BHEL PURI Ingredients3 cups puffed rice2 chopped boiled potatoes1 tomato, deseeded and chopped1 chopped onion Coriander leaves, salt, lemonRaw mango, finely choppedRed chilli powderDate and tamarind chutneyCoriander mint chutneyPuris (papri) MethodOn a heated pan, roast the puffed rice for about

Quick Salads

Making salads is not difficult. And the trick lies in the preliminary preparation. Once you have done that, the rest is a matter of a few minutes! After all, if you always have it half-prepared, the only thing that remains when you have a craving is to reach out to the fridge and cabinet and do a

The Most Popular Middle Eastern Street Foods

All cuisines of the world have their most popular dishes. Japanese are known for their Sushi, the English food is famous for fish and chips, Italians are known for the amazing pasta dishes, and yes we Middle Easterners are famous for more than Shawarma. 1- Hummus (suitable for vegetarians) 2-

Indian food done right: Kinara by chef Vikas Khanna opens in Dubai

Chef, author and filmmaker Vikas Khanna's highly anticipated Indian restaurant Kinara has opened its doors in Dubai. The restaurant, described as a "journey of the senses and an explosion of flavour", opened in the JA Lake View Hotel on Wednesday, October 2. Khanna was one of the first Indian chef

Skewers, gyoza and ramen: food worth queuing for at Reif Japanese Kushiyaki

The 39-seat restaurant doesn’t take reservations (apart from on Monday nights), so there is certainly an element of sitting where you’re sat. However, a few spots stand out. The majority of tables have a view of the open kitchen, including a low-bar seating, but we’re delighted t

Egyptian startup showcases beauty of Cairo’s food heritage

CAIRO - The best way to experience cuisine during a holiday is to eat out with a local. That way you will avoid the “touristy” places, and the establishments that are overpriced and not worth going to. Many online review sites are available for research, but nothing beats heading out wi

The restaurants serving unwanted food

On a chilly summer’s night in the centre of Copenhagen, a crowd gathers around the entrance of a restaurant called Dalle Valle. It’s 22:30 and the dinner buffet is winding up and the kitchens are about to close. But these people, mostly in their 20s and 30s, are here for the food that th