Get rid of it permanently .. How to remove dark circles under the eyes as soon as possible

Quick home remedies to get rid of dark circles with some quick tips and remedies that can help you fight black circles. Tomatoes for dark circles:Tomatoes are one of the best natural whitening agents. Tomatoes rich in Vitamin C help improve the texture and appearance of your skin. The lycopene in

These foods make your hair longer than you imagine  

Every girl dreams of long, smooth hair free of breakage and problems. If you are among those, I know that there is a connection between some vitamins and minerals in the food and healthy hair. The Healthy website revealed the importance of these types of foods to women and girls to have healthy h

It's True: Mustard Oil Can Help Reverse Hair Loss and Dandruff

Mustard: a condiment for hot dogs, yes, but a haircare ingredient? To be fair, we're talking about mustard oil, rather than the yellow stuff in the squirt bottle (so please keep reading before reaching for the French's). It turns out, mustard oil does in fact have some benefits for both the hair a

A perfect lipstick for your dry skin

Dry lips are not suitable for all types of lipstick, as they need those that contain moisturizing and natural oils that nourish the skin and do not make it look cracked, especially since lipstick that is not suitable with the quality of your dry lips, may cause an appearance that you will not like

3 masks to treat hair problems

The pharmacist, Aya Saqr, introduced; Through her personal page on the social networking site Facebook; A group of nature masks that treat hair loss and hair problems. Natural masks for treating hair problems: 1- Lavender: Lavender works to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, treat weak h

3 Beauty Pros Discuss the Best Makeup for Blonde Hair

My hair is important to me, and for some reason unbeknownst to me, being recognized as a blonde is just as significant. Yes, I identify as a naturally blonde even though I dye my hair. Does that make me strange? Maybe, but staying loyal to blonde hair dye (and part of my identity) means a few othe

5 products for thickening and trimming eyebrows

Some women use an old and inexpensive trick to give their eyebrows a thick and trimmed look throughout the day, which is to use eyebrow soap, but according to dermatologists, this trick is harmful to the hair and skin around the eyelids, and it is possible to use more effective and completely harm

Before you start using your home laser device ... here's everything you need to know

If you are tired of waxing excess hair, or want to get rid of excess hair forever without having to use the blade every week, the laser will definitely be the ideal choice for you, and for those who want to save money that they will pay in the beauty salon, the laser device may be Homeschooling is

What happens when you put hair dye on your skin?

Who among us does not like the renewal and freshness of changing hair color ?! But when we dye our hair ourselves at home, we often drop some parts of the dye here and there, so what happens when you put hair dye on your skin? I mean, what effect does it have on your skin? What might happen when

What is niacinamide? How to use the skin-brightening saviour that works on all skin types

Hyaluronic acid. Vitamin C. Retinol. Glycolic acid.The list of ingredients we're advised to use – by dermatologists, influencers and skincare websites alike – feels never-ending.If we were to incorporate every supposed cult product recommended into our routine, our bathroom cabinets wo

How To Fix A Broken Nail: 3 Ways To Choose From, Say Experts

For some, breaking a nail comes with a grappling sense of disappointment. Especially if you're dead-set on growing out those tips, an accidental split may have you throwing all your length-and-strength progress out the window. Tragic, perhaps, but it doesn't mean you have to grab the nail clippers

Beauty Multitasking Skincare Ingredients Right in Your Pantry

There’s nothing like a good skincare routine to make you feel great about yourself. After all, an effective regimen is not only good for your complexion; it can provide you with some moments of respite and relaxation as well. However, skincare is expensive, and even “budget&r

How to Prevent Breakouts Caused by Masks

Wearing a mask became a part of our everyday lifestyle. However, even though wearing them is very important and essential in preventing the spread of the virus, there are also some issues they can cause. Since the hot weather is here, the masks can cause us to sweat more. Therefore, if you have se

Go vegan in beauty

Veganism is not just a trend, but a way of life. The concept in gaining a lot of mileage and popularity in recent times, as people are starting to realise not just the ill effects but also the problems with animal based products. Awareness and consciousness of the customers has led to an increased

You Probably Have Multiple Curl Patterns On Your Head: 4 Tips To Target Them All

Beauty consumers, as well as hair care companies, know well by now that all curls cannot be treated the same. No, each curl pattern from 2a to 4c (that's loose curves to tight kinks) requires a different menu of leave-ins and stylers to effectively define those strands. But here's the thing: Most pe

What Causes Dark Knees and How to Lighten Them Naturally

Dark knees happen when the skin on your knees is darker than other parts of your body. It’s a form of hyperpigmentation, which can happen when the skin makes or has excess melanin. Melanin is the pigment that gives our skin color. While dark knees are harmless, some people want to lighten t

Moringa Oil: 6 Full-Body Beauty Benefits For Skin, Hair & Nails

Since I live a nonstop, fit-everything-into-a-day kind of lifestyle, I reach for multitasking products to make my beauty routine just a smidgen easier. My latest beauty craze: oils. Oils are not only rich in moisture, but they have other properties that help keep my skin, hair, and nails healthy wit

Is steaming your face actually good for your skin?

If you're missing your regular salon treatments, DIY skin treatments are a popular alternative. The facial steam—a relaxing and detoxifying treatment—is a common add-on to most in-office techniques, and is very easily replicable at home too. But as some extoll the benefits of cooling d

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