Was Medieval Cannibal And Black Magician Peter Niers History’s Most Prolific Serial Killer?

The legends of Peter Niers may be lesser-known than those of Vlad the Impaler or Elizabeth Báthory, but they are no less horrifying. It was said that Niers was a master black magician who could render himself invisible, transform into a cat, a dog, or a goat. It was said that he garnered the

Egypt’s ‘history of humanity’ monuments face climate change threat

It’s a steamy November day in the southern Egyptian city of Luxor, and the tourists tramping through the ancient temples of Luxor and Karnak are sweating. But the city’s famed 7,000-year-old antiquities are feeling the heat too. Increasingly high temperatures linked to climate change, a

Christmas in Lebanon not so merry as economic crisis bites

Rafi Tabakian’s clothing store in a Beirut suburb is usually buzzing with customers during the holiday season, but with Lebanon’s economy in ruins, shoppers are in short supply. “We’ve been in business for 30 years, and I’ve never seen anything like this,” he sai

UAE leaders launch Golden Jubilee masterplan for nation's future

UAE leaders declared 2020 will be the launchpad for ambitious plans to drive the country forward for the next 50 years - ahead of its milestone Golden Jubilee 12 months later. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, the Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, announced the upcoming year will be used to deliver a ro

Morocco’s Gnawa musical culture listed by UNESCO

  Gnawa culture, a centuries-old Moroccan practice rooted in music, African rituals, and Sufi traditions, was on Thursday added to UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Gnawa refers to a “set of musical productions, fraternal practices and therapeutic rituals

Indian border officials on lookout for fugitive cosmic guru

New Delhi - Indian border officials and embassies have issued an alert for a fugitive guru accused of rape, the government said, days after the holy man announced the creation of his own “cosmic” country. Swami Nithyananda – one of many self-styled Indian “godmen” with

Egypt unveils animal mummies of lion cubs, crocodiles, birds

Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities is revealing details on recently discovered animal mummies, saying they contain two lion cubs as well as several crocodiles, birds and cats. Saturday’s announcement came during an exhibition at the famed Step Pyramid in Saqqara, south of Cairo. That&rsquo

Ancient cup given to 1st marathon victor returned to Greece

ATHENS, Greece- An ancient Greek cup awarded as a prize to the marathon winner in the first modern Olympics of 1896 has been returned to Athens from a German university.Greece’s Culture Ministry says the 6th century B.C. pottery vessel was considered lost for decades until research in 2014 by

Egypt displays 30 ancient sarcophagi in Luxor

The Egyptian government presented on Saturday a group of 30 sarcophagi more than 3,000 years old in the city of Luxor, the most important discovery of its kind since the 19th century in this archaeological treasure trove. Antiquities Minister Khaled el-Anani noted that the find of this group of t

Earth and fire: India pottery village lights up for Diwali

New Delhi - The narrow lanes of Kumhar Gram are buzzing with activity ahead of Diwali as generations of potters race to create clay decorations for customers across the country – and beyond. Known as the “Potter’s Village”, the settlement is home to around 500 families from

Mocha is the best yemeni coffee

Grown in southern Yemen in a mountainous region with elevations in excess of 4,500 feet, Yemen Arabian Mocha is one of the world's oldest cultivated coffees. It is distinguished by its richness, full body, and chocolaty undertones, which have become synonymous with "mocha" flavor. Arabia Mocha is

Imilchil celebrates mass Morocco wedding

IMILCHIL - High up in Morocco's Atlas mountains, three dozen young Berber couples gathered for a traditional group wedding to the sound of drums and ululating. Near the lakeside village of Imilchil, hundreds flocked to attend the singing and dancing from last Thursday to Sunday under a bright blue

Brazil Amazon: Old enemies unite to save their land

While the world's attention has been focused on the fires raging in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, indigenous people living there have warned that the policies of President Jair Bolsonaro pose a bigger threat to their existence. Rival groups have now come together to fight the government's plans

Japan halts exhibit of S. Korea’s ‘comfort women’ statue

A Japanese exhibition featuring a controversial South Korean artwork depicting a wartime sex slave has been cancelled after threats of violence as bilateral ties between the countries fray. The cancellation comes as relations between Tokyo and Seoul are soured by bitter disputes over territory and

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque; joy for the soul, eyes

By Dr. Hussein Shehadeh - MUSCAT When instructions were given by Sultan Qaboos of Oman in 1992 to build the Grand Mosque, it took six years to complete. In the year of 1993, the Diwan of Royal Court held an international competition to find the best design for the Grand Mosque. The construction c

Arabic inscriptions of Alhambra decoded centuries later

By Elisa Santafe - MADRID Researchers armed with modern technology such as digital cameras and 3D laser scanners have embarked on a mission to catalogue and decipher for the first time the words that adorn Spain's most-visited tourist attraction. For centuries visitors to the Alhambra fortress-pa

Al-Qahira Castle, unique historical site

By: Abdullah Hizam Translated by: Mahmoud Assamiee SANA'A - (Saba) -  Al-Qahira Castle, located on the highest mountain in Taiz city, is a historical site has a history full of incidents affirm that it has been a battlefield for the rulers who ruled the city consecutively during the past ag

Assaleh Mosque, Unique Architecture

By: Ali al-Khail and Yahya Askran Translated by: Mahmoud Assamiee The Project of Assaleh Mosque was built on an area estimate at 224,831 square meters including roads, gardens, passages and car parks. The mosque is wide enough for 45 thousands worshipers. Its parks could include 1900 cars.

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