Closing Guantanamo: Can Biden succeed where Obama failed?

Former president Barack Obama famously pledged to close Guantanamo Bay during his first campaign for the White House, stating that, “In the dark halls of Abu Ghraib and the detention cells of Guantanamo, we have compromised our most precious values.” Although Mr Obama signed a 2008 ex

Does Abbas intend to run for president after all?

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, who signed the decree for this year’s elections, has yet to announce whether he intends to run for president. In the past 10 years, he said on at least three occasions that if and when elections take place he will not stand. But Fatah strongman Jibril Rajoub

The Biden era: What do Arabs expect?

Joe Biden has become the 46th president of the US, having defeated Donald Trump in an election last November whose outcome evidently failed to heal the political rifts plaguing the country. Trump did not attend Wednesday’s inauguration ceremony. Complicating matters, a worsening coronavirus

Will Turkey succeed with its new charm offensive?

ANKARA: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is downplaying Ankara’s tensions with a host of countries as he launches a charm offensive on a variety of fronts. Meeting with the ambassadors of EU member states in Ankara on Jan. 12, Erdogan said that he expects to “turn a new page

U.S. Congress asks why Capitol Police let pro-Trump crowds rampage in 'systemic failure'

Members of the U.S. Congress on Thursday asked why the police force charged with protecting them allowed hundreds of supporters of President Donald Trump to burst into the Capitol, smashing windows, stealing and sending lawmakers fleeing. Officers in the 2,000-member Capitol Police fell back as t

Could Trump’s Georgia election call result in criminal charges?

Legal scholars say US President Donald Trump’s recorded request on Saturday for Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to “find” exactly enough votes to undo his loss in the state could possibly constitute a breach of the law. “It seems like one could put

Will Saudi Arabia leave Yemen in 2021?

The global system disintegrates, and this occurs in the form of a series of crises, each of which has its own nature. Among the crises involved in the largest countries of the world, the crisis of allies and alliances. Growing economic problems are forcing major countries to reorient their compas

ANALYSIS: Biden’s moment of truth in Middle East

When Democratic candidate Barack Obama won the US presidential elections in 2008, the Middle East was bubbling with hope. Twelve years later, when another Democrat, Obama's former Vice President Joe Biden, looks set to take the reins at the White House next month, there is hardly any hype or expec

Who is in Kuwait's post-election Cabinet?

Kuwait's emir on Monday approved the formation of a new Cabinet in which the oil and finance ministers in the Opec member state were replaced, the government communications office said. Sheikh Nawaf Al Sabah reappointed Sheikh Sabah Al Sabah as prime minister to head the new government after

Why are farmers protesting in New Delhi?

For more than two weeks, tens of thousands of Indian farmers have camped out on several key motorways leading into the capital, New Delhi, to demand Prime Minister Narendra Modi repeal farming laws they claim will wreck their livelihoods. What is the new legislation? Mr Modi’s Bharatiya Ja

Hezbollah Unlikely to Escalate Tensions with Israel after Killing of Iran Nuclear Scientist

The Lebanese people are concerned that the recent assassination of top Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh may lead to an escalation between Hezbollah and Israel. Iran said on Monday that Israel and an exiled opposition group used new and "complex" methods to assassinate Fakhrizadeh, see

Can Trump's lawyers be disciplined for making false claims?

In the weeks since U.S. President Donald Trump lost the election, his lead lawyer Rudy Giuliani has repeatedly made baseless claims of widespread voter fraud and the campaign brought a flurry of lawsuits challenging the results, many of which were dismissed. Representative Bill Pascrell, a Democr

Washington’s Terror Designation of Houthis: Pressure Card or Complicating the Complicated?

An US State Department spokesman stressed that Washington’s policy on Yemen has not changed. The goals are firm, he asserted amid Yemeni debate and tensions over speculation that Washington was seeking to designate the Iran-backed Houthi militias as terrorist. Some parties viewed the specu

Does Biden come bearing gifts for the Palestinians?

Sources in Ramallah revealed recently that the Palestinian Authority maintained contact with Democratic US President-elect Joe Biden throughout his campaign. Direct communication channels were apparently established by a Palestinian American businessman. “We wanted to let Mr Biden know that

Arabs Doubt Biden Will Herald Change in the Middle East

Arab leaders congratulated Joe Biden on his election victory, but some people in the Middle East expressed cynicism over US policy even if he pursues diplomacy rather than President Donald Trump’s blunt approach to the region’s myriad problems. “I was positive that Trump will no

What's Next? Saturday's Election Verdict isn't Last Step

Saturday's election verdict isn’t the last step in selecting an American president. Under a system that’s been tweaked over two centuries, there is still a months-long timeline during which the 538-member Electoral College picks the president. The Associated Press looks at the key ste

Will US Sanctions Against Bassil Affect Lebanon's Government Formation Process?

The US Treasury’s announcement of sanctions against Lebanon's former energy and foreign affairs minister Gebran Bassil on Friday drew question marks on what repercussions it would have on Lebanon, as Saad Hariri seeks to form the next government based on an initiative launched by French Pres

US Election 2020: Trump vs. Biden, down to wire

Even as the world anxiously awaits results from several battleground states, US President Donald Trump early Wednesday prematurely declared victory against Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. "We were getting ready to win this election, frankly, we did win this election," Trump told supp