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Recipe for Pakistan’s famous Sindhi biryani

Biryani is a popular and wonderful rice dish of South and East Asia. This dish is prepared by mixing some special spices, meat and rice. It is often served with yoghurt and salads. Sindhi Biryani is one of the most flavourful and extremely popular dishes in Pakistan. It originates from the Sindh

Watermelon Ice Recipe

A sweet frosty treat for a hot summer day! Make this super easy recipe at home with only 5 ingredients. Ingredients Of Watermelon Ice200 gm watermelonCrushed black rock salt to taste1/2 tsp kewda1 tsp dried mint leavesPomegranate syrup to taste How to Make Watermelon Ice1.1. Peel and deseed the

Crispy Calamari Rings Recipe

About Crispy Calamari Rings Recipe: A quick and easy snack recipe, calamari rings are basically squid rings deep fried in tempura batter and served hot and crispy alongside parsley sprig and thai chilli sauce. Ingredients Of Crispy Calamari Rings110 Squid rings60 Tempura batter1 Lemon (half)1 Par

Sweet Kachoris Recipe

About Sweet Kachoris Recipe: Give your crispy fried kachoris a sweet twist with this mouth-watering recipe that comes with the goodness of dried fruits, cardamom, saffron and khoya. Ingredients Of Sweet Kachoris250 gms flour1 tbsp besan1 tbsp gheewater (for kneading)oil (for deep frying)For filli

Superfood Salad Recipe

About Superfood Salad Recipe: For those looking to strengthen their immune system, this gluten-free and vegan salad is an immunity quick-fix. It is packed with delicious superfoods like chickpeas, kale, and blueberries that are rich in nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron, and antiox

Gin Fizz Recipe

Get into the party mood with this easy fizzy cocktail. Ingredients Of Gin Fizz50 ml gin25 ml lemon juice12.5 ml sugar syrupSoda water How to Make Gin Fizz1.Mix together gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup with ice, shake well.2.Strain into a glass topped with ice and soda water.

Malabari Fish Curry Recipe

About Malabari Fish Curry Recipe: Assorted with a blend of spices and fresh vegetables, Malabari fish curry comes straight from the lush green areas of India, this dish will be a perfect fit for a seafood lover’s appetite. Try this recipe to relish the taste of Wayanad, Kerala. Ingredients

Nutriboost Smoothie Recipe

About Nutriboost Smoothie Recipe: A simple nutrient-dense smoothie recipe to keep mindless bingeing at bay. Low in calories, rich in iron, magnesium, potassium, and antioxidants, this smoothie is delicious, healthy and easy to prepare at home! Ingredients Of Nutriboost Smoothie1/4 Cup dates1 medi

Chocolate Prunes Gujiyas Recipe

About Chocolate Prunes Gujiyas Recipe: Indian sweet gujiyas are sweet dumplings made of maida or flour and filled with a sweet and nutty stuffing that no one can resist during the festival of Holi. The crisp outer layer cracks in the mouth for the sweet filling to take on your senses. There are ma

Bhatti Ka Murgh Recipe

The perfect party starter at any dinner party. Marinated, grilled, succulent chicken pieces lathered with spices and lemon juice. This chicken recipe is a gem from north Indian region which you'll not be able to resist! Ingredients Of Bhatti Ka Murgh650 Gram Tandoori chicken20 Gram Ginger paste20

Love, Live and Laugh Recipe

A twist on the classic martini with an addition of cappuccino foam and cinnamon powder. Ingredients Of Love, Live And Laugh50 ml - vodka espresso1 shot of espresso coffeeCappuccino foam (milk froth)10 ml triple sec/sugar syrupCinnamon powder3 coffee beans How to Make Love, Live and Laugh1.Shake

Fettuccine Pomodoro Recipe

About Fettuccine Pomodoro Recipe: A light, quick and easy pasta recipe, Fettuccine Pomodoro is a delicious dish for breakfast, brunch or kid's tiffin! Ingredients Of Fettuccine Pomodoro 400 Gram Fettucine pasta, blanched150 Ml Olive oil18 Gram Onion, chopped15 Gram Garlic, chopped700 Gram Roma t

Seafood Broth Recipe

A warm and rich broth made with prawns, squids, veggies and fresh basil. Ingredients Of Seafood Broth220 gms prawn shells50 gms onion30 gms garlic`1 bayleaf50 gms sea bass50 gms prawns20 gms squid50 gms tomatoes2 gms black pepper cornsSalt to taste50 ml olive oil5 gms basil30 gms carrot10 gms lee

Here is the correct way to chop vegetables

Vegetables are one of the most important foods that provide the body with a lot of nutrients, but did you know that the way we cut and peel vegetables affects their nutrient content?Here are some helpful advice from nutritionist Garema Goyal to preserve nutrients when chopping or peeling vegetable

Mango and Peach White Iced Tea Recipe

Step up your iced tea game this summer, with this delicious blend of mango and peach. Ingredients Of Mango And Peach White Iced Tea10 glasses of purified water5-6 of white tea bags2 peaches (pitted and diced)1 cup of mango (chopped)1 tbsp honey (optional) How to Make Mango and Peach White Iced T

Ney Appam Recipe

About Ney Appam Recipe: A delicious sweet, rice-based fried dish from the south Indian cuisine, nei appam derives its name where nei means ghee and appam means pancake and the recipe is exactly that. Here the appam is made with a mix of banana, coconut, jaggery and raw soaked rice. A perfect sweet

Fish Duglere Recipe

About Fish Duglere Recipe: An easy and healthy dish to prepare using fish which is the best source of omega 3 and tomatoes which are a major dietary source of antioxidant, reducing the risk of heart diseases and cancer. Fish Duglere is a delicious french recipe having an interesting amalgamation o

Chicken and Mushroom Lasagna Recipe

About Chicken and Mushroom Lasagna Recipe: Ever thought lasagna could be healthy? Juicy chunks of chicken and delicious mushrooms all layered up with a drizzle of a refreshing tomato-basil sauce. Ingredients Of Chicken And Mushroom Lasagna150 gms chicken1/2 tbsp salt1/4 tbsp crush black pepper2 G