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BOSS x Russell Athletic collection for a chic youthful look

Fashion brand BOSS, in collaboration with Russell Athletic, has launched a bold casual wear collection for the rising generation, for a modern and elegant look, where knitwear, jackets, shorts and pants embody the sporty and sophisticated character in one look. The BOSS x Russell Athletic collect

How many steps a day help you lose weight?

The skinny wants to gain weight, the one who has excess weight wants to lose it, and the one who has a normal rate either considers himself fat or skinny and therefore wants adjustments of some kind. There is no calorie counting, no carbohydrate deprivation, or even classification of foods accord

Fashion mistakes that spoil your look

In the world of fashion, there are rules that must be followed in order not to make mistakes that lead to spoiling the appearance that we are keen to appear. Where many men make mistakes when choosing the right style for them. Here are seven fashion mistakes that most men make. 1- Putting perfume

New racing glasses

Put a sign "Ray-Ban" in collaboration with Ferrari "Scuderia Ferrari" team glasses designs inspired by the racing group. And enjoy each frame shield horse Leaper "Prancing Horse Shield" and the iconic color grading black, red and yellow bright. RB8356M These goggles have sharp angles and high-po

Diseases that need sleep to eradicate

Sometimes the treatment of many diseases is sleep, so the patient gets adequate rest when sick, this strengthens the immune system and speeds up recovery. What diseases need sleep to eliminate: 1- flu When you have the flu, it is recommended to get a good amount of sleep and rest, because

Causes of stomach pain with gas

Head stomach pain is felt in the upper part of the abdomen, specifically in the middle or under the rib cage, and it is often not a cause for concern, as you may only feel stomach pain, but sometimes it may be associated with a group of other serious conditions, which may pose a threat to life. In

Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Edition AMG: A chronograph inspired by automotive engineering

IWC Schaffhausen and Mercedes-AMG have launched the "AMG" Pilot's Watch Chronograph Edition. The watch is the latest innovation dedicated to celebrating the partnership between the Swiss luxury watchmaker and the German automaker since 2004. IWC's first Pilot's Watch Chronograph watch is made of

111-year-old Australian man shares his secret to long life, eating chicken brains

Australia’s oldest-ever man has included eating chicken brains among his secrets to living more than 111 years. Retired cattle rancher Dexter Kruger on Monday marked 124 days since he turned 111, a day older than World War I veteran Jack Lockett was when he died in 2002. Kruger told Austra

Gc TechnoClass watch

This elegant watch is a masterpiece of technology, and a great gift for the man keen to impress others with his elegance from a distance. The most striking feature of this technical masterpiece is the sturdy 44 mm case with arcs on the sides. The streamlined bezel ring adds a classic touch and cap

Obvious Parfums Un Musc:

Perfumes that depend on the raw musk scent without adding any other combinations to it are flourishing recently and we have seen a lot of these men's fragrances from various companies and now Obvious Parfums is presenting its version of this perfume. The fragrance was launched last fall season -

Yeezy Adidas Sneaker Boost 350 v2 faded

If you want to catch the attention of anyone who loves sneakers, talk to them about "Adidas Yeezy Boost" shoes and you will get a lot of attention from him, they are one of the groups that all men are looking for most. Kanye West has changed the concept of sneakers since its launch with Yeezy sne

What type of sweat indicates a health risk?

The Russian doctor, Lyudmila Lapa, explained that the cold sweat accompanied by a high temperature indicates the need to see a doctor. In a televised interview, the doctor indicated that sweating refers to two things: poisoning or an increase in the internal body temperature, and the sweat may be

Creed by Aventus is for anyone looking for elegance

Lovers of dramatic life can find their way in the wonderful Aventus perfumes, being one of the best men's perfumes that are characterized by a sense of success and strength, and men are given an impression of a life of war, peace and romance as well, which is the same life that Emperor Napoleon li

When is a man entitled to a second marriage according to Sharia?

Sharia permitted a man to a second marriage, setting some conditions that guarantee the first wife her full rights, regardless of the reasons for the second marriage, and the first of which was achieving justice in general, with regard to alimony, accommodation, treatment and marital cohabitation,

Guide to stay fit during the holy month of Ramadan

Now that we are in the course of the holy month of Ramada, (April 12 – May 12) there are pertinent questions fitness enthusiasts have with regards to maintaining their workout regimes while fasting. Staying fit during this time of prayer and fasting can seem tough, but you can still manage

The best types of watches for travelers

GMT watches are an indispensable gift for travelers as they operate automatically on GMT without any interference from you, in fact the word GMT is short for Greenwich Mean Time and was initially a very necessary tool for pilots at the beginning of the aviation era. The first GMT watches were man

Yeezy shoes Adidas Boost 350

If you want to catch the attention of anyone who loves sneakers, talk to them about "Adidas Yeezy Boost" shoes and you will get a lot of attention from him, they are one of the groups that all men are looking for most. Kanye West has changed the concept of sneakers since its launch with Yeezy sne

Can you benefit from sleep in building muscle?

Sleep works to treat muscle damage and helps them grow through the secretion of the hormone estrogen during sleep, which in turn increases muscle strength. Sleep also plays a big role in immune function and bodybuilding, and we will give some of the points in this area: Make sure that the lights