A social-belonging intervention improves STEM outcomes for ESL students

A study conducted at 19 universities by IU researchers and their colleagues in the U.S. and Canada, found that a brief social belonging exercise, administered online before students arrive on campus, boosts the performance and persistence of students in STEM disciplines—science, technology,

Infographic: What We Know About How Masks Can Slow Disease Spread

N95 respirator: Tight-fitting single-use masks typically made with synthetic materials such as polyester and polypropylene. These masks are able to filter out at least 95 percent of both large airborne droplets and aerosols.   Surgical/medical masks: Loose-fitting s

Infographic: Telehealth growth amid the COVID pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in some positive shifts in the health care industry, among them the growth of telehealth. Despite its promises of convenient access and ease of use, such services have never managed to crack into the mainstream of health care services. The initial months of the

Four workers of French Christian NGO, including Iraqi member, missing in Baghdad

Four employees of a French Christian NGO, three French nationals and one Iraqi, have been missing in Baghdad since Monday, the charity announced Friday. The four members of the influential SOS Chretiens d’Orient (Christians of the Middle East) charity went missing near the French embassy in t

Who are RohIngya?

The Rohingya are primarily Muslims who live in Buddhist-majority Myanmar’s Rakhine state.

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