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Building an Ergonomic Home Office: How to Fix Your WFH Posture

There's plenty to love about working from home. You can cook something during your lunch break, instead of shelling out for a salad. You can ditch the repeat trips to the water fountain. The din of the open plan gives way to blessed silence. (Or, uh, construction.) But what WFH life giveth, it also


As the world continues to watch the effects of COVID-19 unfold, many people are being encouraged to practice social distancing or isolating themselves completely. Additionally, many travel plans have been canceled for the foreseeable future, leaving the feelings of wanderlust more intense than usual

International tourism to plunge up to 30 percent due to coronavirus: UN

The number of international tourist arrivals will fall by 20-30 percent in 2020 due to the novel coronavirus, putting millions of jobs at risk, the World Tourism Organization said Friday. This revises sharply lower a forecast made earlier this month of a decline of just 1.0-3.0 percent. The drop i

Make Shannon Martinez’s apricot crumble cake

When you’re trying to keep within a budget, avoid another run to the supermarket, or stave off the boredom of being cooped up indoors, it’s a great time to start using up the ingredients that have been hiding in the back of your pantry for months. It’s about using what you have to

Out of school, Arab pupils turn to internet and TV

Either on television as in Libya or on tablets in the IT-savvy Gulf monarchies, in the time of novel coronavirus millions of schoolchildren around the Arab world are now learning lessons at home. Governments across the region have shuttered schools forcing pupils to stay away in a bid to combat the

Moroccan fisherwomen venture into man’s realm

Fatima Mekhnas’ boots sink into the golden sand as she surveys the last beach in Morocco’s north. Optimism glows from her eyes, a reflection of a dream fulfilled after decades of yearning for a spot on a fishing boat in the Mediterranean.  Behind her, the members of the North Afric

How Med Students Can Stay Safe From Coronavirus

MEDICAL SCHOOL IS demanding regardless of the circumstances, but now is an especially challenging time to be studying medicine. The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has sparked public fear, and it's understandable for a medical student to feel anxiety – especially if he or she is in clinical rota


A customer surprised staff at their local restaurant by leaving a $2,500 (£2,100) tip with their meal to help them during the coronavirus lock-down. Coaches Bar and Grill in Columbus, Ohio, shared a picture of the generous offering on social media. “When the going gets tough, the tough

From Eiffel Tower to Moulin Rouge, Paris landmarks close in virus clampdown

Paris’ famed Moulin Rouge cabaret, the Louvre museum and the Eiffel Tower were among top tourism landmarks that closed their doors on Friday after the government banned gatherings of more than 100 people to curb the spread of coronavirus.The cabaret, known for its high-kicking dancers, and man

Educate children in their mother tongue, urges UN rights expert

According to Fernand de Varennes, this is not only necessary for inclusive, quality education but also to respect the human rights of all children. The Special Rapporteur said that: “Education in a minority’s mother tongue, combined with quality teaching of the official language, is mor

How to make Romy Gill's spicy chickpeas

Chickpeas are a diet staple for many people in India and each household cooks them differently. For my family growing up, my mum used to make chickpeas on Sundays, but not every week. It was quite time-consuming as she used to soak the dry legumes overnight, ready to be turned into something delic

10 of the best sleeper trains in Europe

Night train services are having a renaissance, thanks to renewed investment from operators, amid the need to fly less Stockholm to Narvik The country that’s home to Greta Thunberg and that coined the term flygskam (flight shame) has plans to introduce new sleeper routes this year. New connec

Dubai's Heart of Europe: Luxury resort with the ultimate 'wow' factor

Four kilometres from mainland Dubai - and just a short 20 minute boat ride away - visitors to Dubai come across something pretty special. The World Dubai is a collection of man-made islands that form a map of the planet which is visible from space.And sustainability is key to the project especially

Spanish towns embrace peculiar old festivals

Spain has a rich tradition of colorful, and sometimes bizarre, festivals. The best-known ones are in the summer, including running with bulls through the narrow streets of Pamplona or hundreds of people throwing ripe tomatoes at each other near Valencia. But some of the more obscure fiestas are no


It’s only on the last morning that the fog finally lifts and the Golden Gate Bridge shows its rust-red suspension cables. I’d almost caught it the day before, weaving madly through traffic in an Uber towards the viewing point, watching the pillows of cloud roll in across the bay. No luck

No ice wine for you: Warm winter nixes special German wine

A warm winter means that, for apparently the first time in the history of German winemaking, the country’s fabled vineyards will produce no ice wine — a pricey, golden nectar made from grapes that have been left to freeze on the vine. The German Wine Institute said Sunday that none of t

Hike, ride, kayak – 3 ways to see the Arizona desert

What’s one thing Arizona has that many places do not have this time of year? Sun. And warm weather and cacti and mountains. In short, a desert climate. The Sonoran Desert covers much of the southwestern part of the United States and into Mexico. It’s known for a variety of vegetation in

Cook like a suffragette: fine dining from century-old political cookbook

When Liz Mason opened a cookbook from 1886, the last thing she expected was a recipe for turtle murder. And yet, between gallons of cream and lifestyle tips like how to remove your kidskin gloves, there was a description of concealing a “deadly weapon” with “great ingenuity”.

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