Iran intelligence leak proves influence in Iraq

BAGHDAD - Reports Monday on a trove of leaked Iranian intelligence documents drove home the depth of its influence in Iraq, where anti-government protesters have accused Tehran of meddling and overreach. The New York Times and online publication The Intercept reported that the hundreds of documents

Fresh clashes erupt in Iraq despite appeal for calm by top cleric Sistani

BAGHDAD- Fresh clashes between Iraqi security forces and anti-government demonstrators broke out in Baghdad on Friday as protests entered their third week, despite a call for calm by the country’s top Shiite cleric. Government leaders also appeared to have refused to backdown, closing rank in

US and Gulf countries sanction individuals and businesses linked to Iran and Hezbollah

LONDON - The US and Gulf countries on Wednesday placed sanctions on 25 entities and individuals linked to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps and Hezbollah. The action was taken by the Terrorist Financing Targeting Center, which was set up in Riyadh by Donald Trump along with the six GCC countie

Iran-backed militias deployed snipers during Iraq protests

Iran-backed militias deployed snipers on Baghdad rooftops during the Iraq’s deadliest anti-government protests in years, two Iraqi security officials told Reuters.The deployment of militia fighters, which has not been previously reported, underscores the chaotic nature of Iraqi politics amid m

Security forces kill at least nine in new protests in Iraq

Baghdad - Security forces fired live ammunition and tear gas at demonstrators on the fifth day of anti-government protests in the Iraqi capital on Saturday 5 -10- 2019 , killing at least nine people and wounding 39, as thousands of protesters took to the streets and set fire to political party offic

Inspired by Swedish teen, worldwide protest demands climate action

Millions of young people flooded the streets of cities around the world on Friday9-20-2019 to demand political leaders take urgent steps to stop climate change, uniting in a worldwide protest inspired by 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg. Alarmed by images of the Greenland ice sheets melt

Israel-US Discuss Best Timing to Launch ME Peace Plan

Talks currently held between US special envoy for the peace process Jason Greenblatt and Israeli officials could have tackled details of US plan to end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Israeli media reported. Until Saturday evening, no meeting was held between Head of the centrist Kahol Lavan Part

Election re-run looms for Netanyahu

JERUSALEM - Israel holds its second election in five months on Tuesday as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu battles for political survival and the question of how religious the country should become emerges as a surprise issue. Netanyahu, Israel's longest-serving prime minister, suffered one of the

Resignations and succession battle follow John Bolton’s departure from White House

Joyce Karam The battle to replace ousted US National Security Adviser John Bolton has already begun in Republican policy circles, as three more aides at the National Security Council (NSC) resigned their positions on Wednesday. Garrett Marquis, an NSC spokesman, Sarah Tinsley, communications direc

Extremist Groups in Burkina Faso May Threaten the Rest of West Africa

A diverse opposition movement mobilised against Compaoré’s attempted constitutional manoeuvres and eventually saw off the President himself, Compaoré fleeing to neighbouring Côte d’Ivoire under continuous public pressure. Activists applied pressure to ensure a transi

Yemeni FM calls to assist Yemen reconstruct Sa'ada

By: Abdul-Satar Hatita  - SANA'A, Feb. 24 (Saba)- Yemeni  Minister of Foreign Affairs Abu Bakr al-Qirbi called on brotherly and friendly countries to contribute in reconstructing Sa'ada governorate after the announcement of stopping the war. He revealed that there were groups in gulf

Early marriage between acceptance and refusal

By: Zohor al-Ba'adani - Translated and edited by: Mahmoud Assamiee SANA'A, April, 13 (Saba)- Early marriage has become an issue for research after it was an important demand in the past. Girl marriage at the age of 15 to a young with an age did not exceed 20 years was normal. Couple started their

Yemeni-Russian relations across the history

Translated by: Mahmoud Asssamiee Sana'a, Feb. 24, (Saba)-Yemeni- Russian relations date back to more that 80 years. Yemen was the first Arab country to establish diplomatic relations with The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). The two countries have maintained developing economic and trad

Halliburton’s Army comes to Iraq

[The following is the summary of a transcript of an interview with Pratap Chatterjee by Amy Goodman from Democracy Now!] AMY GOODMAN: The private military contractor KBR was awarded a $35 million contract for electrical work in Iraq by the Army Corps of Engineers last week. The former Halliburton s

30 years on, Iran still seeks democracy

TEHRAN - Iranians shouted "independence, liberty, Islamic republic" during the revolution which toppled the US-backed dictatorship, but complete democracy has yet to be fulfilled 30 years down the road. Veteran revolutionaries see the Islamic republic system as a far cry from the "de

Afghanistan 'top priority' for US

 The conflict in Afghanistan is now the "top overseas military priority" for the new Obama administration and its greatest challenge, the US defence secretary has said.  "There is little doubt that our greatest military challenge right now is Afghanistan," Rober

Mitchell crossed Atlantic 100 times in search of peace

Los Angeles Times-Washington Post News Service Washington - During a grinding 18-month stretch in the 1990s, US envoy George J. Mitchell crossed the Atlantic more than 100 times in a dogged search for peace between Northern Ireland's Protestants and Catholics. Even though he is a Catholic, Mitch

Muslim world cautious on Obama pledge

By Stephen Coates – JAKARTA Muslim leaders on Wednesday cautiously welcomed President Barack Obama's promise of a fresh start to US relations with the Islamic world and moves to halt "war on terror" trials at Guantanamo Bay. Obama's inauguration speech sent ripples of expectation