6 tips for successful breastfeeding during Ramadan

If you are a mother of a breastfeeding child, fasting during Ramadan may affect the rate at which breast milk is produced, which causes your baby to cry because he does not feel full, and may also affect his growth during Ramadan, so you need to maintain the rate of breast milk production in order

More risks to pregnant women, their newborns from COVID-19 than known before — study

Pregnant women infected with COVID-19 and their newborn children face higher risks of complications than was previously known, a study by British scientists showed on Friday.An infection of the new coronavirus in such newborns is associated with a three-fold risk of severe medical complications, a

Pandemic increases pregnancy stress for US women, says study

A new study has revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic has increased pregnancy stress for expectant mothers as well as postpartum women in the US. The findings indicated that one of their biggest concerns is their baby contracting the disease. Some women expressed fears that simply going to the hosp

Poor diet in pregnancy can lead to child obesity, say researchers

Children born to mothers who eat a lot of processed foods packed with sugar and salt face an increased risk of obesity late in childhood, researchers said on Monday. "Children born to mothers who eat a low-quality diet — high in inflammation-associated foods — during pregnancy may be

During the third trimester of pregnancy, sleep on your back

Pregnancy is accompanied by many disturbing symptoms, and in the last trimester of pregnancy it becomes more difficult to sleep for the pregnant woman, as the size of the abdomen increases, and the back and joint pain increases, which makes searching for a comfortable sleeping position not easy.

What’s new in feeding babies post COVID-19

When I was a young nutrition professional, I would regularly critique my mom on how she cooked for us when we were kids. “You overcooked the vegetables,” I remarked to her on one occasion. To which she answered, “My, it’s a wonder you kids ever grew up to live this long!&

Healthy snacks for your baby after the age of 6 months

During the first six months of your baby's life, he is dependent on breastfeeding in his nutrition, and after that you can gradually introduce solid foods into his diet, and provide snacks to your child that makes him accustomed to eating regularly, and also keeps him from feeling hungry that may

Essential nutrients to boost your baby's immune system

When your toddler encounters germs, whether through disease or vaccinations, his body begins to form antibodies to diseases, so his immunity is formed between the ages of six months to three years, and your child's immune system will not be completed before the age of five, so all that you give to

Babies born to COVID-19 mothers have antibodies, study finds

All five babies born to women with COVID-19 infection during a study in Singapore have had antibodies against the virus, although the researchers said it is not yet clear what level of protection this may offer. The findings from a study of 16 women released on Friday also found that most were mi

Simply regain your fit after giving birth

Ruaa Al-Masry, a clinical pathologist at Health Shield Medical Center, provides women with some tips through which they can regain their weight before pregnancy in a healthy way: Not following a strict diet: The goal should not be to lose weight quickly, because your body needs proper nutrition,

Tips for pregnant women after a cesarean delivery

Caesarean section is the second option after natural childbirth, and because cesarean delivery is considered one of the major surgeries, you must know the most important advice for reproach yourself and your baby afterwards, by following up on the advice of Dr. Adly Al-Hajj, the obstetrics and gyn

Why does your child speak late?

Some children have a delayed speech. What are the reasons for this? How can it be confronted? To answer these questions, German speech specialist Melina Hagemann said that the child's delay in speaking has no clear reasons, indicating that the matter is not related to the educational and cultural

10 steps to train a baby to sleep on his own

Many parents suffer from the problem of the child not sleeping alone, which represents an eternal struggle between the parents ’desire and the child's desire to sleep in the parents’ room, which leads to the parents surrendering to the child's desire in most cases. There are a number

Learn about the effect of vitamin deficiency on fetal regulation

Biologists at the University of Oregon have proven that vitamin E plays an essential role in the formation of the brain and nervous system in the early stages of fetal development. Scientific Reports reports that Oregon State University scientists have conducted experiments on zebrafish, the resu

How do you wean your child?

Although the stage of breastfeeding is ideal for strengthening the relationship between the mother and the child, there is a time to end it and start the stage of the child eating solid food, as each age has its requirements for the correct nutrition to grow properly, and weaning a baby is one of

Surprise ... a secret hidden in digital pregnancy tests

Digital pregnancy tests have spread recently, and they are like traditional home pregnancy tests that check urine and show two lines in the case of pregnancy or one line in the absence of pregnancy, but instead digital pregnancy tests contain a small screen that tells you if the pregnancy is negat

Get rid of guilt towards your child

A mother's emotions towards her baby explode from the very first moments after birth, and she wishes she breastfed forever; But soon chaos reigns over and all her dreams about motherhood are shattered on the rock of stress, screaming, weakness to depression; So many new mothers struggle with perfe

For Iraqi mothers-to-be, hospitals are pandemic no-go zones

 Iraqi midwife Umm Mariam used to help bring three babies into the world per day. But with mothers-to-be avoiding pandemic-hit hospitals, she now delivers twice that number in her makeshift home clinic. Across the country recovering from decades of war, health centers face shortages of oxygen