Unhealthy nutrition can put you at risk of developing gestational diabetes

The German magazine "Elttern" concerned with the family and the child, published a medical report warning pregnant women against unhealthy diet, as the report indicated that unhealthy nutrition makes pregnant women more susceptible to gestational diabetes, as unhealthy diet is one of the factors i

Maintain good oral hygiene to avoid falling sick

It’s not just your smile that matters. Your overall oral health is as important. Like other areas of the body, your mouth teems with bacteria — and those bacteria are mostly harmless. But your mouth is the entry point to your digestive and respiratory tracts, and some of these bacte

Night-time cardiac arrest higher in women than men, says new study

Women are more likely than men to suffer sudden death due to cardiac arrest during night-time hours, a new study suggests. The study, published in the journal Heart Rhythm, says 25.4 per cent of females studied suffered cardiac arrest at night as compared to 20.6 per cent of their male counterpar

Learn about the effect of iron deficiency in women

Iron is an essential element with important functions such as oxygen transport, DNA synthesis, and muscle metabolism. Iron deficiency is the main cause of anemia, and it is the most prevalent nutritional deficiency worldwide, according to the World Health Organization, affecting 33 percent of non-

Afternoon nap may boost your mental health

A new study suggests that afternoon napping is linked to better mental agility and taking a regular afternoon nap can keep your brain sharp. The researchers, including Wei Li from the Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China, suggests that afternoon nap seems to be associated with better locational

Exercising protects women's muscles from chronic infections

Scientists discovered from their study of "muscles in a test tube" that exercise protected muscles from the harmful effects of chronic inflammation. And the journal Science Advances notes that inflammation is the body's protective response to infection or injury. But in the case of some diseases

Marks on the nails that may indicate serious health problems

There are usually no symptoms of high cholesterol. But in rare cases, a high cholesterol level can be detected from a nail condition. According to Express, based on data from the American Academy of Dermatology Society, that dark lines appear on the nails, which may be a sign of serious health pr

Beware of asthma medications during pregnancy

The German Society for Allergy and Asthma issued a medical report warning pregnant women about the effect of taking asthma and allergy medications during pregnancy, as these drugs pose a risk to the fetus.The report stated that a pregnant woman's taking asthma and allergy medications during pregn

Symptoms and methods of treating the seventh nerve

Facial paralysis is the inability to move the muscles that control smiling, blinking, and other facial movements. This condition can affect a person's ability to transmit emotions, and most of the time, facial paralysis is limited to one side of the face.Paralysis can occur if any part of the faci

These are the three most effective abdominal workouts

With the New Year fast approaching, people have begun drawing their resolutions to bring about personal transformation, and a much needed one at that after a cancelled 2020. Getting fit tops most resolution lists and understandably so, with folks piling on the kilos during the holiday period. On

A study reveals a forgotten organ in the chest that may be the key to preventing miscarriage in pregnant women!

A study has shown that an unknown organ in the chest called the thymus gland (or thymus) may be crucial in protecting pregnant women and their unborn babies. The organ was found in the center of the chest, and scientists now believe it plays a major role in regulating the immune system during pre

A risk factor surrounding us is associated with high rates of kidney disease

New research suggests that people may face a greater risk of developing kidney disease if they live in areas with high air pollution. Exposure to fine particles of air pollution, called fine particles, is known to increase people's risk of developing heart and lung disease, but its effects on kid

What are the symptoms of the pituitary gland in women?

The pituitary gland is one of the most important glands in the human body, so it is called the "master gland"; It controls most of the hormones that are secreted by the glands in the body, and are found at the bottom of the brain, specifically behind the nasal bones. Despite its small size, it con

Learn the causes and symptoms of peripheral neuritis

Neuritis is a condition that affects a group of nerves or that affects one specific nerve. The inflammation damages the nerves that carry messages to and from the brain and the spinal cord to the rest of the body.In the following lines, "Madam Net" informs you of the symptoms of peripheral neuriti

Rejuvenate the energy in your body with these snacks

During the cold season, many people feel a decrease in their energy level. They may need to eat some snacks that help replenish the body's energy and give it a dose of vitality and strength in the face of cold and various winter viruses.Nutritionist Abeer Abu Rajeli, from Diet of the Town Clinic,

Ovarian cancer .. signs, symptoms, and treatment

Ovarian cancer affects about 80% of women, which is a very large percentage, and the increased incidence is due to the fact that ovarian cancer is not diagnosed in its early stages, when in fact it has subtle symptoms that are similar with symptoms of other diseases.According to Healthline, 60% of

Symptoms of kidney infection ... treat them quickly

Kidney inflammation is a painful disease with many potential causes, while left untreated can lead to kidney failure and stop it from working.Kidney infection is usually caused by bacteria entering it, which is often transmitted to it from the urinary tract and bladder.It is possible for kidney in

What are the causes of inflammation of the edge of the eyelid?

The German Association of Ophthalmologists said that inflammation of the edge of the eyelid is a common eye disease, noting that it is due to several reasons, including genetic factors, disturbances in the function of the sebaceous glands, and infection with bacteria or viruses.Other causes of ble