Benyounes Amirouche Writes about References, Bets of Contemporary Art

"Visual Paths…References and Bets of Contemporary Arts" is a new book by Moroccan artist and critic Benyounes Amirouche that is set to release soon by the 5otot publishing house in Jordan. It includes an introduction "Visual Paths or Potential of Thinking in Art," and an abstract "Contempo

Approaches of Literary Criticism, Their Origins

The Arab Institute for Research & Publishing has recently released a new book entitled "Approaches of Literary Criticism" by Dr. Shukri Aziz Madi. The 256-page book uses many Arabic writings and poems, old and new, to explore the common approaches of literary criticism such as the classic, ro

Ramadan TV series mired in Mideast tensions

Ramadan drama is sparking controversy on both sides of the Arab-Israeli conflict, with one series accused of promoting "normalisation" and another slammed by Israel for predicting the destruction of the Jewish state. A period drama about the trials of a Jewish midwife airing on Saudi-controlled MBC

A playwright wants only critics of color to review her. Here's what our own critics think

The Indigenous artist Yolanda Bonnell says criticism should ‘come from a place of knowledge’. We asked Guardian critics for their viewsWhen Yolanda Bonnell’s play Bug opened in Toronto last week, she had an unusual request for the media: that only people of color review it.Bonnell,

How TV crime shows erase racism and normalize police misconduct

Valencia Gunder knows the inaccuracies of television crime dramas all too well. As a criminal justice activist, she’s often the only voice in the room representing women or people of color. Known by her Miami community as the “Modern Day Fannie Lou Hamer” after the civil rights ac