Audi e-tron GT first drive: Beauty and performance in an impressive EV

When unveiled at the LA auto show in 2018, the Audi e-tron GT wowed the world with its incredible design. It immediately became the best-looking EV coming to market and now that it’s here and frankly not much has changed from what we saw at the event in Los Angeles. We got a chance to dri

Electric vehicles double market share in Europe in the second quarter

Electric vehicles more than doubled their share of new car sales in Europe in the second quarter, with hybrids also making gains, the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) said Friday.All-electric vehicles accounted for 7.5 percent of new car sales in Europe in the three mont

Opel makes the famous Astra more beautiful and more economic

Astra has been known over the past years as one of the most popular cars among young people for its practicality and distinctive designs, but Opel wanted to make this vehicle more distinctive this year. Looking at the design presented by Opel for the new car, we note that this vehicle is complete

Vietnam's Vinfast to launch electric cars in US, Europe next year

Vietnam's first homegrown car manufacturer Vinfast said Monday it will launch two new electric vehicle models early next year in North America and Europe, as it pushes to enter the lucrative but crowded market.   The carmaker is a subsidiary of Vietnam's largest private conglomerate, Vingro

Lamborghini unleashes series-ending Aventador Ultimae LP780-4

After a decade-long production run, Lamborghini is giving its fire-breathing Aventador flagship a fitting send-off via a last-of-the-line Ultimae LP780-4. The Raging Bull will build 600 examples of the Ultimae (350 coupes and 250 Roadsters), before manufacturing at the Sant’Agata B

AirCar: flying car-aircraft hybrid takes to the skies in Slovakia

Afuture filled with flying cars could be closer than we think. AirCar, a car-aircraft hybrid, has taken to the skies for a 35-minute flight between airports in Slovakia. Created by Stefan Klein, the founder and chief executive of Klein Vision, the AirCar is equipped with a BMW engine and runs on

Tesla Autopilot issue leads to 'recall' of nearly 300,000 cars in China

Tesla will recall nearly 300,000 Model 3 and Model Y electric vehicles delivered in China. According to Bloomberg and Nikkei Asia, the country's State Administration for Market Regulation has announced the automaker's decision on its website. While the move is being called a "recall

why the classic Honda S800 makes for a worthy investment

The chap from Honda reverently, but with the not entirely inconsequential force required, slammed shut the door of his valuable ward. He held out the keys in my direction but then, as he took stock of the towering beanstalk that is yours truly, he hesitated, almost retracting his arm. “You&

the Honda Civic RS is a safe and stylish performer

It’s still a long way from the extroverted, winged, high-revving Type-R Civic sold elsewhere and, even though this 10th-generation Civic has nearly run its life, with the 11th generation due next year, the new RS derivative is a refreshingly enthusiastic drive for its market segment. T

Accord Sport 2.0T is the most exciting Honda in recent years

Honda gave us some sizzling driver’s cars in the 1990s. A few examples: the sublime mid-engined NSX, which beat Ferrari and Lamborghini at their own game; the high-revving S2000 roadster; and the beautifully balanced DC2 Integra Type R. Thereafter, the engineering-focused brand seemed t

Rolls-Royce Boat Tail: the world's most expensive car has arrived

Rolls-Royce has unveiled the world’s most expensive car. Its Boat Tail is an open-air and nautical-themed luxury car inspired by J-class yachts. It took four years to create from formulation to build and is reported to have an estimated price tag of between $25 million a

Road test: the McLaren 620R is a car for the racetrack

As supercars go, some attract your attention, others demand it. The McLaren 620R is the latter. Ignore it at your peril. Walk past it dismissively and it’ll grab you by the shoulder, spin you around and smack you in the face. That’s just the sort of car it is. So, feast your eyes on t

Volvo's new XC90 T8 Hybrid is quick, comfortable and gets the job done

Remember when Volvos were big, safe, conservative cars built for families who didn’t swallow slick marketing campaigns about performance, but instead wanted a refined luxury vehicle that still looked fresh a decade later? Well, those days appear to be back for the Chinese-Swedish manufacture

Bentley powers down with new V8 Flying Spur: lighter model also comes with lighter price tag

Bentley’s latest Flying Spur has arrived in the Middle East in a mechanically slimmed-down format that the manufacturer vows offers a more driver-centric experience than ever before. Following its crash diet, the newbie has been fitted out with a 4-litre V8 engine, which doesn’t exact

How to survive a zombie attack? 5 vehicles that could help you ride out an apocalypse

If the past year has taught us anything, it's the importance of preparedness. It's with renewed seriousness, then, that we should observe Zombie Awareness Month this May. Established by the Zombie Research Society in 2007, the month is part of a campaign to "bring awareness about zombies and the

Road test: New BMW M3 and M4 tear up Yas Marina Circuit

Testing a vehicle on the road is one thing, but, if it’s something on the sporty side, not being able to give it the beans because of speed limits can be frustrating. Testing a vehicle at Yas Marina Circuit, then, essentially eradicates this issue. The gloves, as they say, are off (or on, i

Lebanon launches first electric car despite crisis and power cuts

A Lebanon-made electric car made its debut on Saturday, the first time the Mediterranean country has manufactured a vehicle, despite struggling amid a dire economic crisis and frequent power cuts. The red sports car – named Quds Rise, after the Arabic name for Jerus

New Mercedes EQS revealed: German car manufacturer's first all-electric luxo-barge

Mercedes-Benz has launched the EQS, its first all-electric luxury sedan, and the company is positioning it as the most aerodynamic production car in the world. Its looks certainly suggest this is the case, with the design being what can only be described as sleek and curvaceous. Small cues a