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A character that makes you more attractive in the eyes of others

When your relationship with someone fails or you feel like you don't get along with someone, you may be quick to blame chemistry or intangibles that didn't help you agree. This may be true to some extent, because the difference between personality types may be the main reason for your inability to

Exercises are permitted and prohibited during a cold.

Cold and common cold are among the most prevalent and most annoying diseases. When infected with either of them, the patient feels lack of energy, the inability to breathe normally, in addition to headaches and other symptoms. The patient usually tends to reduce his activity, whatever his type, an

Under the leadership of the richest man in the world, get to know the wealthy of the G20 summit

The world's rich are awaiting the results of the historic summit of the G20 leaders, hosted by the Saudi capital, Riyadh, with great optimism that the summit will contribute to advancing the global economy after the long recession caused by the economic crisis of the Corona epidemic. The G20 incl

Why do men over 40 avoid getting married and starting a family?

Psychology experts have indicated that men who have exceeded the age of forty years rarely have the desire to marry or form a family, and experts attributed this to the entry of a man at this age stage in the stage of maturity, which reflects negatively on his making critical fateful decisions Th

Vera Wang for Men

This fragrance was Vera Wang's first experience in the world of men's perfumes after she had released several collections of women's perfumes. It has touches of masculinity and bursts of freshness, traits that closely resemble Will Smith, wherever he is a breath of fresh air with his vitality and

Clear signs in the mouth indicate cancer

The British Oral Health Foundation has provided a set of advice on how to spot cancer early in this part of the body. The specialists in this institution advised to pay attention to the following problems that may indicate cancer: Lumps, swellings, and lumps in the head and neck Read More: 

What is the relationship linking the lining of the retina with Alzheimer's disease?

Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia, which is a group of brain disorders characterized by a general loss of mental abilities, including memory, judgment, language and abstract thinking. And the impact of Alzheimer's disease is not limited to brain cells only, as a recent study

The Montblanc Explorer from Montblanc

It is a funky fragrance that combines aromatic notes of wood and leather. At the top of the fragrance, the scent of Italian bergamot reveals the bright, upbeat and energetic side of the fragrance. Combine with hardened French sage, as well as pink pepper to create a distinctive dialogue. Then ve

Disagreements fight diseases and prolong the life of married life

The experts advised opening an area for constructive communication and positive debate based on sound foundations between the two parties to ensure the validity of the marital relationship and the expression of anger in a manner acceptable to both sides of the relationship. Experts indicated that

For diabetic patients ... food and drinks to reduce "foot cramps" at night

The Federal Center for Health Education in Germany explained why diabetics suffer from cramps in the feet and soles of the legs. The center said: When blood sugar is very high, the kidneys filter the sugar and drain it from the body through the urine. Meanwhile, some minerals, such as magnesium

Five things singles should enjoy before marriage

Each age stage has its beauty and responsibilities, so the interests of each person differ according to his responsibilities and age group. Singles have different interests from married couples, so we advise them to enjoy this period in a variety of ways before the responsibilities of marriage, in

The reason for choosing November 19 as International Men's Day

International Men's Day (IMD) is an annual international event celebrated on November 19, it is an occasion to celebrate men's achievements and contributions, particularly for their contributions to the country, community, family, marriage, and childcare. The broader and ultimate goal of this even

Features of Gucci Guilty Black

Gucci Guilty Black also has several versions. The latest release was during the current year, which is "Gucci Black Home Eau de Parfum". Top notes are rose, hot red pepper, balsamic vinegar and salt. The heart of the fragrance contains orange blossom, orange blossom and lavender, and the base cons

Relaxing exercises and immediate stress relief

Certain exercises relax the body, helping the body to relieve tension and calm anxious minds at the same time. These exercises may not be a cure-all, but they feel good in their own time. According to the American Psychiatric Association, stress can cause muscles to contract when your body tries

Shoes inspired by Porsche cars

The company of the popular Puma brand launched a line of luxury sneakers entirely inspired by the modern 911 Turbo cars named Porsche Design x Puma Icons of Fast; Initial price of US $ 150. The group included 8 shoes of different colors, but the strange thing is the distinctive marketing method a

Learn how to conduct a short job interview in English between two people

Doing a job interview in English is one of the most common things these days in large, emerging or medium companies and organizations. The recruiter or human resources officer conducts a short job interview with you in English to make sure that you are able to use the language that you may have to

Bay Creed is the favorite for kings

The issue of choosing a good perfume that suits your taste may be a difficult task in front of you, and you need to make some effort to get what you want, it is necessary that you choose a perfume that shows the sophistication that you enjoy, and it also does not have to be offbeat and permeable t

Piaget watch - the sublime grandeur of delicacy

The sleek and delicate wrist watch aesthetics have recently been rediscovered and restored, prompting a large number of manufacturers to return them to their catalogs. But Piaget has consistently distinguished itself by its superiority in the subject of ultra-thinness since the creation of the han

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