2021 BMW M4 Spied Showing Its Grille In Plain Sight

At this point, there isn't much left to hide.At this point, there isn’t much left for BMW to hide. The new 4 Series with its mega-grille is already uncovered, and we’ve known for a long time that the hot M edition would see the same treatment. These new spy images are the first time BMW

Forza Ferrari - the view from the cockpit of the famous brand

I think the gravity — no pun intended — of my situation hit home when Sep, the assistant at the Al-Tayer Ferrari showroom in Dubai, pointed to the feature on the dashboard display of the F8 Tributo that measures the g-force hitting your body as the supercar accelerates. “People ar

Corvette Is The Most Cross-Shopped Car By SRT Charger, Challenger Buyers

This is despite the fact that the Corvette isn't a muscle car.There are five muscle cars in the U.S.: the Dodge Challenger, the four-door Dodge Charger, the Chevrolet Camaro, the Ford Mustang, and the Chevrolet Corvette. Now, before you lambast us for saying such falsehood, keep in mind that the lis

Porsche 911 Spied With Ducktail Spoiler At The Nurburgring

Could this be a retro-themed Sport Classic model?The mystery Porsche 911 is back, and this is the best look at it yet. The model appears to be the Turbo variant of the Nine Eleven but with a ducktail spoiler on the back. The 911 Turbo S already debuted, so we still aren't entirely sure why this one

2020 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock Debuts As Bit Of Demon, Lot Of Redeye

The Little Old Lady from Pasadena would be thrilled.There are few more popular examples of the early mingling between cars and rock music than 1964's “The Little Old Lady (From Pasadena)” by Jan and Dean. In that iconic piece, the pair wax lyrical about a senior citizen zipping around th

Boeing fell short in disclosing key changes to 737 MAX aircraft

A government report says Boeing did not give regulators documents about changes it made in a key system blamed in two deadly crashes of its 737 Max jet, and that officials responsible for approving the plane did not know how powerfully the system could push the plane’s nose down.Government per

Egypt to Enter the Electric Cars Manufacturing Industry

Minister of Public Business Sector Hisham Tawfik revealed yesterday that for the first time, a model of the electric car vehicle (E70) is being considered for production by Al Nasr Motors after signing a memorandum of understanding last week with Chinese Dong Feng Company. Al Nasr was asked to fini

Chevy Corvette C8 Vs Dodge Demon Drag Race Ends In An Upset

Can the revered mid-engine sports coupe beat a muscle car on its own turf?The 2020 Chevy Corvette C8 is a quick car, no doubt about that. Ever since its launch, the mid-engine sports coupe has been touted with a zero to 60 miles per hour (97 kilometers per hour) sprint of under three seconds when eq

Boeing 737 MAX certification flight tests to begin

SEATTLE/WASHINGTON: Pilots and test crew members from the US Federal Aviation Administration and Boeing Co. are slated to begin a three-day certification test campaign for the 737 MAX on Monday, people familiar with the matter told Reuters.The test is a pivotal moment in Boeing’s worst-ever co

Maserati’s New Twin-Turbo V6 Engine Has Up To 542 Horsepower

Maserati will use the V6 as a replacement for its Ferrari-sourced V8.Maserati's forthcoming twin-turbo V6 will reportedly produce 542 horsepower (404 kilowatts) in some applications and displace 3.0-liters. After debuting in the MC20 mid-engine sports car, the powerplant will allegedly be under the

2021 SVE Syclone Debuts With 750-HP V8 And AWD

The aftermarket shop mentions the speedy truck uses heavy-duty front and rear driveshafts and a transfer case with a rear-biased setup sending 62 percent of the torque to the back wheels. The full amount of torque can be sent to the non-slipping front or rear wheels whenever traction becomes an issu

Buick Envision S Debuts As Stylish Crossover For China

It'll be available in the luxury-focused Avenir trim.After leaking in March, the Buick Envision S now has an official unveiling as the brand's new mid-sized crossover for the Chinese market. The brand will sell it there alongside the existing, recently refreshed Envision to give customers a wider ar

Porsche Says 911 Hybrid’s Major Challenges Are Extra Weight, Packaging

Porsche has been hard at work for the 911 Hybrid for several years, but the company is still facing the challenges of making an electrified version of its most famous model. The two biggest problems to solve are keeping the components compact and making sure they don't weigh too much. "We have to p

Take A Tour Of The Stunning Lotus Evija

With the Lotus Evija getting closer to the start of production by the summer of this year, prototypes have been busy doing their usual rounds, and even more cool information on Britain's first EV hypercar has started to see the light of day. We all know that the stunning Lotus Evija will be limited

Alpine Brand Could Survive By Going Electric

Ever since Renault decided to revive its Alpine brand in 2017, together, they've given the world some neat cars. While they might not be volume sellers, variants of the Alpine A110 are highly regarded and enjoyed by enthusiasts. While they have their niche market and have more models on the way, it

Ford Puma ST Rendering Previews The Crossover Hot Hatch

There seems to be a growing demand for performance utility vehicles at both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. In North America, people are often looking for massive V8 trucks and SUVs, but the narrower roads in Europe dictate a different trend. Customers on the Old continent prefer small, more agile, and

Front-Engine Porsche 911 Rendering Is Designed To Upset Purists

Sports car fans don’t like change, and every new technological encroachment or alteration to the formula is instantly categorized as heresy. But last July, Chevy did just that, flipping the Corvette’s well-known, nearly 70-year-old script by moving the engine to behind the passenger comp

Hard times for Boeing, long a symbol of American might

Many business owners are changing the way they make money as they attempt to recoup revenue lost to the coronavirus outbreak. The changes can look subtle; for example, when owners of clothing stores decide to beef up their internet business. But often such adjustments involve an entire rethinking o

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