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Algeria buys 14 stealth fighters from Russia, report says

Algeria has signed a contract to buy 14 Russian Sukhoi Su-57 bombers as the arms race with its neighbour Morocco intensifies. Media outlets quoted Russia's Sputnik as saying that the government of Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune had bought the fighter aircrafts from Russia for n

US sending B-52H bombers to Middle East to deter aggression

The US military is sending nuclear-capable B-52H “Stratofortress” bombers to the Middle East at short notice to deter aggression and help preserve regional security. The US Central Command said on Sunday the “long-range mission into the Middle East demonstrates the US military&r

Senator: UAE has history of transferring US arms to extremist militias

US Democratic Senator Chris Murphy said yesterday that the United Arab Emirates has a history of transferring American weapons to extremist militias. "The UAE is our ally, but there is no escaping that the Emiratis have a history of transferring U.S. arms to extremist militias, and have violated

Turkey, UK hold joint air defence exercises for first time

The Turkish Ministry of Defence announced on Wednesday that Turkish F-16 Fighting Falcons have participated in joint military exercises with the Eurofighter Typhoon of the Royal Air Force (RAF). The ministry disclosed in a statement that the joint air defence exercises are the first of their kind

Egypt, France Naval Forces Carry Out Joint Maritime Drill in Mediterranean

Egyptian and French naval forces have carried out a maritime drill Tuesday in the northern fleet region in the Mediterranean. The exercise is the second of its kind in November and is part of five training held this year to maintain maritime security and stability in the region, according to an E

Tawakkol Karman's criticism of Ibn Baz's fatwa sparks controversy

Yemeni Nobel Peace Prize-winner Tawakkol Karman attacked the former Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Abdul Aziz Ibn Baz, who claimed that the earth does not rotate, sparking controversy among social media activists. Karman posted a video and commented: "In this video, Abdulaziz says that the ear

US Warship Successfully Destroys ICBM Target in Test off Hawaii

A US warship has intercepted and destroyed an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) target in a test conducted northeast of Hawaii, the US Missile Defense Agency (MDA) said. The test, conducted on Nov 16, involved an Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense-equipped destroyer which the MDA did not ide

Bassil Vows to Quit Political Life if Corruption Charges against Him are Proven

Head of Lebanon’s Free Patriotic Movement (FPM), MP Gebran Bassil, announced that he would leave political life if he was found guilty of any corruption charges. His comments came in response to US Treasury sanctions imposed on him earlier this month. In an interview with Al-Hadath televis

Egyptian, Russian Navies Carry Out Drills in Black Sea

A number of Egyptian naval vessels participating in the Egyptian-Russian maritime drill dubbed Friendship Bridge 3 have crossed the Dardanelles and Bosporus straits on their way to the Black Sea, the Egyptian Armed Forces said on Monday. The naval vessels and units participating in the drill depa

Fire Damages Historic Mosque in Istanbul

A historic wooden mosque in Istanbul caught fire Sunday and Turkish firefighters put out the blaze, working from both land and sea. The Vanikoy Mosque, built in the 17th century during the reign of Ottoman Sultan IV Mehmed, is located on the Asian side of Istanbul along the Bosporus Strait. Video

More than 1.3 million coronavirus deaths worldwide: AFP tally

More than 1.3 million people have been killed by the novel coronavirus worldwide, according to a tally from official sources compiled by AFP.In total, there have been at least 1,303,783 deaths for 53,380,442 declared cases of Covid-19, although experts say the official data is likely to capture on

Outgoing Syria Envoy Admits Hiding US Troop Numbers from Trump

Outgoing US envoy to Syria James Jeffrey admitted that he and his team had hidden from US President Donald Trump the actual number of American troops deployed in northeastern Syria. In comments to Defense One, he acknowledged that his team routinely misled senior leaders about troop levels in Syr

Lebanese Security Chief Visited Syria in Efforts to Free US Captive

Lebanese General Security chief Abbas Ibrahim visited Damascus after a trip to Washington as part of efforts to free US citizen Austin Tice, who is thought to be held in Syria, Lebanese broadcaster al Jadeed reported on Saturday. Ibrahim told al Jadeed he went on a two day visit to Damascus and w

Twelve charged in Germany with plotting mosque attacks, murders

German prosecutors have charged 12 men with plotting well-funded, armed attacks on mosques in which they planned to kill or injure as many Muslims as possible, authorities said on Friday."They aimed through attacks on mosques and the killing and wounding of as many Muslims as possible to create ci

Egypt Welcomes Saudi Scholars’ Warning on 'Muslim Brotherhood' Terrorism

Religious scholars, lawmakers and institutions in Egypt have praised the Saudi Council of Senior Scholars for labeling the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group that does not represent Islam and warning the world against cooperating or sympathizing with the transnational organization. “Th

Turkey Reaffirms Plans to Use Russian-made Missile Defense System

Turkey’s defense minister has reaffirmed the country’s plans to use a Russian-made missile defense system it purchased despite continued objections from the United States. Defense Minister Hulusi Akar told a parliamentary budget commission Thursday the military is continuing its check

US Approves F-35 Jets Sale to UAE

The US State Department on Tuesday said it approved plans to sell 50 stealth F-35 fighter jets to the United Arab Emirates. In a statement, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that the package and highlighted the deep US-UAE ties. Read More: Israel will oppose any US F-35 sale to Qa

Saudi Senior Scholars: 'Muslim Brotherhood' a Terrorist Organization

Saudi Arabia’s Council of Senior Scholars said that the Muslim Brotherhood is “a terrorist organization that does not represent Islam. In a statement on Tuesday, the Council stressed that the organization - which was designated by Saudi Arabia in 2014 as a terrorist group – aime

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