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The old city of Zabid is one of the most prominent historical cities in Yemen. It is very famous for its unique architectural style and urban cultural heritage. Thereby, it has been classified, by the UNSCO, as part of the international community heritage. It is situated about 100 km south of Al

The Land Time Forgot.

SHALIZA IBRAHIM  - gives her account of traveling to Yemen via Nepal and Qatar, and of being enthused by fairytale buildings, heavenly scenery and the Yemeni way of life. PENANG, Feb 5 ( The Star) - From castles to humble homes, they are all made of mud and more here. Yemen has been describ

Hotel Pand, Bruges, Belgium

The welcome On arrival on a cold day in Bruges, our bags were spirited away and we were offered seats in the sitting room which occupies most of the lobby space. Our armchairs wrapped around us, Mozart played softly nearby, a fire crackled and the ice in our bones began to melt. The neighbourhoo

Alexandria, Egypt A City of Legend Embarks on a New Journey

ON a cloudless morning in mid-September, it was not quiet around the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the modern disc-shaped library in Cleopatra’s ancient hometown in Egypt. Outside, students flirted and joked on the edge of a reflecting pool. Behind them, cars whizzed by on the Corniche, the spruced

In Aqaba, Jordan, Sun and Sand in the Red Sea

ANYONE who thinks that young Arabs don’t know how to party hasn’t been to Aqaba during one of Jordan’s national holiday weekends. Here, in the Hashemite Kingdom’s southern speck of a port city, the beach scene along the sandy shores of the Gulf of Aqaba, an arm of the Red Sea

The Wonder Land of Socotra, Yemen

The road to the forest of frankincense trees, on the Yemeni island of Socotra, is a rough one. From the passenger seat of a battered Toyota Land Cruiser, it looked like pure rock pile, on and on, up, down, over. Ahmed Said, my driver and guide, wrestled the wheel like a man engaged, surely and calml

Yemen’s Exotic Secrets

ON my first morning in Sana, the capital of Yemen, the call to prayer didn’t just rouse me from sleep, it rattled the window panes, seemed to shake the foundation of my hotel, and spread from minaret to minaret as if the entire Old City was an enormous echo chamber. The scratchy invocations th