G7 prepares to offer one billion Covid vaccines to the world

G7 leaders are poised to pledge one billion vaccines to the world in an effort to overcome the coronavirus pandemic by the end of 2022. A leaked communique suggests they will use this weekend’s summit in Britain to call for a new study into the origins of the virus. &nb

COVID-19 pandemic plunges 100m more workers into poverty, says UN

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed more than 100 million more workers into poverty, the UN said on Wednesday, after working hours plummeted and access to good-quality jobs evaporated. And the labour market crisis created by the pandemic was far from over, the UN's International Labour Organisation (

Gaza conflict forged new sense of Palestinian unity

The latest escalation in the Middle East conflict served to unite the geographically fragmented Palestinian community in a way not seen in years, analysts say.From the blockaded Gaza Strip to the occupied West Bank and annexed East Jerusalem to Arab-Israelis living inside the Jewish state, scatter

Canadian court rules Iran downing of Ukraine Flight 752 ‘act of terrorism’

A Canadian court on Thursday ruled that the shooting down of Ukraine International Airlines flight PS752 was deliberate and an “act of terrorism,” paving the way for possible compensation for victims’ families.The Superior Court of Justice of Ontario found that “on a balanc

Israel mocks the Quran while raining bombs on Gaza

Israel has sparked outrage by trying to justify its bombardment of Gaza using verses of the Quran. In what is seen as a new low for the Zionist state, Israel's Arabic Twitter page shared an image of devastation in the besieged enclave alongside verses from Chapter 105 of the Muslim holy

Large protests held in solidarity with Palestinians around the world

Large protests were held in solidarity with Palestinians around the world, including in London, as well as in Muslim-majority countries including Kuwait, Oman, Pakistan, Tunisia and Turkey.Protesters gathered outside Downing Street, the residence of Prime Minister Boris Johnson against an Israeli

Huge Chinese rocket debris will fall to Earth soon, but no one knows where

A huge segment of a Chinese rocket will make an uncontrolled re-entry into Earth some time during a 12-hour window that starts in the early hours of Sunday. Astrophysicists and space agencies are live-tracking the core stage debris, but no one can pinpoint an exact location until hours befor

Kaaba's Black Stone in Makkah seen like never before in 49,000-megapixel image

pecially processed high-resolution images have been captured of the Black Stone, the ancient rock set into the corner of the Kaaba in Makkah, the centre of the holiest site in Islam. The official account of the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque said i

Largest heroin seizure by joint naval force made off Oman coast

The largest seizure of heroin in the history of the Combined Maritime Forces was announced on Monday, with nearly 1.3 tonnes of the drug seized off the coast of Oman. The interception was conducted by the Royal Canadian Navy ship HMCS Calgary, part of the 34-nation naval force that poli

Covid vaccinations reach all four corners of the planet

Nearly one billion Covid jabs have now been administered worldwide but reaching people in all four corners of the planet is an unprecedented logistical challenge. While Japan is best known for its teeming megacities, much of its countryside remains remote and depopulated, making vaccination of it

UK vows to reverse cut in international aid when economy recovers from pandemic

Britain will reverse its major cut to overseas aid spending as soon as the economy recovers from the pandemic, the UK's Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab vowed on Thursday. Following a major backlash against Britain’s reduction of more than £4 billion ($5.57bn) in international aid,

NGOs seek $5.5 bn to rescue 34 mln people from famine in countries such as Yemen, South Sudan

More than 260 non-governmental organizations signed an open letter on Tuesday calling on governments to donate $5.5 billion to prevent famine in 2021 in countries that include Yemen and South Sudan. The sum has been called for by the United Nations’ World Food Programme and the Food and Agr

Queen Elizabeth II stands alone to bid farewell to her ‘strength’ Prince Philip

Queen Elizabeth and her family paid their last respects to Prince Philip on Saturday at a funeral that celebrated his naval past, his international heritage and seven decades of service in which he helped guide the queen through repeated crises.Elizabeth, dressed in black and in a white trimmed bl

WHO worried COVID-19 rates could spike during Ramadan

The World Health Organization expressed concern on Wednesday that the COVID-19 pandemic could worsen in the Middle East and North Africa during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. Detected cases of COVID infection in the region rose 22 percent last week, while deaths rose 17 percent, said Ahmed

Island tribe who worshipped Prince Philip as a deity will wail to mark his death

He has been called a grand figure of the century, the embodiment of his generation and an inspiration to millions. But for a remote South Pacific island tribe, Prince Philip was considered greater than even those lofty words suggest. On the island of Tanna – part of Vanuatu – one grou

Myanmar protesters make Easter eggs a symbol of defiance

Opponents of military rule in Myanmar inscribed messages of protest on Easter eggs on Sunday while thousands of others were back on the streets, denouncing a Feb. 1 coup and facing off with the security forces who shot and killed at least three men. In the latest in a series of impromptu shows of

WFP appeals for $634m to support hungry Syrians

The World Food Programme appealed for more than $630 million to support Syrians in need and gave a warning that 60 per cent of people in Syria did not know from where their next meal would come. Before a major EU-hosted conference on the future of the country, the WFP said food pri

UK pledges $17.3m to UNRWA

The UK is to contribute a further £12.6 million ($17.3 million) to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), bringing the UK's contribution for Financial Year April 2020-March 2021 to £63.6 million ($87.2 million), a British consulate press release issued yesterday. Accordin