Skin Care Supplement Power Couples: Here Are 5 Stellar Pairs To Look For

When it comes to stellar food pairings, there are some couplings that just make sense. Think about it: nut butter and chocolate, avocado and toast, hot sauce and, well, everything. The list goes on. And on the supplement front, there are more than a few pairs that work together quite seamlessly to

Why now is the perfect time to try a skin resurfacing treatment

For many women, the global pandemic provides the chance to introduce some of the stronger ingredients and treatments to one’s skincare routine. Think retinoids, concentrated acids, chemical peels, fractional lasers and the array of skin resurfacing treatments on the market.The reason for this


Clean, green products promising “non-toxic” ingredients free from “chemicals” are all over the place right now. Bombarding us with claims that our current skincare is no good, these trending beauty essentials often exploit our belief that natural always means better. Whilst t

With expert guidance what could possibly go wrong with a home manicure?

Afew weeks into the coronavirus lockdown, it became apparent that our new circumstances would change the way we looked.Following government regulations, beauty, hair and nail salons closed their doors, leading people to change, or even abandon their grooming routines, whether that was getting a hair

High-end French fashion labels to make coronavirus face masks

High-end fashion labels Saint Laurent and Balenciaga will start making face masks to ease shortages during the coronavirus crisis, their French parent group Kering said on Sunday. Dwindling stocks of protective gear across France have angered doctors and prompted police unions to threaten to walk o

UAE brand’s fresh approach to skincare looking good for future

DUBAI: Skincare products can quite often sit on shelfs or in delivery vehicles for weeks and months, stored in unsuitable conditions.And despite brands promoting them as organic and natural, some customers might question the effectiveness of products left lying around for long periods after being pr

As nature intended: Shiffa Beauty’s herbal healing

As more and more consumers seek beauty products based on natural ingredients, Emirati brand Shiffa Beauty, founded by Dr. Lamees Hamdan, has been growing in popularity around the region.It’s a journey that started almost 20 years ago, when Hamdan was pregnant with her first child. “The p

What Is FaceGym? What You Need To Know About The Revolutionary Face Workout

  If you're already a pro at face massage, you've got a cupboard full of jade rollers and vibrating wands (for your face!), and you can do a 'buccal' facial tutorial at the drop of a hat, then FaceGym is the needle-free facelift to get on your radar ASAP. Don't fancy going under the knife? Fa

You Should Ask Your Hair Stylist To Check Your Scalp For Odd-Looking Moles At Your Next Appointment

Crusty and gross. That’s how Aly Longendyke describes the itchy patch of skin she discovered above her left ear in late 2013. Twenty-five years old at the time, the Minneapolis native had long dealt with a dry scalp (thank you, Midwestern winters!), so she figured dandruff shampoo would do the

How to Overline Your Lips, According to Makeup Artists

I'm very aware that there are far worse things in the world right now than me not being able to get filler injected into my lips — still, I can't help but miss it. About a year ago, when I got lip fillers for the first time, I felt more confident than ever. Let's not get it twisted; my results


“One day you’re in, next you’re out.” Yes, Heidi Klum famously said that about fashion and the contestants of Project Runway, but it also applies to the beauty crazes that take over social media. If you’re tuned into sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok, you&rs

Five Things That Happen to Your Skin When You Stop Wearing Makeup for a Month

Aside from getting dolled up for a Zoom team meeting here and there, it’s likely that you aren’t wearing makeup (or maybe just less) while social distancing these days. It would make sense in theory that giving skin a little break from the blush and bronzer is beneficial every once in a

How To Give Yourself A Flawless Pedicure At Home

I don't know about you, but staying inside for weeks has lead to my toenails looking a little, ahem, less than their best. But since we can't head outside right now to spend money on a professional pedicure, it's best that we tackle our toe needs from the convenience of our own bathrooms. Thankfully

5 Signs You Have Sensitive Skin & The Best Natural Remedies

Skin sensitivities vary greatly from person to person, and the term "sensitive skin" is a general one that encompasses a variety of skin conditions (such as eczema and rosacea). Here, dermatologists break down the five telltale signs of sensitive skin plus share some of the best natural remedies to

Hands Down, These Are the Best Deep Conditioners for Curly Hair

Living with curly hair has its highs and lows. Sure, everyone is envious of your practically perfect spirals, but the truth is, taking care of them can be a real hassle. And I know first-hand because I was born with a head full of ringlets. If there’s one thing that’s helped me maintain

Missing your salon? How to care for your hair while you #StayHome

As salon-goers face the closure of spas, salons and barbershops, we speak to Haneen Odeh, founder of UAE’s Snob salon for her take on the dos and don’ts of at-home hair care.Many men and women who rely on salon visits to keep their lengths healthy could be left wondering what to do betwe

Now That You Work from Home, You'll Need a Way to Snack Safely During Video Calls

Now that almost everyone is working from home to stamp out the spread of COVID-19, we must reckon with a major problem with video conference calls: people who don't remember to turn off their microphones. Whether it's keyboard clacking, a lawnmower outside, your screaming cat, or munching on a bag o

Does #nomakeup trend help women?

From the skies to the stage, women are taking a stand for equality by wiping off their make-up, sparking a bare-faced trend that won rising numbers of followers globally but also triggered vocal defenders of the benefits of cosmetics. An online #nomakeup campaign dates back about three years to whe