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Murgh Malai Tikka With Mint Chutney Recipe

About Murgh Malai Tikka With Mint Chutney Recipe: A quintessential north Indian snack, this chicken malai tikka by Elior India is perfect to cook at home for a snack party with your family. Brimming with tantalising flavours, you simply can't miss this one! Ingredients Of Murgh Malai Tikka With M

This Unique Rice Cake From Kerala Is Sure To Impress Your Sweet Tooth

For those with a sweet tooth, desserts can make them go weak in the knees. And in India, it isn't just about gooey chocolate cakes or vanilla frostings, it is much diverse and beyond the quintessential. There are not many cuisines in the world where even rice and lentils are used to make drool-wor

Find out what your horoscope hide for you ... your personality from your date of birth

Many do not take a single step; Without following the horoscopes and astrology, knowing their luck on all aspects of emotional, health, professional and financial life. If you were born on the 23rd of September this means keeping your lucky side going strong, all planned tasks will be completed w

The key to happiness with friends or family?

A recent study revealed that a person is happier while with friends than with family, after 400 volunteers indicated that they enjoyed twice as much with friends compared to a life partner or children. According to the research data, spending time with a life partner scored the lowest levels of e

Cake for breakfast? Yes, please!

As anyone who counts fruit as their true love can attest, now is the season of lustful infatuation. Berries are great, but have you ever bitten into a peak-season peach and had its juice run down your arm? I buy the callipygous beauties — plums, apricots and dozens of hybrids — by the

Pandemic Wrecks Tourism Season in Santa's Hometown

Thousands of travelers fly every year to visit the real Santa's grotto in the Finnish Lapland, but the coronavirus pandemic is expected to wreck the season this year, which worries those who work in the tourism sector in the region."Now we've had one or two bookings a week, and mostly we're just d

India's Taj Mahal Gets First Visitors Even as Coronavirus Infections Climb

India reopened its famed monument to love, the Taj Mahal, with the first visitors trickling in on Monday, as authorities reported 86,961 new coronavirus infections, with no signs of a peak yet. A Chinese national and a visitor from Delhi were among the first to step into the white marble tomb bui

People born on September 20th have a sense of business and a predisposition to adventure

Many never take a step before pursuing the horoscopes and astrology, knowing their luck and everything related to all aspects of emotional, health, professional and financial life. Zodiac expert Abeer Fouad analyzes the secrets of the birthdays of today's personality in numerology Today's person

7 ways to deal with the messy return of schools and lead the next phase

The school year 2020-2021 differs from any academic year before it or after it, so it is not only the tension of the first day or getting to know the teachers, but the possibility of closing the school at any moment; For fear of the spread of Coronavirus cases. How do we deal with this unknown so

5 cities that were ranked the most beautiful in the world in 2020

Holiday Sarthey ranked in its recently published list of the 5 most beautiful cities in the world through several criteria announced on its official website. Among the factors of preference were natural beauty and technological development that helps highlight nature, in addition to the popularit

Saewoo Bokumbop (Shrimp Fried Rice) Recipe

Saewoo Bokumbop is a popular shrimp fried rice dish that widely available in Korean/Chinese restaurants everywhere. It’s a common restaurant or home prepared dish during lunch or dinner that is quite simple but yet a fulfilling meal. It’s a fairly easy dish to prepare/cook and there ar

Ancient footprints discovered in Saudi Arabia may show how humans left Africa

Saudi Arabia’s Heritage Commission yesterday announced the discovery of ancient human and animal footprints said to be 120,000 years old in the north-west Tabuk region of the Kingdom. The results of the study were also published yesterday in Science Advances. The head of the commission

10 Ancient Roman Inventions That Will Surprise You

Ancient Rome was famously home to the Colosseum, dozens of column-flanked temples, and numerous bathhouses, but the Eternal City was also filled with a number of more surprising innovations, from air-conditioned apartments to postal workers, and books to bacon. This article covers 10 important Rom

Grilled salmon recipe

Salmon is one of the best types of fish that people are recommended to eat, so what do you think about eating this rich and healthy grilled salmon recipe? However, in order to appreciate the importance of this fish to the human body and mind, it must be familiar with its journey and migration tha

People of 3 Horoscopes don't have to be anxious

Many people feel anxious and afraid of the following, especially in light of the difficult material and social conditions imposed by the spread of the new Corona virus, as well as other factors. However, astronomy indicates that people born in 3 signs should stop thinking about tomorrow because it

Almond And Rose Kheer Recipe

About Almond And Rose Kheer Recipe: No Indian festivity is complete without a traditional sweet treat and kheer makes for a perfect choice for every celebration! Here is a quick and easy kheer recipe with the goodness of almonds and refreshing rose flavour, which you can try at home. Ingredients

4 Horoscopes feel bored in the marital relationship

At one point in married life, a man may begin to feel bored. And the wife in this case is trying to do everything in her power to change this reality. But before that, she must know the cause of this feeling to help him get rid of it. And it can do this with the help of constellations. Pregnancy

Riceless Chicken Biryani Recipe

About Riceless Chicken Biryani Recipe: A biryani recipe unlike any you've had before! Adding a twist to the traditional chicken biryani, Tappa brings to you a healthy version of this authentic North Indian dish by replacing rice with vermicelli along with spices such as malabar peppercorns, cardam

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