What you should teach your children about money

Money is one of the demands and extremely important how you teach them about earning, saving and spending: 1. Teach them about earningBy 'earning’ I don’t mean just earning as in ‘being paid to work’, I really mean earning as in ‘how money is received’. So, I w

Nanny versus nursery: which is the better childcare option?

Parenthood: while it’s full of heartwarming cuddles and memorable milestones, the majority of new parents in the 21st century are unable to commit to being full-time, stay-at-home mums and dads. Mothers who are facing the end of their maternity leave and preparing to rejoin the workplace are

For the Story Pirates, kids’ creativity is a treasure

Ben Brown was riding in the back seat of a car in Falls Church, Virginia, this summer when he recognized the tune on the radio. I thought, ‘That’s my song!’ ” says Ben, who’s almost 8 years old. “I was proud.” He should be proud when he rocks out to

Are you suffering from back-pain during pregnancy? Here are top tips to help you out

DUBAI- During pregnancy, you release a hormone (relaxin) that affects the ligaments in your body causing them to become softer and stretch to prepare you for labor. Along with this change, the muscles in your body must adapt to a new center of gravity caused by your new bump that steadily is getting

Easy routines to sleep well during pregnancy

During pregnancy, women may suffer insomnia at times that may affect their sleeping schedule. Here are some steps you can take to help you sleep more comfortably. A light dinner: If you want to sleep through the night during pregnancy, try not to eat fried or fatty foods or sour fruit, as these cou

Children aged five and under at risk of internet addiction – Barnardo's

Children aged five and under are at risk of becoming addicted to the internet in a trend that could damage their mental health, according to Barnardo’s. The charity said very young children – one as young as two – were learning to access websites, for example YouTube and those r

Babies stressed by forward-facing buggies: British study

LONDON (AFP) - Babies transported in forward-facing buggies could end up "emotionally impoverished" due to lack of face-to-face contact with the parent pushing them, a British study suggested Friday20-11-2008. Having infants facing their parent gives them positive reassurance and reduces

Test 'predicts preterm baby risk'

Researchers have identified a test which can predict whether a woman is likely to give birth if her waters break early in pregnancy. High levels of lactate in vaginal fluid is strongly associated with onset of labour within 48 hours, according to Swedish researchers. UK experts said the test would

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