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If Trump still has Covid, call off the debate: Biden

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said on Tuesday that next week’s scheduled debate with Republican President Donald Trump should not take place if Trump is still infected with COVID-19. Biden said the Oct. 15 debate in Miami should only be staged under strict health guidelines an

Trump's doctor: "Amazing developments" in the president's health

Donald Trump's doctor announced, Tuesday, that the US President did not show any symptoms of Covid-19 the day after his return to the White House after spending 3 days in the hospital. Sean Conley said in a statement that Trump "spent a quiet first night (at the White House), and today he did not

Canada Suspends Drone Technology Sales to Turkey

Canada has suspended the export of some drone technology to Turkey while it probes allegations the equipment was used by Azeri forces involved in fighting with Armenia, a senior official said on Monday. Project Ploughshares, a Canadian arms control group, said video of air strikes released by Bak

Trump Leaves Hospital for White House

President Donald Trump checked out of hospital Monday after four days of emergency treatment for Covid-19, pulling off his mask the moment he reached the White House and vowing to quickly get back on the campaign trail. Shortly beforehand, Trump had tweeted that Americans, who have lost nearly 21

'No Isolation, Few Tests': Argentina Has World's Highest COVID-19 Positive Rate

Argentina has the world’s highest rate of positive COVID-19 tests, according to Oxford-linked tracker Our World In Data, with nearly six out of 10 yielding an infection, a reflection of low testing levels and loose enforcement of lockdown rules. Argentina hit 809,728 confirmed cases on Mond

Melania Trump tweets about her health

The US First Lady, Melania Trump, said, Monday, October 5, 2020, that her health is improving and that she currently does not intend to leave the White House. The wife of the US President, Donald Trump, said in a tweet posted on "Twitter": "Thank you my family for all the prayers and support! My

Trump's medical status unclear as doctors say he could be discharged on Monday

President Donald Trump could be discharged from the hospital where he is being treated for COVID-19 as soon as Monday, according to his doctors, although his condition remains unclear and outside experts warn that his case may be severe. Sequestered at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

Biden to end US support for Yemen war

Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, has pledged to end his country’s support for Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen if he becomes president. “Under Biden-Harris Administration, we will reassess our relationship with the [Saudi Arabia] Kingdom, end US support for Saudi Arabia&

Washington: ‘Normalisation serves Israel better than annexation’

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman announced that the Israeli plan to annex land in the West Bank will not be implemented in the near future, stating that his country believes that normalisation agreements will serve Israel’s interests better than the annexation project for the time bein

Brazil registers 599 new coronavirus deaths

Brazil on Saturday registered 599 new coronavirus deaths and 26,310 new confirmed cases, the health ministry said. Brazil now has a total of 145,987 dead due to the coronavirus and 4,906,833 confirmed cases.

Mexico sees U.S. election behind migrant caravan, seeks to avoid Trump spat

 Mexico’s president on Friday said he suspected political interference behind a new migrant caravan in Central America, promising to keep his country out of the U.S. presidential race as the group splintered and some began turning back. More than 2,000 migrants, many wearing face masks

Pence tests negative for virus and will debate with Harris next week

Vice President Mike Pence, the first in line to occupy the Oval Office if President Trump becomes too ill to carry out his duties, tested negative for the coronavirus and planned to resume campaign appearances, including at the vice-presidential debate on Wednesday night, the New York Times report

Pelosi 'optimistic' of a stimulus deal, saying Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis 'changes the dynamic'

WASHINGTON -Nicholas Wu- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Friday she was "optimistic" about the chances of a deal on COVID-19 stimulus, arguing in a television interview President Donald Trump's positive COVID-19 diagnosis "changes the dynamic.""I think we’re coming to terms in terms of the mon

Trump is in the hospital and leaves the campaign arena for Biden

US President Donald Trump entered Walter Reed Military Hospital near Washington, on Friday, where he is undergoing an experimental treatment for Covid-19, which led to his removal from the election campaign a month before the polls. After being absent from the public square since his surprise ann

California officer involved in fatal 2019 shooting of local rapper is fired

A police officer was fired for his involvement in the fatal shooting of a California rapper last year, the Vallejo Police Department said Thursday. The officer, Ryan McMahon, was given a notice of termination Wednesday, police said. "The Notice of Termination was issued after an Internal Af

Trump's election campaign directs all of its employees who have been in contact with quarantine

The election campaign of US President Donald Trump, who announced Friday, October 2, 2020, that he was infected with the Coronavirus, has directed all its employees in contact with people with the disease to undergo quarantine. "CBS" reported that Trump's campaign manager, Bill Stephen, sent an e

Top White House staffers still not wearing masks

Hours after President Trump announced he had tested positive for the coronavirus, some of his own top aides were still appearing in public without protective masks, including most prominently White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, the conservative former North Carolina congressman. Briefing rep

Trump, Melania test positive for COVID-19

US President Donald Trump has announced that he and First Lady Melania Trump have tested positive for COVID-19 and that both are now self-isolating. The diagnosis comes hours after a top White House aide, Hope Hicks, was diagnosed with the virus yesterday. There is speculation that the virus has

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