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UK’s Johnson, France’s Macron reiterate commitment to Iran nuclear deal

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron reiterated their commitment on Sunday to the Iran nuclear deal and agreed a long-term framework was needed, Downing Street said on Sunday. “On Iran, the leaders reiterated their commitment to the JCPoA (Joint Comprehens

Trump's Obama obsession drives his foreign policy

As President Donald Trump and his allies explain the recent decision to launch a fatal strike on Iranian military leader Qasam Soleimani, one name continues to pop up: Barack Obama. Speaking to conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh on Monday, Trump mentioned his immediate predecessor's name four ti

France’s Macron discusses Middle East tensions with Iraq, UAE

 Paris - French President Emmanuel Macron discussed the latest tensions in the Middle East on Saturday with Iraq President Barham Salih and with Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan. A statement from Macron’s office added that Macron and Salih would remain in close

Major US cities step up security efforts after strike against Iran

Law enforcement agencies in several major US cities have issued alerts advising residents to be vigilant in the wake of the US strike against Iran’s top general as officials said they were stepping up security efforts at sensitive locations. Chad Wolf, acting secretary of the US Department of

Robot drone swarms could take the place of nukes

ByMATT AIZAWA, TOKYO With Donald Trump’s North Korea denuclearization policy seen as a failure and his loyalty to allies seriously questioned, there’s talk that South Korea and Japan might go nuclear in self-defense. But in fact, nukes are obsolete. Swarms are the new deterrent that can

Sudan’s Omar Al Bashir convicted in corruption trial

Hundreds of soldiers and policemen lined the streets on the approach to the Judicial and Legal Science Institute in eastern Khartoum’s Arkaweet suburb on Saturday. In a year of monumental changes in Sudan, the weekend is set to be historic. Omar Al Bashir, the man who ruled the country with a

Trump: US, Turkish National Security Teams Will 'Immediately' Work to Solve S-400 Issue

US President Donald Trump and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan held a press conference on Wednesday 11-13-2019 following their meeting in the US capital.The agenda of the talks is the situation in Syria, as well as trade issues and combatting terrorism. Earlier, Trump stressed that the S-400 a

China jails nine for selling fentanyl into US

China on Thursday jailed nine people for selling fentanyl to Americans, the result of a landmark joint probe, and pledged further co-operation following President Donald Trump's fury at Beijing's perceived inaction against Chinese suppliers fuelling the deadly US opioid crisis. Despite Trump's cr

Trump invites ASEAN leaders to US meet after skipping summit

Nonthaburi - President Donald Trump has invited Southeast Asian leaders to a “special summit” in the United States early next year after skipping their ongoing annual summit in Thailand. Robert O’Brien, the national security adviser Trump sent in his stead, included the invitation

Syria: Erdoğan's eyes more likely to be on Putin than Trump

Donald Trump’s decision to give the green light – now seemingly turning amber – for Turkey to enter northern Syria has produced a torrent of criticism from European capitals to Washington Republicans, all pointing out that Ankara’s move will revive Islamic State, cause untold

Iran court cuts Rouhani brother jail term to 5 years

Tehran - An Iranian court has reduced the jail sentence against President Hassan Rouhani’s brother to five years on charges of corruption, a judiciary spokesman said Tuesday10-1-2019. “Regarding the case of Hossein Fereydoun, the sentence of seven years handed down by the court of first

Saudi Crown Prince speaks in a tell-all CBS interview

Reem Abdellatif   Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman gave on Tuesday his first public address since the September 14 attacks on the Kingdom’s key oil facilities, in which he said that the response to Iran must be well-calculated. “The political and peaceful sol

Pakistan PM presses Trump to seek Taliban, Kashmir deals

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday 9-23-2019 pressed US President Donald Trump to restart talks with Afghanistan’s Taliban and said Washington has a “duty” to calm the Kashmir standoff with India. “Stability in Afghanistan means stability in Pakistan,” Khan

‘Howdy, Modi!’: Trump hails Indian PM at ‘historic’ Texas rally

US President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi exchanged warm words of friendship in Texas at a rare mass rally for a foreign leader. Around 50,000 people gathered for what Mr Trump called a "profoundly historic event" on Sunday in Houston. The "Howdy, Modi!" event was billed as

Zarif: Military Strike Against Iran Would Result in 'All-Out War'

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif warned on Thursday 9-19-2019 that any military strike against Iran would result in “all-out war.” “I am making a very serious statement that we don’t want war; we don’t want to engage in a military confrontation ... But we