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The Real Reason Why Athletes Are Giving Up Meat

The spurt of interest in giving up meat is due to various reasons, from the food safety concerns to the global Coranvirus pandemic. This trend is being seen in even sportspersons and athletes.The number of people turning or thinking of turning vegetarian are increasing manifold all over the planet

10 best men's deodorants that prevent sweat, mitigate odour and soothe irritated skin

Armpits can be a lot to handle. Sweaty, smelly, hairy; even the well-behaved ones can be a bit of a pain, which is why it is so important to find the right deodorant.Able to prevent sweat, mitigate odour and soften coarse hair, deodorants are a necessity in anyone's toiletry arsenal.As more and mo

9 best men's watches you'll want to show off

You can tell a lot about a man by the watch he wears. Whether he’s into sports and is only really concerned about an easy to use stop-watch, or loves something that does it all like a smartwatch, or prefers the finer things in life and has something that’s a real investment.Before buy

TOGA VIRILIS FW20 Goes All Out on '50s Tailoring, Western Embellishments and Shimmer

After TOGA unveiled its collaboration with SUICOKE earlier this month, the brand’s clothing division TOGA VIRILIS has now showcased its Fall/Winter 2020 collection.The Tokyo-based, Yasuko Furuta-helmed label presents plenty of standout looks for this upcoming season, with lots of pieces adop

EDEN Power Corp FW20 Studies the Style of Mushrooms

    Eco-conscious label EDEN Power Corp‘s latest cold weather offering, “Mycelium Research & Development,” draws from its namesake organism to deliver a collection of ethically-crafted workwear silhouettes ideal for hunters and gatherers. The mushroom-inspired offer

A Closer Look at the Garage Italia x HUBLOT Millennial Pink Big Bang Chronograph

Our latest edition to our Closer Look series takes us to HUBLOT pink Big Bang with Garage Italia. The 42mm case is made with a satin-finished and polished “Millennial Pink” anodized aluminum and is one of the more fun and colorful watches in its price range. With an extensive backgrou

Armani, YNAP Sign Deal to Integrate Online and Store Networks

Italian fashion house Giorgio Armani has struck a deal with online retailer Yoox Net-a-Porter to better integrate the luxury group’s e-commerce site with its network of physical stores, the two companies said on Wednesday. The two groups have cooperated for 20 years and Armani’s main

Valentino Takes Haute Couture to the Circus in Rome Show

Italian luxury group Valentino had models suspended from swings in flowing white gowns against a pitch-black background in a circus-inspired haute couture show, live-streamed from Rome on Tuesday. After being forced to cancel events, close shops and halt manufacturing during lockdowns triggered b

The power of touch: Years before I came out, I found the tenderness I craved at the barber

He asks about my summer and if I’m playing baseball, and parachutes a navy-blue drop cloth over my head. He says I’m getting taller, and the edge of his fingers tickle and tuck the tissue against the back of my neck. He asks whether my brother is starting to look at colleges, and sprays

Bill Gates calls for COVID-19 meds to go to people who need them, not ‘highest bidder’

Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates called for COVID-19 drugs and an eventual vaccine to be made available to countries and people that need them most, not to the “highest bidder,” saying relying on market forces would prolong the deadly pandemic.“If we just let drugs and vaccine

What Is Leadership?

The word "leadership" can bring to mind a variety of images. For example: A political leader, pursuing a passionate, personal cause.An explorer, cutting a path through the jungle for the rest of his group to follow.An executive, developing her company's strategy to beat the competition.Leaders help

Here's What Doing 50 Pullups Every Day for a Whole Month Did to This Guy's Body

"My arms were sore, my elbows were sore, my back was sore, my abs were sore."Earlier this year, fitness YouTuber Alex Gharfeh committed to completing 50 clean pullups every single day for 30 days. While his original aim had been to hit 100 reps each day, totaling a godly 3,000 pullups by the end of

Grandaddy cool: why young men are dressing old school

First it was Peaky Blinders, then Harry Styles. Now flat caps, tailoring and tank tops are back in fashion for a new generationFather’s Day may be upon us, but in the world of fashion, it is grandfathers who are now having their day. Forget the flat cap of Clive Dunn’s portrayal of Gran

Ian Holm: a virtuoso actor of steel, sinew – and charm

There was always a cool, rational, weighted intelligence in Ian Holm. On screen, he was never exactly a heart-on-sleeve performer; he did not need or even appear to want the audience’s sympathies. Holm could be a mandarin and almost priestly presence, but always with a pressure cooker of emoti

The Rock Shared His Pre-Workout Meal and People Can't Stop Looking at This Cooking Mistake

The Rock is known for his envy-inducing Sunday cheat meals. Recently, he opted to share a video of his Sunday pre-workout meal rather than the usual sushi platters and pancake stacks. "That’s a good 5:30 a.m. sunrise sound. Music to my ears. Enjoy your Sunday, my friends #buffalo #preworkout

Prince Harry Opens Up About Wanting A Better Future For His Son, Archie, In A New Open Letter

Prince Harry shared his fear of the future for his young son, Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, in a new open letter to his patronage African Parks.In the letter, the Duke of Sussex detailed the importance of nature conservation in order to ensure the next generation inherits a healthy and habitable earth

You Should Start Adding Pilates to Your Home Workouts. Here's How.

Before you grab your weights, you might want to consider another way to get your health and fitness on track. Maybe you’re feeling strong—but are you feeling stiff? Too much sitting at your work-from-home station? Pilates might be just what you need to balance your body and optimize your

UK’s Prince William reveals he’s been a helpline volunteer during coronavirus lockdown

Britain’s Prince William has revealed that he has been anonymously helping out on a crisis helpline during the coronavirus lockdown.The Duke of Cambridge’s work with Shout 85258 — an around-the-clock text messaging helpline developed by the Royal Foundation — was made public

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