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How to avoid having conversations with narcissistic personalities?

The quality of any conversation depends on two main factors: sharing and showing interest, which are things narcissists do not care about at all. They are always hungry for the attention of others, and they cannot be patient until the other person finishes talking so that they can talk about thems

Men or women .. Which one is more productive of antibodies to our Corona?

A recent study gave good news to men after confirming that their bodies produce more antibodies to the emerging corona virus compared to women, in a glimmer that gives more hope to males, at a time when previous studies indicated that men are more likely to be infected with the Corona virus with f

Olefone new smart watch waterproof

Ulefone launched its new smart watch GPS, which is water resistant and includes a GPS module. The package of technical equipment in the new hour includes a 1.3-inch screen and works with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels, and supports the method of use through the finger, and the Chinese company s

How to wake up without relying on the alarm

Many people find it very difficult to wake up at the usual time without resorting to an alarm, whose loud sound causes the awakening and disturbance of all family members, old or young. So sleep experts presented a smart trick that helps you wake up early in the morning, without the need for an al

Cigarettes and the mental illness they cause ... Here are the details

The Anti-Smoking Program continues its work by informing citizens and residents of the Kingdom of the risks, damages and negative effects resulting from smoking. And as part of the national campaign to promote adolescent health. The anti-smoking program at the Ministry of Health warned, through i

Steps to develop emotional relationships

Any emotional relationship, whether it is a recent affair or a long-term marital relationship, needs constant effort to strengthen it, give it flexibility, and give it continuity. Although love is the basis of any happy relationship, it is sometimes not enough, and in order to have a healthy rela

Byredo Peplio perfume is one of the best men's perfumes

It may sound strange, but in fact, this perfume is on the top 10 list of attractive perfumes for men 2021. It was a scented candle in the beginning; The French manufacturer developed the candle into a strong and long-acting men's fragrance, thanks to the mastery of blending extremely harmonious e

Causes of body inactivity and when is my disease?

Some people imagine that inactivity is a characteristic of a person's laziness, and they do not know that it may occur due to a health or psychological problem that afflicts the individual, and makes him slow and unable to move normally daily. Lethargy is often accompanied by a desire to sleep an

Is jealousy innate in men only?

Jealousy is an innate characteristic of a man that appears in his jealousy over his women that he may harm them, and it is a commendable quality if it appears in a moderate manner, which increases the man’s prestige and dignity, while it turns to the opposite completely when it exceeds its l

Ideas for coordinating gray in clothes

Gray represents an unconventional alternative to black, which reflects the elegance and dignity of the wearer, and fits perfectly with both casual and classic looks. Gray pants go perfectly with a dark green and red t-shirt or T-shirt for a warm look; Black and white for a distinct look; In the c

Learn ways to treat a night headache

Night headache or sleep headache, severe pain that hits the head before or during sleep, and its attacks last for a period ranging from 15 minutes to 4 continuous hours, and we may notice that some people suffer from sleep difficulties as a result. Sleep headache symptoms: Sleeping headache is n

Introducing The Chopard Alpine Eagle XL Chrono

Chopard unveiled three new models in the Alpine Eagle collection of watches with integrated bracelet into the case, which Chopard successfully launched in 2019: two of them in large sizes, made of ethical rose gold, as well as a small watch made of the exceptional metal Lucent Steel 223A with resi

What is the best time to walk to lose weight?

Walking every day has many health benefits, including weight loss. For those who cannot go to the gym or do strenuous exercises, walking is the best way to keep them fit and healthy. In this article, we'll look at the benefits of walking, how much you need to walk each day, how to maximize the be

A study warns of the development of schizophrenia due to Corona

The new data clarifies the reason for the persistence of headaches, seizures and loss of the sense of smell, that is, nerve reactions, in Corona patients for several months after recovery. As a result of a Corona virus infection, the patient may develop schizophrenia, as well as Alzheimer's and P

4 exercises that won't help you lose weight

Many people believe that staying active will help them lose weight, but this is not always the case, as there are many exercises that can help you stay active but will not support you in losing weight effectively. Here is a list of four exercises that cannot help lose fat, as reported by The Time

The most prominent public speaking difficulties we face

Classical preachers invented stylistic terms such as antithesis and metaphor, but the art of modern discourse is much more than a collection of terms. History, philosophy, literary criticism, and social sciences tend to display the text as if it were some kind of map for the author's mind on a par

What should men wear for fall?

Young people love these models and wear them a lot because of their ease of wearing and the variety of their designs and different shapes, the black and gray color in the safety of shoes is the appropriate color for people with a full body and the elderly, while young people prefer to wear the lig

3 exercises to get rid of lower back pain

According to health experts, most lower back pain is not caused by specific diseases or underlying health disorders. Rather, it usually arises due to overuse of major back muscles or weakness due to lack of use. The MSN website has listed three stretches that are useful for relieving lower back p

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