Nobel Prize Winners for Medicine the last 10 years

The Nobel Prize is considered the most prestigious scientific prize in the world, and obtaining it is considered to commemorate the name of its owner in the human record. And after the Swedish Karolinska Institute in Stockholm announced today, Monday, that British scientists Michael Hooten and Am

Mo Salah defends homeless man from abuse then gives him $130

Liverpool star Mo Salah has been caught on CCTV defending a homeless man from hecklers and then giving him £100 ($129) after Mo Salah’s team won 3-1 against Arsenal on 28 September. The homeless man has been identified as David Craig and has been sleeping rough around the Liverpo

Who is Trump's Doctor ?

Sean Conley has been working as a physician to US President Donald Trump for two years, and he has been a Navy officer for more than 14 years, and has been in charge of press briefings about the president's health since he entered Walter Reed Military Hospital. Conley, 40, has been in the limelig

Who is the new Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad?

- The political journey of the new Emir began in 1962, when he assumed the position of Governor of Hawalli, and he remained in charge of the governorate for 16 years. - In 1978, he assumed the duties of the Minister of Interior, succeeding Saad Al-Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah, who assumed the posit

Entrepreneur Professor Peter Thiel

If you want to see the shortest way to know how to establish successful entrepreneurship companies and build the future, we recommend that you read a book from zero to one by investor Peter Thiel, a professor at Stanford University in America, and the first foreign investor in Facebook with a 10.2

Fundraising record, knighthood, now a book: UK veteran Moore ponders what's next

He turned 100, raised nearly 40 million pounds for Britain’s health service and was knighted by the queen. But for Captain Tom Moore, the achievements of 2020 aren’t over: he has written an autobiography and plans more charity work. The World War Two veteran became a national hero for

Ahmed Eid Al Muhairi ... "A Colleague of Einstein"

The Emirati scientist, Dr. Ahmed Eid Al Muhairi, is one of the most prominent international scientists in the field of theoretical physics research, due to his multiple scientific contributions and various research, which dealt with a range of phenomena, the most important of which is black holes

He lived a short life full of heroics and was honored by Italy after his departure

Anti-fascist Afro-Italian partisan Giorgio Marincola lived a brief but heroic life. Born September 23, 1923, in the south central coastal town of Mahaday in what was then called Italian Somaliland, he was the son of Italian military officer Joseph Marincola and a Somali woman, Aschiro Hassan. His

Ian Holm: a virtuoso actor of steel, sinew – and charm

There was always a cool, rational, weighted intelligence in Ian Holm. On screen, he was never exactly a heart-on-sleeve performer; he did not need or even appear to want the audience’s sympathies. Holm could be a mandarin and almost priestly presence, but always with a pressure cooker of emoti

Prince Harry Opens Up About Wanting A Better Future For His Son, Archie, In A New Open Letter

Prince Harry shared his fear of the future for his young son, Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, in a new open letter to his patronage African Parks.In the letter, the Duke of Sussex detailed the importance of nature conservation in order to ensure the next generation inherits a healthy and habitable earth

UK’s Prince William reveals he’s been a helpline volunteer during coronavirus lockdown

Britain’s Prince William has revealed that he has been anonymously helping out on a crisis helpline during the coronavirus lockdown.The Duke of Cambridge’s work with Shout 85258 — an around-the-clock text messaging helpline developed by the Royal Foundation — was made public

This Moroccan designer launched a mentorship program to support young African creatives

Moroccan-Norweigan designer Anwar Bougroug launched his eponymous unisex label a little over four years ago with a focus on traditional Moroccan handcraft. His creations went on to capture the attention of prestigious publications, securing him a spot on Forbes Africa’s 30 under 30 class of 20

Michael Jordan’s story does not need a nice guy makeover

So Michael Jordan wasn’t such a nice guy when it came to basketball. The only surprise is that this has come as a surprise to so many. The revelation that one of the greatest sportsmen of all time was so consumed with winning that he often bordered on being callous to his teammates and oppone

UK Muslim, 100, walks garden laps for virus victims while fasting

A 100-year-old man is walking laps in his east London garden to raise funds for coronavirus victims in the United Kingdom, Bangladesh and dozens of other countries. Born on January 1, 1920 in modern-day Bangladesh, Dabirul Choudhury moved to London to study English literature in 1957.Inspired by To

Kim Jong Un’s Uncle Suddenly Relevant After Four Decades Abroad

For about as long as North Korea has existed, Kim Pyong Il has been considered a possible successor to the throne. And now, with his nephew Kim Jong Un’s health status unclear, his name is being bandied about again. Kim Pyong Il, 65, is the last known surviving son of North Korea’s foun

Hero Captain Tom Moore 'blown away' after receiving 100,000 birthday cards

Captain Tom Moore has ­been “blown away” by the ­public’s ­kindness after getting 100,000 birthday cards. The inspirational Army veteran, who has raised almost £29million for NHS charities, has also been sent at least 1,000 presents in anticipation of his 100th b

Miss South Africa wins 2019 Miss Universe crown

Miss South Africa was crowned Miss Universe on Sunday in Atlanta after a lavish ceremony filled with glitter and heartfelt speeches about female empowerment. Zozibini Tunzi, 26, finished first ahead of the Puerto Rican and Mexican finalists in a flashy televised event, hosted by American comic turn

Trump, Obama tie for Americans' most-admired man

President Donald Trump and former President Barack Obama have tied for the title of Americans’ most admired man, according to Gallup’s annual survey — marking the first time the current commander in chief has achieved the distinction and the 12th consecutive first-place showing for

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