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Indian food done right: Kinara by chef Vikas Khanna opens in Dubai

Chef, author and filmmaker Vikas Khanna's highly anticipated Indian restaurant Kinara has opened its doors in Dubai. The restaurant, described as a "journey of the senses and an explosion of flavour", opened in the JA Lake View Hotel on Wednesday, October 2. Khanna was one of the first Indian chef

5 Genius Tips To Avoid Jet Lag On Your Next Trip: An M.D. Explains

One of summertime’s greatest joys? Travel to faraway places. But one of its biggest headaches (other than the TSA lines): jet lag. It’s the traveler’s equivalent of a hangover, with the main difference being that you probably had no fun getting it, and the pain will last longer tha

Road-tripping to southern Oregon's Crater Lake

The haze had cleared. After almost six weeks of late summer wildfires, the smoke from tens of thousands of burning hectares in northern California and southern Oregon had finally retreated. I had no time to waste in getting to Crater Lake National Park, a four-hour, 375-kilometre drive south from Po

Skewers, gyoza and ramen: food worth queuing for at Reif Japanese Kushiyaki

The 39-seat restaurant doesn’t take reservations (apart from on Monday nights), so there is certainly an element of sitting where you’re sat. However, a few spots stand out. The majority of tables have a view of the open kitchen, including a low-bar seating, but we’re delighted t

This school could change the way we think about buildings in Bangladesh. The secret? It floats

Imagine buying a plot of land on which you hope to build a school, only to visit one day and find that plot of land under three metres of water. You’d probably be furious with whoever it was that sold you the land and then try never to think about your expensive mistake again. Razia Alam took

Go small or go home: how the tiny house movement got so big

The general philosophy of property seems to be that bigger is better. When we venture out from our parents’ house and rent or buy our “starter home”, we’re usually looking at something relatively small. Then, when we get married, we might upgrade, certainly when children come

Egyptian startup showcases beauty of Cairo’s food heritage

CAIRO - The best way to experience cuisine during a holiday is to eat out with a local. That way you will avoid the “touristy” places, and the establishments that are overpriced and not worth going to. Many online review sites are available for research, but nothing beats heading out wi

The restaurants serving unwanted food

On a chilly summer’s night in the centre of Copenhagen, a crowd gathers around the entrance of a restaurant called Dalle Valle. It’s 22:30 and the dinner buffet is winding up and the kitchens are about to close. But these people, mostly in their 20s and 30s, are here for the food that th

When three become one: the story of how the city of Budapest came to be

Ronan O’Connell   My surroundings are astounding. There is ostentatious ... and then there’s the Hungarian Parliament Building. With chandeliers the size of cars, more gold than a bank vault, stained glass window after stained glass window, and so many competing layers of design,

Why evangelist vegans need to stop making other vegans look silly

The press had fun this week, reporting the news that Cilla Carden, a vegan in Western Australia, has taken her neighbours to court for cooking barbecues in their backyard. “They’ve put it there so I smell fish,” Carden told 9 News. “I can’t enjoy my backyard, I can&rsqu

European tourist companies praise Yemen counterterrorism efforts

MILAN, Feb. 20 (Saba)- Officials and representatives of a number of Italian and European companies and agencies praised on Saturday efforts of the Yemeni government exerted in reinforcing security and stability pillars as well as combating terror to ensure the minimum level of terrorist operations t

Travel, adventure hotspots at Oman Travel Mart

MUSCAT - Good news to all travel and adventure enthusiasts. Oman Travel Mart, the international travel and tourism event of the year, will bring together under one roof numerous travel and tourism destinations in and around the region. Scheduled to be held from February 17 to 19 at the Oman Interna

Yemen the largest number of cultural and natural heritage sites in Arabia

UNESCO lists Socotra Archipelago as a World Heritage Site, giving Yemen the largest number of cultural and natural heritage sites in Arabia.   If you think of Arabian heritage, Petra might spring to mind. But, according to UNESCO, Jordan is not the cultural capital of Arabia, as it has only

Profile: Shoe-throwing journalist

BBC- The Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at US President George W Bush was driven by his bitter opposition to the presence of American troops in Iraq, relatives and colleagues say. Muntadar al-Zaidi became a cult figure across the Middle East after he hurled both his shoes at Mr Bush during a

Dakhla in Morocco: Excitements and Nature

Dakhla is a superb white city, approximately 300 km from the famous border wall which separates Morocco and Mauritania, a quiet and serene site which is eying tourism development and expansion. Dakhla has the capacity and the means to attract tourists and visitors from all over the world. The city,

Happy days in the Sultanate of Oman

By Lauri Dammert Edited by Dr.Hussein Shehadeh Ingress: Event travelling is a growing business all over the world. People from the rich countries of the West, Asia, and the Russians want to experience something else, having tired of the traditional hotel-beach-combination, with the oblig

A Tourist in Afghanistan

 Don Duncan     A visit there today makes it clear that there are two Afghanistans. There’s the Afghanistan at war, to the south, particularly in the provinces of Helmand and Kandahar. But there’s an Afghanistan at peace, with varying levels of stability from jittery, p


Location and Area: Yemen is an Islamic Arab country locates in the southwestern of Arabian Peninsula, in the southwestern of Asia. It sets at 12 and 20 latitude lines and at longitude 14 and 54 east. Its area is 550000 km2. It is bordered by Saudi Arabia in the north and the Sultanate of Oma