Israeli attack aimed to get Netanyahu out of the jam

AMMAN - Pundits and politicians appear to agree that the assassination of Islamic Jihad leader Bahaa Abu Al-Atta and his wife in Gaza, as well as the failed attack in Damascus against Akram Ajoury was committed to assuage domestic Israeli political tensions. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, facin

Spain votes as Catalonia tensions mount

Spain voted Sunday in its fourth general election in as many years with heightened tensions over Catalonia's separatist push in the foreground, an issue that has fuelled a surge in support for upstart far-right party Vox. The repeat polls were called after Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez failed to sec

US mediation looks to break Egypt-Ethiopia dam deadlock

WASHINGTON - After months of deadlock over the highly anticipated Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan agreed to continue negotiations in Washington. Talks are to resume December 9 and January 13 and a final resolution target date is set for January 15. A statement from Ethio

Rebuke for Trump in races seen as barometers for 2020 election

Democrats celebrated big election wins in two US states seen as a test of President Donald Trump's strength ahead of the 2020 elections, while Republicans held fast to a governorship in traditionally conservative Mississippi, results showed Wednesday. In a sign of trouble for Trump, Democratic chal

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: What his death means for IS in Syria

The death of Islamic State (IS) group leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a US military raid has been announced with great fanfare by President Donald Trump. Dr Lina Khatib, director of the Middle East programme at the international relations think-tank Chatham House, explains what is likely to happen ne

United by disgust, but shared vision eludes Lebanese

BEIRUT - Lebanon's highest Christian authority called on Wednesday for a change in government to include qualified technocrats and urged the president to begin talks to address demands of demonstrators in the streets for a seventh day. Throwing his weight behind demands for at least some change in

How will Syrian border towns react to Turkey’s Operation Peace Spring?

ANKARA - Turkish troops and the Syrian National Army launched Operation Peace Spring in northern Syria on Wednesday afternoon. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said its aim is to “prevent the creation of a terror corridor across the southern border and to bring peace to the area.”

Iranian general ‘played leading role’ in crackdown on Iraqi protests

BAGHDAD- The Iraqi government sent Iranian-backed armed factions to crack down on demonstrations and kill protesters, senior Iraqi security officials and politicians told Arab News on Tuesday. The groups are said to directly report to Gen. Qasim Soleimani, the commander of Iran’s Revolutionar

Israeli politics remain in chaos after deadlocked election

JERUSALEM - Benjamin Netanyahu has been tasked by Israel’s president to form a new government for the sixth time in his lengthy political career. This time it’s no mere formality, but rather a daunting endeavor that looks like mission impossible.After an inconclusive national election la

Saudi energy minister: Supply is back to pre-attack rates

Matthew Amlôt, Reem Abdellatif [22:37]: Analysis - “It is clear that most media reports and analysts’ statement regarding inability to restore production were wrong,” says energy economist and managing partner at Texas-based Energy Outlook Advisors, Anas Alhajji. [21:29]: S

Peace takes a backseat as Netanyahu moves to boost electoral chances

Written By Mamoon Alabbasi LONDON - Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is making a last-ditch push to boost his chances in the September 17 Israeli elections but his campaign efforts appear to be at the expense of reaching a peace deal with the Palestinians or forming better ties with the wi

American China watchers are debating US policy: The Gulf should watch closely

 By Mohammed Al-Sudairi      Over the past few years, and against the backdrop of mounting tensions between the United States and China over a range of political, economic, technological and military issues, American attitudes to China have changed. Among political, academic,

Diversity is a Key to Success

 Nasser Shariff    The concept of diversity is unique and it carries many meanings. It means recognizing, understanding, accepting, and respecting, our personal and cultural differences. The United States is the most diverse country in the world. Its diversity contributes to the

Scandal after scandal: Have America

By Dan De Luce - PERTH (Australia) The sex scandal that punctured the image of America's most admired general, David Petraeus, is just the latest in a litany of cases of misconduct plaguing the US top brass, raising questions about a military often isolated from the rest of civilian society. Even

Israel-Turkey ties at breaking point after raid

By Sibel Utku Bila - ANKARA Israel's assault on an aid convoy sailing to Gaza has pushed already strained relations with Turkey to breaking point, with trade, tourism and defence ties all likely to suffer, analysts said Monday. "The repercussions will be at a scale that will not be possible

Israel lobby part of the debate - Rami G. Khouri

One of the fascinating aspects of recent tensions between the American and Israeli governments over Washington’s Middle Eastern diplomacy has been a sea change in the public posture of what is usually called “the Israeli lobby” in the United States. This phrase refers to a very sop

Islamist shortcomings - Amr Hamzawy

Several days ago, Nathan Brown, a political science professor at George Washington University, and I completed the manuscript for a book that will be published soon by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Based on field studies conducted in Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Yemen and Kuw

OECD Bends Rules for Israel - Nadia Hijab

Israel’s inexorable accession to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development -- the rich country club -- is set to be confirmed this month barring last-minute hitches. Although several OECD members have doubts about Israel’s qualifications both on technical grounds and lack