Beijing ponders support for petrol-electric hybrids

BEIJING - China is considering re-classifying petrol-electric hybrid vehicles so they get more favorable treatment than all-petrol or diesel counterparts under clean car rules, making it easier for automakers to meet environment quotas and offer more choice.Global hybrid leaders Toyota Motor Corp. a

Nearly 3,500 Jeep Gladiators recalled for driveshafts that could fail

CHRIS CHIN   Even though the Jeep Gladiator is just beginning to hit showrooms and driveways, its newness doesn’t make it immune to recalls. Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued a recall for some 3,427 Gladiators for improperly lubr

Jeep Unlimited vs Land Rover Defender 110

The 2009 Land Rover Defender 110 and 2008 Jeep Unlimited: Two of the most capable and rugged 4x4s you can find. Wrangler Unlimited When something is described as ‘an acquired taste’, it's usually a way of saying you probably won't like it. A case in point was Jeep's previous-generati

Vantage Roadster revisited

By Simon Hacker, additional reporting by Amit Benjamin   Having graced the silver screen for decades as 007’s vehicle of choice, Aston Martin is no badge for the publicity-shy. But things get even more conspicuous when the car it graces is a gorgeous drop-top, with a soundtrack that can

911 GT3 returns with bigger engine, loads of grunt

The 911 GT3 has just returned from a visit to Dr Porsche, who assigned a face-lift, liposuction and prescribed some horse-strength steroids. Porka boffins have improved the normally-aspirated, rear-wheel driven track-orientated road car on every level, bringing it up-to-date for the Geneva Motor sh

Volkswagen rolls out third-generation Scirocco

  Patience has rewarded the VW faithful: The German firm has finally produced the third-generation Scirocco everyone has been crying out for. No longer just a concept car to wow the motor-show crowds, this model boasts a Salik tag and pretty much finds itself in a niche of its own - although R

Aston Martin DBS V12 on its first UAE mission

By Amit Benjamin With a licence to drive, we take Bond’s company car, the Aston Martin DBS V12, on its first UAE mission Aston Martin and James Bond is an iconic pairing. Much like Big Mac and fries, Batman and Robin and, er, Terence Hill and Bud Spencer, mentioning one without the other is

Mercedes-Benz E-Class: Focus on safety and economy

Dejan Jovanovic The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class focuses on safety and economy Stuttgart’s boffins went all out in creating the safest and most economic Mercedes yet with the new E-Class range, incorporating innovations such as Attention Assist, Adaptive High Beam Assist and automatic braking,

Jaguar XFR Saloon: Catnip power

By Dejan Jovanovic Jaguar’s new supercharged saloon sharpens its claws for M5, RS6 and E63 assault BMW’s M5 possesses an F1-derived V10, Audi’s RS6 boasts an AWD Quattro system and Mercedes-Benz supercharges 6.2 litres of V8 power, tearing up tarmac through a seven-speed transmi

Cadillac Converj: GM offers glimpse into the future

By Staff Writer   GM converges the ‘future of the automobile’ with its dazzling Caddy GM is on a mission to reinvent the car at a time when it’s also flapping like a baby seal trying to stay afloat. The luxurious Cadillac Converj concept is the General’s offer of a g

Land Rover Defender 110: The long game

By Tom Allen    The Land Rover Defender 110: Hand-built, exceptional off-road ability and bucolic - not so different from the 1949 model. But that’s exactly why it’s one of the most characterful cars you can buy. The last time I drove a Defender was several years ago, when I

Car companies look beyond recession

By Jorn Madslien The car industry, which is often seen as a barometer of the world economy, is storming headfirst into a deep recession, with sales and profits tumbling. Manufacturing plants are closing, production is being cut back, jobs are being axed and car company share prices are tumblin

BMW GINA Light Visionary Model

  . By Patrick Hong provided by: BMW GINA Light Visionary Model BMW just unveiled its latest design philosophy — via a radical concept car — that will sure to raise some eyebrows in the automotive industry. Touted as the "game changer" for

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