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The New Way to Know if You Drink Too Much

BY JOY MANNING There's a new way to think about how much you drink, and whether that amount is working for you or not. “Some people think that everything’s OK as long as alcohol isn’t affecting relationships or finances, and that isn’t necessarily true,” says research

20 things that make a man a gentleman

Trends come and go, as do some friends and some lovers, but one thing that remains constant is the notion that men should aspire to be gentlemen. What exactly this entails is up for heated debate. Is the new-wave playboy the pinnacle or the man who aims to channel the stiff upper-lipped charm of a p


There is an old song that says that you are never fully dressed without a smile. It is an interesting concept and one that invites a lot of thinking. After all, no one wants to go out in public only half dressed, do they? The right smile can convey a lot of messages to the people that you meet. The

Don’t Be The Manager Who Poorly Delegates

Ellen Tuchman Rothmann James Cash Penney, founder of J.C. Penney, said, “The surest way for an executive to kill himself is to refuse to learn how, and when, and to whom to delegate work.” How many times have you said to yourself, “If you want something done right, do it yourself

10 Steps to Help you Become a Successful Leader

Have you ever wondered how you can become a successful leader? There are many attributes that make a great leader, but it can be easy to become focused on one aspect and forget the rest. Read on to discover the ten key steps you can take to develop leadership skills. 1. Always Be HonestPractice wha

best men's winter boots: Chelsea, chukka and hiking styles for the colder months

  It shouldn’t take a sensational weather story to make you realise things are going to get colder, wetter, and darker from now on – just like every other British winter.But rather than conform to stereotypes, and complain about the weather to anyone who’ll listen, why not

best men's scarves that keep you warm and look good

The trusty scarf was used to indicate a soldier’s rank in the Chinese military way back when.Yet the type of scarf you wear nowadays is more likely to indicate just how cold it is outside. Transition from slick, lightweight scarves in autumn to thick woolly knitted numbers in the winter

World's first hair bank charges men £2,500 to freeze cells in a lab so it can be injected back into their scalps if they go bald

    By FIONA MCRAE   Hair bank opens in Manchester charging men £2,500 to freeze hair samples Some 6.5 million British men have male-pattern baldness causing hair lossHair transplants cost around £7,000 and simply redistribute existing hairAround 100 hairs are frozen

What You Can Do If Your Wife Is Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

You might have heard of the painter Louis Wain. He became famous because of the story of how he tried to heal his wife from cancer. He noticed her deep love for cats, after he gifted her 'Peter' before she got sick. He then began painting her cats, which helped her cope with the pain. I was really m

7 Ways To Become An Elegant Man

How to make people believe you are luxurious and elegant even if you are not There comes a time in most men’s lives when they have a formal occasion in which they are expected to look his best. And while we, as men, do try to put on a suit and to have that persona of elegance, in many ways we

Here's How Morning Exercise Can Improve Your Work Day

 Scientists are constantly learning more about the benefits of exercise: what kind is best, for how long you should exercise, and more. A new study, however, concluded that exercise can help various mental capabilities that could come in handy at work. The study, primarily from Australian res