Trump is in a precarious position for re-election – but he still has a chance

If Donald Trump wins the 2020 election and returns to the White House it won’t be by a landslide. And if he’s going to win at all he will need the US economy to rebound, to see suburban voters swing back in his direction, and overwhelm voters with a sense of optimism about another term u

What’s next after the border clash between India and China

In 1975, an Indian Army patrol, in the midst of a fog, had inadvertently strayed across the poorly demarcated (and contested) Sino-Indian border near the northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh, all of which is the subject of a Chinese territorial claim. In a skirmish in the region that ensued with

A Quiet, Restrained Revolution is Brewing in Iran

As America watched, George Floyd died. He gasped for air, called for his mother, and died. That same week, the coronavirus death toll passed 100,000, and the unemployment rate soared to new heights. But Floyd’s murder was the tipping point. There was anger, there was grief, and hope reced

Iran’s new hardline parliament has adopted a more radical foreign policy approach

It caught no one by surprise when the new speaker of the Iranian parliament Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf in his inaugural address on May 31 described talks with the United States as “fruitless” and “harmful” and went on to say that Iran’s strategy in dealing with the United

How Coronavirus Could Lead to Even More Racism

Pandemics are not only biological phenomena but also social phenomena. Throughout history, pandemics have been powerful engines of social change, exposing inequalities in the distribution of health and wealth, and prompting calls for the reform of social institutions. In this respect, the mass prot

Can Trump send the U.S. military to quell violence at protests?

U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday suggested he would use federal troops to end unrest that has erupted following the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man killed in police custody last week.“If a city or state refuses to take the actions that are necessary to defend the life and prop

Beijing sees Trump’s hand and won’t fold

Stranger things have happened. Everyone was expecting US President Donald Trump to go nuclear by de facto sanctioning China to death over Hong Kong. In an environment where Twitter and the President of the United States are now engaged in open warfare, the rule is that there are no rules anymore.

Ex-Trump envoy Jason Greenblatt says ‘door to Israeli-Palestinian negotiations remains open’

Jason Greenblatt, the architect of US President Donald’s Trump’s Middle East peace vision, says peace is still possible if Palestinians abandon their rejection of the plan and negotiate with Israel. In an exclusive interview with the Arab News, Greenblatt, who served as White House&rsqu

How the pandemic in US compares with rest of world

Two days after the US recorded its first case of coronavirus, Donald Trump said the situation was "totally under control" and assured the public it was "going to be just fine". Fast forward four months and the virus has spread across all 50 states, leaving a death toll of 100,000 from more than 1.6

US may try to raise the stakes for Russia in Syria

US Ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Craft this week criticized Russia and China for obstructing humanitarian assistance to war-torn Syria, Elizabeth Hagedorn reports. There is a Security Council vote in July to reauthorize the two remaining assistance corridors from Turkey into Syria. The Uni

Key Biden adviser offers little hope for Palestinians

When presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was Barack Obama’s vice president, it was no secret that his role in Israel policy was largely to reassure Israel’s government and their supporters in the United States that Obama had their back. It was Biden who was tasked with

The potential dark side of the militarization of Gulf societies

The coronavirus pandemic’s economic fallout calls into question Gulf states’ ability to fund a brewing, costly regional arms race. That in turn could not only reshape their geopolitical posture but also efforts to make the military a pillar of a new national identity at a time that they

The Pentagon Tries to Pivot out of the Middle East—Again

When the U.S. Defense Department announced, on May 7, that it would withdraw two Patriot missile batteries and several fighter aircraft from Saudi Arabia, it looked like an ominous development in the tenserelationship between Washington and Riyadh.Speculation was rife that it was aneffort by the Tru

Despite mounting isolation, Nasrallah still on the warpath

Faced with mounting challenges at home and abroad, Lebanon’s pro-Iran Hezbollah is defending its involvement in Syria’s war and is calling for closer relations between Beirut and Damascus. Hezbollah’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah said May 13 that Israel has been attacking “every

Israel’s Netanyahu, armed with a new mandate, sets his sights on West Bank annexation

Israel's new government, which will be sworn in Thursday, could soon confront renewed political upheaval over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's proposed annexation of dozens of Jewish settlements built in the West Bank over recent decades. With Israel’s longest-serving premier having secure

Khadhimi embodies Iraqis' hope for change even if challenges abound

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi's reinstatement of a top military commander on May 9 indicated his commitment to freeing state institutions from Iranian influence and clipping the wings of Iran-backed militias, experts said. “Al-Kadhimi's broad international and Arab relations will pr

Will Covid-19 mutate into a more dangerous virus?

As the coronavirus spreads around the world, there are concerns that it will mutate into a form that is more transmissible, more dangerous or both, potentially making the global health crisis even worse. What do we know about the way the virus is evolving? Is the virus mutating?All viruses mutate a

Should China Worry About the Russia-US Reset?

The coronavirus pandemic has offered ground for Russia to re-engage the United States. Moscow and Washington shared medical aid, struck an oil deal, and issued a joint statement commemorating their partnership during World War II. Amid an emerging new Cold War between the United States and China, is

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