A Decade on, the Broken Dreams of the Arab Spring

"The revolution showed me that everything is possible," says Ameni Ghimaji, remembering the heady days of the Tunisian protests that sparked the so-called Arab Spring uprisings a decade ago. She was just 18 when Tunisian long-time ruler Zine El Abidine Ben Ali fell from power, the first casualty

Half of World's Population Will Be Overweight by 2050, New Report Suggests

Global eating habits have set the world on course to have more than four billion overweight people by 2050, reported a new study, suggesting that 1.5 billion of those people will be obese, according to The Daily Mail. Meanwhile, 500 million people will likely be underweight and living on the edge

There's no childhood in occupied Palestine

Decades of occupation, unrest and blockade have taken a heavy toll on the children of Palestine and in particular the children of the Gaza Strip, where regular outbreaks of aggression and the deteriorating living conditions have left a generation in desperate need of psychosocial support, and unab

Syria facing worsening bread crisis as regime rations supplies

The production of bread throughout areas controlled by the Syrian regime has deteriorated to such an extent that a rationing system is being implemented and bakeries are being forced to close down after a few hours of service, a human rights outlet has reported. According to the UK-based Syr

Reason of Arafat's death remains unknown 16 years later

Sixteen years have now passed since PLO, Fatah and Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat died and the reason behind his death remains unknown. Born on 4 August 1929, Arafat passed away in a French hospital on 11 November 2004 after suffering symptoms of an unknown disease likely

Hamas: UNRWA financial crisis 'man-made'

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas announced on Wednesday that the financial crisis of the United Nations Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) is "man-made" and its main goal is to "abolish the refugees' issue and dismantle the UN agency." "The Hamas movement is extremely concerne

Unique financial privileges and services for the President of the United States

In addition to his stay in the White House, the new US President, Joe Biden, will receive a wide range of financial benefits and facilities. A report by the "Business Insider" website pointed to a set of financial benefits that the President of the United States receives, including a huge salary,

With Banging Pots and Fireworks, Celebrations Erupt over Biden Election Win

Supporters of Democrat Joe Biden banged pots, honked their car horns and set off fireworks across US cities after their candidate captured the US presidency in a narrow win over President Donald Trump. Minutes after major television networks declared Biden the winner following four nail-biting da

Who is Lebanon's Gebran Bassil?

The United States imposed sanctions on Friday on influential Lebanese politician Gebran Bassil, the son-in-law of President Michel Aoun, over “systemic corruption”. “The systemic corruption in Lebanon’s political system exemplified by Bassil has helped to erode the foundat

A Longtime Fixture in US Politics, Biden Seeks to Win Elusive Prize

Joe Biden, a fixture in US politics for a half century as a senator and vice president, is seeking to complete a long climb to the political mountaintop that includes two previous failed presidential bids by defeating President Donald Trump on Tuesday. If Biden beats the Republican presiden

Iranians awaiting US election results with bated breath

Top officials in Iran say the upcoming US election doesn’t matter, but nearly everyone else there seems to be holding their breath.The race for the White House could mean another four years of President Donald Trump’s “maximum pressure” campaign. Or it could bring Joe Biden

In Beirut Port, All of Lebanon’s Ills are Laid Bare

The first of many warnings about a deadly cargo in Beirut’s port came in February 2014, about three months after its arrival. It was made by Colonel Joseph Skaf, described by his family as a diligent customs official. Skaf, then the head of the anti-narcotics and money laundering division,

Tunisia’s democracy ‘resilient’ decade after revolution

It is almost a decade since the Tunisian revolution, sparked by the self-immolation of Tunisian vendor Mohamed Bouazizi in December 2010, encouraged a series of demonstrations across several Arab countries leading to what came to be known as the Arab Spring. Despite the failure of the revolts in

Hariri Secures Parliamentary Support to Be Next PM in Crisis-Hit Lebanon

Lebanon’s president asked former premier Saad Hariri to form the country’s next government Thursday after he secured enough votes from lawmakers - bringing back an old name to lead the country out of its dire political and economic crises. Hariri pledged on Thursday to quickly form a

In Lebanon, Revolutionaries Drift Apart

When Lebanon's protest movement erupted in October 2019, Jennyfer, Teymour and Dayna marched in the same euphoric crowd, united in their determination to bring down their corrupt leaders. A nightmarish year -- which saw Lebanon's economy go into tailspin and a cataclysmic explosion destroy swathe

2020 U.S. ELECTION: What you need to know right now

With less than three weeks to go until the U.S. election, and amid record early and mail-in voting, President Donald Trump heads to Iowa as he tries to make up for lost time on the campaign trail after being sidelined with coronavirus. -A record early turnout for the Nov. 3 U.S. election has seen

Results of US election have concerns for Latin America

The US presidential election day is less than one month away and the prospects are still unclear. Yet, whether US President Donald Trump or Joe Biden wins the Nov. 3 election, one thing is clear: it will likely carry weight in Latin America. Perhaps the most pressing issue in the region is the p

Egypt: Ninth anniversary of Maspero Massacre

Today marks the ninth anniversary since the Maspero Massacre, when over 20 Copts were murdered in front of the Egyptian state TV headquarters by Egyptian military personnel. On 9 October 2011 Copts marched to the Maspero television building to protest against the authorities’ failure to hol

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