Ferrari SF90 Stradale To Star In Remake Of Famous 1970s French Street Racing Film

Although there will be no F1 race in Monaco this weekend, because the 2020 Monaco Grand Prix was canceled due to the recent COVID-19 events, there will still be the shriek of a Ferrari on the streets of this hallowed circuit. Ferrari is planning to film a sequel to one of the great car films of all

Ford Mustang Mach-E Electric Crossover Delayed Until 2021 In Some Areas

The Mach-E may be behind schedule in many locations, but Ford has only officially announced the delays in some markets.According to official reports out of The Netherlands, France, and the United Kingdom – via Ford's emails to reservation holders – the automaker's all-electric Mustang Ma

Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII review: The car of kings and presidents

You can reel off all the petrolhead data you like about the Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII — 6.75 liters, 560 brake horse power, V12 twin-turbo engine, 900 newtons of torque and a maximum speed of 250kph — but all of that pales into insignificance before the Spirit of Ecstasy.The classic sculp

This Porsche Cyber 677 Concept Looks Like A 911 From The Future

Even as the Porsche 911 evolves, it doesn't stray far from the look the company penned way back in 1963. No matter how fat or how modern it gets, the 911’s shape is still immediately recognizable. But what if Porsche took the 911 in a dramatic new direction (not that it will)? Graphic designer

Screen star Shahad Ballan in new anti-speeding campaign

Syrian TV presenter Shahad Ballan has joined forces with Dubai Autodrome, the UAE’s motorsports and entertainment complex, in a new campaign called #SpeedLegally, which aims to safely channel youths’ desire for speed while driving. “The whole point of the campaign is to tell peopl

Mercedes 300SL Reimagined As Retro Reboot On AMG GT Platform

Reimaging an iconic vehicle in a more modern design is a risky proposition, to say the least. The art of nostalgia-fueled product design is nothing new, but the stakes are high as nostalgia leverages a great deal of brand equity. In the past, many automakers have attempted to call upon their past su

2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo review: Somehow, it got better

How do you improve on perfection? For me, the Ferrari 488 GTB was a harmony of outrageous on-track performance and remarkably good on-road manners. It's my favorite modern super-sports car.And so I had some misgivings when taking delivery of the F8 Tributo. Yeah, it has more power and fresh looks an

Next-Gen Land Rover Range Rover Spied Posing With Defender

Even if the Land Rover Range Rover didn't create the luxury SUV segment, the model certainly helped popularize these high-end haulers, especially in Europe. A new generation is finally on the way after the existing version's debut way back in 2012. These spy shots offer a great look at the next-gen

BMW plan to pay $1.8 billion dividend criticized as workers sent home

BMW AG’s plan to pay out $1.8 billion in dividends while the coronavirus crisis drains the German carmaker’s cash reserves is drawing the ire of investors. BMW should consider a lower payout to protect its balance sheet, Deutsche Bank AG’s fund management arm DWS Group said ahead

Ford to restart UK engine output next week amid coronavirus crisis

Ford will restart output at its two British engine factories from May 18 which means all of the US carmaker’s European manufacturing sites will be in operation next week, after shutdowns due to the coronavirus outbreak. Ford built nearly 1.1 million engines last year at two British sites, Dag

2021 Chevrolet Tahoe PPV Fights Crime With Cop Motor, Tires, Brakes

The 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe goes to work with two, new law enforcement packages that turn the SUV into a crime-busting machine. There's the Tahoe Police Pursuit Vehicle that's for normal patrolling and high-speed use. Alternatively, the Special Service Vehicle is for off-roading and towing. Both varia

Beijing ponders support for petrol-electric hybrids

China is considering re-classifying petrol-electric hybrid vehicles so they get more favorable treatment than all-petrol or diesel counterparts under clean car rules, making it easier for automakers to meet environment quotas and offer more choice.Global hybrid leaders Toyota Motor Corp. and Honda M

2020 BMW 840i Convertible Driving Notes: Capable Cruiser

Too often, we think of convertibles as elemental sports cars, designed for going fast and attacking curves with the wind whipping through your hair. But we’d posit that while convertibles make great sports cars, the body style is at its best in more a relaxed role. Take the 2020 BMW 840i. Oh

Weight-Estimating Software Helps Design Urban Air Taxis

These aircraft may not look like what you’re used to. But open the universe of design concepts, and you also open a universe of uncertainty: How will it fly? Is it strong enough? Are the batteries big enough? How much fuel will it need? Getting quick answers to these questions is relatively e

Hyundai’s global sales plunge 70% in April

As South Korea basks in spring sunshine and the country cautiously exits social distancing, Hyundai Motor launched a new SUV on Wednesday – but the company’s earnings have sprung a severe leak. While Hyundai may be buoyed by some positive data in its recovering home market, on the globa

Rolls-Royce Rendering Imagines A Mid-Engine Luxury Supercar

Rolls-Royce has carved out quite the niche for itself with a history of stellar luxury cars. Only recently did Rolls expand its lineup to include an SUV, the Cullinan, and who knows what else the company has planned. One type of car that doesn’t square with Roll’s bespoke lineup is a sup

Audi RS Q8 Gets Aggressive Design And Nearly 900 HP From Manhart

The Audi RS Q8 may be the company’s fastest and most powerful SUV ever, but tuners are constantly finding ways to extract even more power to give these speedy high-riding luxobarges some extra muscle. After ABT got its hands on Ingolstadt’s super SUV at the beginning of the year, it&rsqu

Jaguar Claims The New XJ Is Stunning, But Not A Traditional Sedan

It’s no secret that Jaguar is working on the next-generation XJ. We’ve seen a few prototypes testing on public roads but these were all heavily disguised cars that didn’t really reveal much of the car’s design. It turns out the designers of the British company want to go big

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