Emmy Award-winning starring role in the spinoff dramatic series "Lou Grant," has died. He was 91. Asner, an outspoken liberal activist who